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  1. Zillo added a post in a topic: Local American-friendly banks   

    BANK .. friendly?? Is there such a thing :rolleyes:
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  2. Zillo added a post in a topic: Job advertisements and discrimination   


    I do appreciate that every country has it's own culture and rules etc, even here in Germany there are variants in the different 'lands' or regions.

    Does anyone know what the LEGAL position is in regards to job advertising. I have seen jobs being advertised for persons from age 20-55, or only for Catholics or Protestants, or only for men or for women.

    Not allowed of course in the UK, but what is the EU position on this in Germany??

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  3. Zillo added a post in a topic: Moving to Mosel work in winemaking   


    My wife may be able to help you with your German. A native speaker she is currently teaching German to English folks who live here, and English to German folks at night school.

    We also have some accommodation downstairs if you wish to 'explore and research' the area (near Zell Mosel) for a short while.

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  4. Zillo added a post in a topic: Smoke detectors   

    Generally good advice, but trust me, please PLEASE don't believe the 'fire may not happen' part

    I sympathise with your situation, and can understand some of the comments that you make, but please also read, take and accept the advice from myself, a now retired professional front-line firefighter, serving on a Fire Station that attended over 3,500 calls per year. A Fire Extinguisher, whilst also a good idea, will be somewhat effective, ONLY if you know how to use it, use the right type, and have the time to use it correctly, again I have seen tragic outcomes of incorrect use of extinguishers.

    There are other safety issues that you raise which should really be taken up with your landlord. Big house, small flat, rich person or poor person, fire and smoke will not discriminate, it has the potential to kill ANYONE. A smoke alarm just MAY save your life as opposed to no smoke alarm as you suggest.

    Anyway, I have said and posted enough on this matter now, thanks for your responses, stay and keep safe all of you!!
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  5. Zillo added a post in a topic: Smoke detectors   

    I am unable to use the 'quote' function for some reason so my apologies, so I will do it this way!

    loz adele: I'm glad I kind of scared you, that was the whole point .. get your self a smoke alarm and CO alarm if you have a wood-burner/gas .. also check out the BF .. they are not all morons.

    Indigogirl: You will NEVER EVER out run a fire at the wrong time .. a ridiculous post .. but of course your opinion .. ear splitting squeak or dead child .. again your choice!!

    Robinson100: what a GREAT BTW comment!! Thank you .. Yes educate the kids as soon as, play act scenarios, but make sure they understand how serious this is as well .. great comment!!

    Artemisia: Personally I would be wary about 'fitting circles' as you suggest they contain magnets to hold. I would worry that they may interfere with the detection system (a small radioactive field inside the alarm unit) BUT is it only my opinion, and I am not a technical expert in the manufacture of smoke alarms and fittings. Old fashion screws for me (like real smoke to test) most detectors come with a 'fitting kit'.

    Moodboot: Best NOT to switch them off (I don't think you can) BUT NEVER make the fatal mistake of removing the batteries to silence .. just blow the smoke away until they stop, and use the experience as a test that they work!! I think that is what you meant though

    To rest of you that have posted, thank you, and I am again glad that my post has 're ignited' (sorry) this discussion. YES it is the smoke and it's toxic content that kills, and if you are asleep you may just never wake up .. UNLESS that ear splitting squeak helps to wake you.

    Get a smoke alarm/s today - get a CO alarm today - fit or get them fitted correctly. http://www.fireservice.co.uk/safety/mains-smoke-alarms

    Keep yourselves and all your families SAFE, it is hard enough in today's world as it is!!!
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  6. Zillo added a post in a topic: Smoke detectors   

    No it is not a GOOD idea, it is essential!! Fit quality approved smoke (TUV - Kite Mark) detectors in the CORRECT areas, on all floors, test at least once a month with real smoke .. I will leave that to you to figure out yourselves, just BE CAREFUL .. never trust the test button. MOST IMPORTANTLY change the battery once a year regardless of how the battery tests, CHANGE IT!! 6 months even better. they are not expensive.

    To go with all that, have some kind of escape plan, think it through, talk with your loved one's, what will you do suddenly a 02:47 when the alarm actuates, pick different scenarios, stairs blocked (if you have any) front door blocked, who goes where, who does what, etc etc. No matter where you are, what state or area you live in, or what the local rules are. Only one rule applies here. KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE!!

    DO NOT underestimate smoke and fire .. it will kill you, and it will kill your loved one's .. sorry to be dramatic, but 32 years front line fire fighting in London and other big cities, makes one dramatic. Seen some terrible terrible tragedies .. all because of no early warning!!

    Get them fitted NOW!!

    And ditto to Anna66 post reference Carbon Monoxide alarms (just read it!).. BUT replace regularly .. the silent deadly killer Carbon Monoxide!!
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  7. Zillo added a post in a topic: Revisiting RLP and lloking for more help please?   

    Apologies ... Only just read this, Send us an email at junk dot 999 at hotmail dot co dot uk ... This is a filtered address (hence the title)

    We may be able to give you guidance and help ..
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  8. Zillo added a post in a topic: IT Jobs in Rheinland-Pfalz   

    Hi Backwards,

    Send us an email at junk dot 999 at hotmail dot co dot uk ... This is a filtered address (hence the title)

    We may be able to give you guidance and help ..

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