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  1. Question formulated as clearly and neutrally as possible, the first answer is to keep status quo, both answers are also very clearly formulated. My respect to the electoral commission or whoever worked on this ballot.
  2. How to prevent delivery of a particular package?

    You want to get a gun over a fucking package?!!
  3. How to prevent delivery of a particular package?

    Remove your name from the doorbell. You will still be able to receive letters with the name on your mailbox but in my experience when there is no (or unreadable, in my case) name on the doorbell both DHL and other package services will refuse to deliver.  
  4. DKB Bank (Deutsche Kredit-Bank)

    It is called Deutsche Kredit Bank for reason. Its account is a bit different from normal Girokonto, that's why it is more strict.
  5. DKB Bank (Deutsche Kredit-Bank)

    You having a lot of loans is a red flag for any German bank. The same applies if you have a lot of other credit cards. Any loan you take and any credit card you apply for is entered into Schufa. While this doesn't affect your Schufa rating, these entries are not viewed positively by banks. They think about your potential default.
  6. Ah Germany, the country with zero scam experience and the legal system inviting them to happen. In many countries you can actually do it online with one click, i.e. ownership info is public. One of the reasons is to prevent scams...
  7. Not a proof at all. Landlords usually do not live at the places they rent and you get the bill once a year. This will be a proof that you lived in that apartment during the previous year, that's it.   The owners must pay Grundsteuer (land tax), so some proof of that is 100% proof of ownership. Insurance as suggested by SP is also good, although these are not compulsory, so they can answer "I don't have this insurance".
  8. Late Anmeldung/Registration Fine

    Most probably he is afraid of Finanzamt because he rents illegally. I would either stay away from such a landlord or threaten to report him if he doesn't sign the form. That way he violates not only tax law, but also the Meldegesetz.   Also you can show up at the Bürgeramt with your contract and explain that the landlord refuses to sign the form.
  9. Just obey normal German parking rules, i.e. do not: — block fire brigade access roads (marked as Feuerwehrzufahrt); — block access to someone's garage; — park 5 m before pedestrian crossings; — block road crossings for people on wheelchair, i.e. do not park anywhere near lowered sidewalk.   Also, if the road has any markings you can only park at the shoulder. If there is no shoulder then the distance to the nearest lane marking should be at least 3 m which basically means that you can't park there.  
  10. Office etiquette: whispering in the office

    Every day I learn something new about the famous English manners. Can one actually breath without an English person being offended?   In my world whispering is much more respectful towards a coworker than loud conversation. Why on earth would one want to hear all the bullshit they're chatting about? Perhaps, OP needs just to tell this to their colleague because they might thing they do it not to disturb them.
  11. Well, yes, it is based on Placebo effect. The patient gets just water or some other useless shit but their belief that they get real thing can actually help in certain cases. However, it seems to me from this description that not only the drug was imaginary, but also the disease itself.   I don't want to be rude, but I've seen some people to have imaginary illnesses for the sole purpose to get their relatives care for them 24h. That's why I view the messages like this with big suspicion. It seems that German doctors are right.   I apologize in advance if I am wrong.
  12. Parking permit P-Berg with EU license plate

    Parking permit has nothing to do with the origin of your number plates. The authorities, however, might notify the Zoll who can check that you do not avoid German taxes. If you're sure you're legal to live in Germany with Czech number plates, go ahead.
  13.   The best trolling by Ryanair ever.
  14. Landlady trespassing my apartment and opening my closet

    I second this. If talking fails (have you tried that?), changing the locks is the easiest and cheapest solution. And in Germany you have to set up Termin for everything, so why don't offer her exact times and dates when she is allowed in.
  15. How to get a court payment order (Mahnbescheid)

    Thanks, this wasn't clear to me. So, these costs I prepay and can only get back on Vollstreckung stage (which I of course, didn't want to do).