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  1. Ah so, then I have no expertise. Are you sure you will need a car in Germany (sorry for asking such a stupid question). One of the options is to stick to public transportation and use car sharing when necessary. Since 7 years a lot of nice car sharing options appeared in Germany.   Well, contacting ADAC is recommended anyway: they have expertise in such complicated issues and can give advice.
  2. Are you saying that buying a car in Germany and bringing it to Canada is cheaper than buy in Canada/US? I can't believe it unless you serve in the military but then you don't care about German insurance.   Otherwise this page by German automobile club will help, they sell insurances for export cars:
  3. National borders as zones of exception

    5 years and you have your citizenship. But life was tougher back then:
  4. National borders as zones of exception

    Earlier it was easier: you board a ship, land in Ellis Island, 10 days quarantine and you have Aufenthaltsgenehmigung:      
  5. Why did you decide to leave Germany?

    Public goes up only up to Beitragsbemessungsgrenze, then it is fixed. More important is that it goes down once your financial situation worsens. Private goes always up and never down.   One way or another it's expensive, yes. Because health care in Germany is not cheap, no way around it. But in return you also get higher life expectancy and coverage for real shit (cancer etc).
  6. Why did you decide to leave Germany?

    Exactly. Private insurance is a trap (unless you're verbeamtet).   But Bavaria is not equal to Munich. It's actually the biggest state in Germany and after you retire you don't need Munich anymore. Augsburg, Nuremberg and Oberpfalz are waiting for your money.
  7. Why did you decide to leave Germany?

    Exactly. Germany is not a country for all. As an introverted person I find this country a communication paradise. But many others will disagree.
  8. Are you a prepper?

    Not really. Even during WWII people did have access to water and food, and only in some extreme cases they didn't, i.e. during the Siege of Leningrad.  It lasted 3 years and you couldn't prepare enough food for it. Terrible things happened there...   So, normally you should have emergency supply for 3-4 days, and the other 4 days supply is to help neighbors without emergency supply. I think this is the logic behind 10 days.
  9. Then you just forbid stays longer than 3 months, problem solved. However, I don't see why would you do it: it is economically more profitable to have one paying guest for long stay than many guest for short stay in the same room (provided the daily price is the same).   Actually, some Bundestagabgeordnete live in hotels in Berlin as it is paid by taxpayers. They register there as Zweite Wohnung/secondary residence.
  10. Are you a prepper?

    Fuck the shillings. The largest loss from metric system is Munich Maß, it was 1,069 L, and when Bavaria joined Germany it was forced to use metric Maß, 1 L. Now you know you're being cheated when drinking beer.
  11. Germany is mostly a cash country, EC card is popular because Visa/Mastercard cartel charges too high commission to the seller, this can influence ticket prices, which are fair in Berlin, me thinks. N26 is some exotic bank which one should not have as a main bank account. I don't know how do you pay for electricity with this bank, I hope, not by transfer each month manually.    
  12. Are you a prepper?

    That's German exaggeration. Any village resident always has wood on their own yard for 5 years of heating. And that's not emergency. No need to draw any conclusion from that info.
  13. Are you a prepper?

    I don't give a shit about what ISIS said. If they want to lick my ass, the next possible Termin is Friday, August 14, 2020.
  14. Are you a prepper?

    It's media hype, so you generate clicks etc.   The government is obliged to have a plan for any kind of national emergency. Now they found out this plan hasn't been updated for years and includes "information on the radio" etc. So they updated it (yes, also due to attacks, but this is not the primary reason).
  15. Are you a prepper?

    One of the two men in the video is a hipster vegan, totally 21st century man. The other one is a former Bundeswehr soldier and a survivalist (a prepper?). Although there are so different, they managed it.