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  1. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Post-upgrade bugs and missing features   

    But what about plain text instead of WYSIWIG? Sure there must be such option, just like in Gmail.
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  2. yourkeau added a post in a topic: BIC & IBAN numbers: new SEPA numbers for bank transfers   

    Yes, they can withdraw money. What is needed legally is your permission (did you know that you can allow your electricity company to withdraw money from your account and pay the bills automatically?) Without your permission they commit a crime, but technically they can do it.
    To ensure safety, you need a good tinfoil (Zinnfolie). I recommend this one:
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  3. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Shoplifting, and video surveillance in the dressing room   

    ​1. Yes, illegal. Also, it's illegal to have hidden video surveillance anywhere. If there is surveillance, it should be announced.
    2. Yes.
    Of course. They can file a report at any time. However, in court there will be presumption of innocence. Thus, alarms will not be enough​ for the court to declare someone guilty.
    Also: searching bags is actually illegal in Germany, only police officers can do that. If shop security asks you to show your bag it's up to you to decide if you want to. If not, security can only prevent you from running away before police arrives. They can't force you to show your bag.
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  4. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Is it compulsory to fill in a tax return form?   

    For settlement permit you need proof of pension payments from Deutsche Rentenversicherung. They are only interested in your payments for pension.
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  5. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Lack of express service in supermarkets   

    Time to coin a new term: Queuing Nazi
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  6. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Paying for a language school without attending   

    Hi and welcome to Germany, fisheth!
    Contracts here are binding and obligation to pay starts from the point of clicking "sign up". Exceptions apply only to registrations from abroad which the picture you attached explains. Also, don't ignore requests for payment, ever. Even if these requests are not justified you are obliged to answer. Since you failed to do that you automatically agreed that request for payment was justified. There is nothing you can do now, but pay.
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  7. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Lack of express service in supermarkets   

    ​You can't stop it. Everything will be automated in future, all unskilled work will be done by robots. This is inevitable. I already suggested the solution but received only laughs here on TT: compulsory higher education. You still need humans to run all the robots. Skilled humans. Getting a degree at the age of 60 is nothing to be ashamed.
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  8. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Lack of express service in supermarkets   

    Well, are you blaming technology for unemployment rise?
    ​People who work at checkout are usually responsible for running everything else, so as a results they will have... some time to use WC and have a proper lunch instead of fast food, you know.
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  9. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Lack of express service in supermarkets   

    German "efficiency" is not to come in large numbers at the same time. This makes express checkouts too expensive and useless most of the time (and German customers don't like to pay for that). There is express checkout in my local REWE but 90% of the time no one is there because normal lines are short anyway.
    Self checkouts? Yeah, that I'd love to have. Even Czech Republic has them
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  10. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Consequences of staying past your visa expiry date   

    No. There is no 29 days. Once you became a resident, there is no longer 90 days rule. However, what you can do is:
    1. De-register. Note that this procedure makes your resident permit void immediately.
    2. Go to non-Schengen country (e.g. the UK)
    3. Return. You will have fresh new 90 days.
    Just to stress: being a resident in Germany and being a tourist in Schengen zone are two unrelated cases. Once you became a resident, German resident law applies, not Schengen law for visitors. For you as you know, you can look for job for 6 months and then either find a job and stay or leave. However, when you return you re-enter as a tourist into Schengen, your previous residence history in Germany doesn't apply.
    90 days rule in Schengen is over any consecutive 180 days.
    Alternatively: talk to your Ausländerbehörde. I think they can issue something like "delay of deportation" and extend your stay for 14 days. That should be cheaper than a ticket to London.
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  11. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Speeding tickets and fines   

    Driving ban is valid only in Germany. I don't know if they take foreign DL but you can ask to take it to drive in the UK, for example. 
    Trying to drive during driving ban is a crime and can have very severe consequences.

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  12. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Taking the written German driving test in English   

    The former.  Also, you get the points for incorrect answer, not for correct one. That's why they are called "mistake points".  To pass the test you are allowed to get 10 mistake points, but no more than one question worth 5 points should be answered incorrectly.
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  13. yourkeau added a post in a topic: Forum software upgrade, May 2015   

    ​I second this: I dont like Facebook but I must say that their lack of neg button is a good thing.
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  14. yourkeau added a post in a topic: I've decided to become German   

    So, what is your point?
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  15. yourkeau added a post in a topic: What is a Verrechnungsscheck?   

    ​Smells like scam...
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