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  1. Mass shooting at shopping center in Munich

    Those who were at that time in OEZ, please upload photos and videos of the shooting here:
  2. Mass shooting at shopping center in Munich

    If Metall is right he is both! Right-wing Turkish Muslim dissatisfied with German immigration policy.  
  3. Mass shooting at shopping center in Munich

    Mmm, I thought that if one was born in Germany one has no accent (or local accent). At least in my experience this is the case. I know a couple or Russlandeutsche and they all have German accent while speaking Russian. But their German is akzentfrei.
  4. Mass shooting at shopping center in Munich

    A Bavarian will never say "ich bin Deutsche" when speaking to another German. They will self-identify as Bavarian (or Franke, their accent is not Bavarian). So, even without accent check it's clear that he is not from Bavaria.
  5. Mass shooting at shopping center in Munich

    Strongly disagree! If I die in a terror attack and there will be a thread here about this, I hope SP cracks a good joke about dead me! If you are not directly affected by this attack then humour is the best thing to keep the brain working. Otherwise there will be panic and support of populists and bullshitters will grow because they tell what a hysteric mind wants to hear.
  6. 50 reasons to visit Germany

    Nobody mentioned the wonderful punctual* Deutsche Bahn trains yet?   *By "punctual" the Deutsche Bahn means a train which is no more than 59 minutes late so that they don't have to pay delay compensation.
  7. Bumped a rented car while parking! What are my options?

    Repair cost is surprisingly equal to excess, which is quite common (that means that in reality this cost is lower). I don't understand why they agreed to pay 200 euro, though.   Anyway, congrats that the problem is solved!
  8. Citizenship has nothing to do with the license. German language fluency (regardless of citizenship) can help to get the Beamte be more friendly and lenient, but only within what is allowed by the law.
  9. The best news for Friday.   Zulassungsbescheinigung thief fell into swimming pool while trying to escape. At night, near 00 and 1:00 a man entered a private ground. He stole Zulassungsbescheinigung*  and a garage door opener from unlocked car, then he stole a bike. After that he cycled but fell into an open swimming pool. Then he inspected another car he stole a user guide (Betriebsanleitung). Then he stole a saw and couple of other gardening devices. Then he left the property with the stolen bike. Police describes the thief as totally wet. Nothing happened in Bad Neustadt an der Saale.   *Not specified, but I assume it was Fahrzeugschein, a piece of paper which allows to drive that car, but is not a proof of ownership.
  10. I was thinking if it is a good idea of using one track as a walking trail because it goes through a nice area not covered by existing walking paths. Actually, many cycling paths in Bavaria are built on top of such rarely used railway lines (the ones which are part of Bayernnetz für Radler) which were closed for economic reasons.   I came to the conclusion that not, that's not a good idea, but my question still remains just in case. I know exactly that this line is a very slow line because I've taken this train. Actually, this is a cog railway/Zahnradbahn which can't go fast for technical/safety reasons. Thus, will a court agree that walking on such track is dangerous (for a train)?    
  11. That doesn't prove anything because their threats could have been empty.   To be more specific: I'm interested in legal situation on exotic railway lines used mainly for tourist and museum purposes, e.g. gazillions of Schmalspurbahns etc. No doubt that walking on any track is illegal, but is it a crime?
  12. If I walk on a train track where there is only a train once an hour with average speed of 15 kmh and a maximum of 25 kmh, will I land in jail for Gefährliche Eingriff in den Bahnverkehr?
  13. Parcel shipping aggregator website in Germany

    Yes. That's why they are cheaper. Also, have you tried Päckchen?