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  1. yourkeau added a post in a topic Kontoauszugs - are they required   

    This Finanzamt message is totally none of the bank's business. If you're not a business, you only need to keep all receipts related to your tax return and that's it.
    Every bank interprets the law differently, while the law only says that the bank is obliged to send you Kontoauszüge every month. My bank used to send me a paper letter with bank statements if I didn't generate a PDF by clicking "generate pdf". Every fucking month I had to click "generate pdf" despite checking my banking history every day. But one day they hired a new lawyer/accountant and now I don't need to click anything, the pdf is generated automatically and saved.
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  2. yourkeau added a post in a topic How to know if the bike I bought was a stolen one?   

    It is only possible if the original owner has somehow registered it (Ramennummer registered or sprayed some DNA on it). If you bring it to your police station you can get the answer (and lose the bike if it indeed was stolen).
    There is no such crime. Not at least if you've bought it in good faith (which you did). You will just lose the bike, although you can still sue the seller for compensation.
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  3. yourkeau added a post in a topic All is well in the world, just avoid being beheaded or beach vacations   

    I just explained the obvious. If you're ok that most TTrs won't read your messages, then so be it. But why write at all?
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  4. yourkeau added a post in a topic All is well in the world, just avoid being beheaded or beach vacations   

    Unfortunately your posts are unreadable. Not only spelling, but bad punctuation and lack of paragraphs. This all was not invented to troll those who fail to learn basic rules but to make reading more efficient.
    If you're Steven Hawking you can of course not give a fuck about your writing style, but if you're not you have to face the reality: most people don't find messages on TT by an average member so interesting that they will read it regardless. That's why badly written posts will be dismissed. ZGE is a troll but at least he does his best to make his posts readable.
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  5. yourkeau added a post in a topic Adac - driver's license questions   

    Nope! I myself started the process after 3 years. There is no limit at all. The only rule is that the license should have been issued before arrival to Germany. It doesn't matter if you started exchange process after 4 years or 10 years.
    @jeba, Egypt is not a signatory to Vienna convention (I think so, lazy to verify), so translation is required. This is done by ADAC for a fee. Yes, Tabi, I think they will understand English.
    However, what you should do is to find a reliable Fahrshule (driving school), because while you will be able to study the theory yourself, don't expect practical lessons to be avoided. Egypt with its middle eastern crazy driving style is totally unacceptable in Germany, you'll have to learn everything almost from scratch and take a lot of lessons. 
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  6. yourkeau added a post in a topic EU legislators wanted to copyright photos of buldings (edit: no more)   

    This is what 80 year olds wanted to be enforced for the whole Europe, which I didn't mention, but it was also part of the new legislation (now failed).
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  7. yourkeau added a post in a topic First World Problems   

    I have to buy a new laptop because it's incapable  of playing HD videos  by my new DSLR camera. I have to upload them on Youtube to be able to play first
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  8. yourkeau added a post in a topic Paying restaurant food bills separately   

    I think the "problem" is that someone wants to pay for everyone and seeks for advice. One should always assume that people are great.
    It's absolutely ok to do so, the etiquette is that either you invite everyone and announce this before or you secretly go to the waiter and pay the bill.
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  9. yourkeau added a post in a topic Paying restaurant food bills separately   

    Yes, getrennt is a king here and I love it. 
    However it's not uncommon that someone orders a glass of whiskey or two for the whole group of friends just because FC Bayern won
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  10. yourkeau added a post in a topic Someone's stalking me in Berlin, please help   

    Don't worry. Remember: you're innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And so is your stalker, but the more he repeats such action the better chances of him being prosecuted. It's absolutely common for stalkers to press counter-charges. The police absolutely know it, so the least of your worries should be you being in trouble. Especially if you have witnesses.
    I think the best course of action is to call the police every single time he tries to bother you. That way this will be properly documented and the case can be proceeded.
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  11. yourkeau added a post in a topic Relabel sendungsnummer   

    Have you actually tried to use the Portuguese number on Deutsche Post web site? This is what always worked for me for both incoming and outgoing letters: the original tracking number works till the border, but after the letter arrives in destination country the same number starts working at the destination country post website... 
    I have never heard about any "re-labels" although I have also never sent letters specifically to Portugal. But why should it be different?
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  12. yourkeau added a post in a topic New GEZ licence fee rates from 2013   

    Yes. There is still no decision by Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) but I doubt it will make a difference. The link I posted also lists all other court decisions on Rundfunkbeitrag, i.e.:
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  13. yourkeau added a post in a topic Changing visa status for long-distance relationship   

    Your residence permit will not be valid then. 
    Either you want to spend less than 90 days within any 6 month period or you spend more and become a resident.
    Then register your partnership  with German authorities. Once something happens and you'll need to stay for longer you apply for family permit (§28 Familiennachzug zu Deutschen). Otherwise just visit as a tourist without a visa.
    This will also give your partner some tax advantages while you're away, i.e. his flights to the US and back can be offset from taxes etc (a tax adviser will tell more).
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  14. yourkeau added a post in a topic New GEZ licence fee rates from 2013   

    Federal Court decided that collection by force (Zwangsvollstreckung) is legal.
    That means that from now on all "Klage gegen Festsetzungsbescheid" will be automatically dismissed by all courts in Germany.
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  15. yourkeau added a post in a topic Overstayed 3 year residency visa - what options do I have?   

    That thread is different, the main difference is that the person leaved Germany with expired residence permit and was forced to apply for a new visa to re-enter. That is totally different and I can in that case also agree that the clock is restarted.
    In this case OP's lawyer (they definitely need one if the issue is not resolved yet) can claim Vorläufiges Aufenthaltsrecht on the basis that all conditions of stay were actually fulfilled by the OP, they just didn't make a formal application.
    This is not a simple case which can only be definitely resolved by courts...
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