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  1. online order returned / lost ?

    I would argue about all, but I confirm that Fedex in Germany is total crap. One of the reasons is that they outsource everything even within Germany, that's why the mess with tracking etc. I don't think that US Fedex can help. With all their good service they can't solve the German mess.
  2. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

      Fact is, many anti-GEZ people are crackpots. Well, somehow there are very few reasonable Germans who are against GEZ. And how many people are ok with TV tax, but are against this mafia collecting agency? Even in this thread there aren't many.   But just because there're no reasonable allies it's not a valid reason to stop fighting and just subscribe for GEZ.
  3. online order returned / lost ?

    Contacting your local Zollamt may also help. Just ask them if they have a package for you. The sooner you contact them, the better: they charge for storage.
  4. The best rate you can get is when you pay for everything with your credit card. Unlike Germany where cash is still the king, Scandinavian countries, in particular Sweden and Norway have a very high level of credit card acceptance. You only need cash when you stay there for longer.
  5. Meanwhile in the EU kingdom..

    EU is a republic. A kingdom is some other still EU member which finds it ok to spend millions on a non-elected private person, but has a problem with funding elected people representatives in EU parliament (which is NOT a real parliament, but still better than nothing).
  6. The "Politically Correct" thread

    Two different things are called "political correctness": 1. What is called "manners"/"good breeding" by @katheliz 2. Actual political correctness which is about correct policies. For example, if you want to attract more women to traditionally male professions you should change the words. This is why fire fighter instead of fireman, police officer instead of policeman etc. In German it's easier, you just don't forget to add "-in"s.   Of course, some people do it wrong which results in ridiculous words being used. But I don't think it's possible to prevent it: at any time there will always be people who don't get the idea and spoil it as a result.  
  7. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    Yes, the reason GEZ should be destroyed is that they dare to ask for payments from de-registered persons (instead of just asking proof of de-registration). If you forgot to deregister then GEZ is least of your problems: your Krankenkasse can remember that you haven't paid to them for 1.5 years. This will be much higher sum than what GEZ asks, and you have no legal recourse.   One should never forget to de-register while leaving Germany.
  8. No, false. German is not "choice", it's official language of this country. Other countries don't have the concept of official language (e.g. the UK, the US), but not Germany.   Your argument is just as false as saying "I will not pay for the Autobahns in Austria because all the road signs are not in my language".
  9. Why there are terror acts in France?

    Reading Koran to understand terrorists is like reading UEFA code to understand football hooligans, or Carl Marx's "Capital" to understand RAF/IRA. That makes no sense, terrorists don't read books (some of them can't read at all).   I've read some report about suicide bombers. Virgins are not the reason why they choose this path, especially if you note the fact that many suicide bombers are women. Usually they have a choice between "die now" and "die later, as a hero".
  10. I'm neither GEZ supporter nor I think that the public money is spent effectively. So, I'm a wrong person for such questions (which is totally valid, of course).
  11. Going to court without ID?

    I'm sure you can simply use your expired passport. However, give a call to the court to confirm it. Holders of German passports can even travel to certain countries if their passport is expired for less than a year.
  12. How long are you in Germany? German is the only official language (Amtsprache) in Germany, so there is no obligation to serve you any information in any language other than German.   Exceptions are some regions where language minorities live. Sorbian is correctly mentioned here, also Frisian and Danish.
  13. Converting a driver's license to a German one

    German DL doesn't have any address because it's not a valid identity document. For hiring a car you need to provide your passport, your DL and credit card. If you exchange your license, neither of this will have an address. This will be verified by authenticating your credit card, so what's written on your license is not relevant.   Advantage of German DL that it can be renewed in Germany if lost and that it's valid for 15 years instead of 10.
  14. Why there are terror acts in France?

    On 5th November Bavarian police arrested one of terrorists who was heading for Paris and had a car full of Kalashnikovs and munition. Unfortunately, French authorities didn't take this information seriously :(. The asshole was from Montenegro, so not necessary a Muslim.