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  1. The question is: why Switzerland did join? For Albanians it's much closer and easier to apply, oder?
  2. Why? Being a transit country between Europe and the US it's perfectly reasonable for Iceland to get access to Schengen Information System, for example. 
  3. If you live off the Rente, no advantage for you indeed. But workers can loose jobs. Passport controls bring some Bundespolizeieamte jobs indeed, but it cost 10 billion euros losses to businesses delivering goods to Austria at the moment:   This means that if the situation continues, there will be less jobs for those who don't live off the Rente because of closed borders. It's quite easy to figure this simple formula: open borders = more goods moving = more jobs. Closed borders = less goods moving = less jobs.   More important is to understand is that Beamter do not bring money. Businesses bring.
  4. They just hate Germans who "take their jobs", so the right populist SVP called for referendum. Cities like Zurich and Geneve were against, but the villagers supported it. There should be some thread about this referendum on TT.   For those who have trouble to tell the difference between the European Union, Council of the Europe, Schengen Agreement, Euro zone usw here is the infographics. Schengen agreement is part of the EU but there are non-EU members which are in Schengen and there are EU members which are not.  
  5. Bavarian ISIS supporter will fly home

    They can't, of course. Salafists of German nationality are monitored by Verfassungsschutz, some of them even 24h. Until enough evidence will be gathered so that such persons can be arrested.   Unlike Canada who practices  citizenship revocation for such persons, Germany in general can't revoke citizenship of its naturalized citizens. Even if the laws will be upgraded in future, it still will not be able to revoke citizenship of those who do not have another citizenship. And dual nationality is banned here, so very few people have it.
  6. Turkish citizen living in Kempten has openly supported ISIS in an interview to some western journalist. On the basis of risk to public security (§54 AufentG) he will be deported. His appeal was rejected by Bavarian Administrative Court.   §54 allows to deport anyone who «belongs to or has belonged to an organisation which supports terrorism or supports or has supported such an organisation; membership or supportive acts in the past may justify expulsion only if they constitute a current threat». That means that any foreigner who openly supports organizations like ISIS can be immediately deported even if they have permanent residence. This was not applied often, that's why I posted one of the examples of such cases.
  7. But non-EU non-Nordic folks don't have such open access to job market, oder?   Iceland is not a top destination anyway, is probably just a little bit more popular than Svalbard. And the latter has totally open job market for anyone (Svalbard treaty). But there aren't many jobs there.
  8. Xenophobic attacks against refugees

    Me neither. I only write on TT and my blog, nowhere else.   I don't want to offend anyone who is older than me (sooner or later I will get old, too), so apologize if some of my posts can sound so.
  9. Where to buy pepper spray

    Yep, this is called Notwehr (emergency resistance).   The same applies to any objects, for example automobile.   Is it legal to run pedestrians over using your automobile? No. Is it legal to drive away by your automobile in panic when some pedestrians threaten to beat or kill you and then run these pedestrians over by chance? Yes. Is it then legal to run over these attacking pedestrians several times so that they will not pose any danger to me? No.
  10. Xenophobic attacks against refugees

    ...And the result is usually very pathetic as ideas from 70 years ago are no longer relevant here. There were days when the average age was 50 and those who managed to live till their 70s were the smartest in the population. This is not relevant anymore, these days any idiot can live till their 100s thanks to higher standards of living and excellent healthcare.    Old people these days live in a parallel world and have a little idea what's happening now. That's reality. You dissident ideas were good 30 years ago (DDR/USSR and other "people's republics"), 70 years ago (Nazi Germany/fascist Italy) but are total bullshit now. This is 2016 now, all totalitarian states are dead, @gaberlunzi.
  11. Lügenpresse - Polemic journalism in Germany

    "Truth needs time". Excellent speech by Dunja Hayali about journalism, Lügenpresse and besorgte Bürger (4:41 min).  
  12. Not necessary. Norway, Switzerland, Iceland have to open their job markets to all EU citizens for the reasons cited above. Switzerland voted to introduce quotas for EU citizens but it's not implemented so far. At the moment the EU says that quotas for EU employees = quotas for Swiss goods into the EU. We will see how this will be resolved. Maybe via another referendum.
  13. The reason I don't disclose my nationality is exactly to prevent people from applying their clichées. Nope, I will not help you. I'm also not against UK leaving the EU (I actually don't care), I just point out the obvious that you're being fooled.
  14. Too much conspiracy. The EU is not democratic, indeed. But it replaces gazillion of local "amts" who were not democratically controlled either. Instead of exiting the EU the UK can just force to bring more democracy and control to EU institutions, give more power to the European Parliament. But UK politicians are not interested in this. Guess why? Because they want to screw you, not to give you more control.    Thus, those who want the UK out are naive freiers.
  15. In Germany you can only vote abroad if you stayed in Germany for at least 3 months (angemeldet) no longer than 25 years ago. And more, if you move back to the country you loose your voting rights for 3 months. §12 BWahlG