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  1. Bahn Ticket Machine took my banknote and froze

    No, that's not skimming (copying credit card data and then producing duplicate). That's when you withdraw money, the banknotes are trapped in some externally mounted device, so you can't get them, but also these banknotes can't return. Even if just 100 euro, that's still not comfortable to deal with.    @paulwork Compensation timing in general is not so fast in Germany. 3 weeks sounds pretty normal. Congrats!
  2. Another failed socialist experiment

    Yes, what do you climate change deniers  want to achieve? Should we stop caring about environment? Well, nobody forces you to. Don't want to save water, electricity, heating — pay for it. There is enough responsible persons anyway.
  3. Bag didnt arrive at aiport

    Well, tough luck. As others said, luggage compensation is limited to a maximum sum calculated from luggage weight. Otherwise I can claim that I was carrying gold worth 20 million euros, right? That's why it is so.   You should never ever carry anything of value in checked in luggage. Sorry that you've learned this hard way...
  4. Do I have a blue card?

    The main advantage of sticker is that it's printed immediately. For a card you have to wait 1 month when it arrives from Berlin (don't know if it's faster when you live in Berlin). If you apply for renewal less than 1 month before expiration of the old card, you are stuck with bloody Fiktionsbescheinigung (costs money as well).   So, maybe Essen is the only city in Germany who thought about convenience for applicants, not for authorities. That's great.   On the other hand, if you travel a lot, you need pages for stamps and these stickers occupy pages, that's annoying. Also the card has online identity function, not used much in Germany, but I was able to get my punkte in Flensburg and pension information from DRV. I have no idea if they will develop this further.
  5. Do I have a blue card?

    German authorities almost never give advice if not asked to. You apply for Aufenthaltserlaubnis, they give you Aufenthaltserlaubnis. You apply for Blue Card, they give you Blue Card. Think of Beamte as of computer program: they only give what you ask for, not more, not less. If you ask "do I qualify for a BC", they will check it and answer.   P.S. Blue Card is not blue. It's red but the title is "Blau Karte EU", so legally red card is blue card. Welcome to Germany, the land of bureaucracy.    
  6. Another failed socialist experiment

    Because Youtube looks live TV. And TV always tells the truth. Reading is for losers.
  7. Germany vs. Austria current economic situation

    Will terribly affect. Basically we are waiting for zombie apocalypse in 2018.
  8. If you type "Deutschland wieder groß machen" in Google, there will be 51`200`000 results of desperate Americans seeking for answer to the same question. Although, the answer is: no, he did not say that.
  9. Another failed socialist experiment

    To be fair, it doesn't increase in countries like Germany, just inflation adjusted, the value remains the same. Deposits in more risky countries can increase money but... For example, interest rate in Cyprus pre 2008 was 8%. Who was able to take all the money before "big bang", won.
  10. Another failed socialist experiment

    Nichts, forget. Certain people who deny climate change, vaccination, AIDS also seem to love guns. I was mistaken, my apologies.   Scientific method should be taught in schools. That is not about belief, that is about facts and, most important, about that any theory, any assumption, any suggestion can be proved wrong if new facts show it. In relation to climate change if new facts show that impact of human on climate is wrong (or overestimated), then so be it. At the moment facts show that humans indeed are responsible for climate change. Methinks, that better be environmentally concerned and be proved wrong later than vice versa: generate shit as much as one wishes and then be proved wrong. 
  11. Another failed socialist experiment

    You also must write that AIDS doesn't exist. Do you own guns?
  12. Another failed socialist experiment

    Describing how real world works is cynical? Hahahahaha. I can also dream of things like 1 hour from Nuremberg to München by train is too long, I should be able to fly there for 10 minutes, door to door! As I said, you're free to try some inflationless economy somewhere. But this world works like it works. Fiat money is a product of 19 century industrialization and massive economy growth. Going back means going back to agriculture economy.   Nota bene, Swiss inflation crackpots organized a referendum to increase SNB gold reserve and it was declined by 77% votes! The Swiss are not idiots especially in finance.
  13. Another failed socialist experiment

    Well, my understanding of socialism is that this is society with very low (or no) income inequality. Or at least society which doesn't favor rich people. Venezuela is neither of that because otherwise they would have taxed fuel heavily like they do it in Europe. How many countries are socialist? Since 1990 not many. North Korea, Cuba.
  14. Another failed socialist experiment

    The difference between economics and physics is that in physics you claim something, you conduct experiment and prove that you're wrong (or not). In economics you can tell whatever bullshit you want as experiments are very limited. We can only refer to history but this is not so good as what can work for Japan in 1960 doesn't necessary work for Germany in 2016. Too few science, too much speculation.   If ever we could create a parallel world where inflation is banned, so this anti-inflation sect is proved wrong forever... But this is not likely. Ok, gaberlunzi, how about you moving to Greece? Fancy standing in a queue to ATM every morning? No inflation as you like...
  15. Another failed socialist experiment

    That is good for economy, but only in case of crisis when businesses need money supply, so savers are encouraged to spend money.   In normal situation only moderate inflation is necessary. And when you don't have inflation in crisis time either you default or you introduce capital controls like that was the case (still is?) in Greece. Imagine there were no EU help at all, then capital controls in Greece would have been even stricter.