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  1. alf2 added a post in a topic: Bombing, Shooting Rampage in Norway (July 2011)   

    It is ironic that the Norwegian labour party describes it's exclusive little inaccessible love island a "Paradise."
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  2. alf2 added a post in a topic: German duelling fraternities in race row   

    Races and ethnic groups are different sub-species of human. I almost feel dumb having to say this, but it is not about skin colour, Africans are not Germans with suntans. It is a silly arguement of the economic migrant.
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  3. alf2 added a post in a topic: German duelling fraternities in race row   

    Excuse my typos, it wouldn't let me edit it.
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  4. alf2 added a post in a topic: German duelling fraternities in race row   

    We have a saying in England, "Just because a dog is born in a stable, does not make it a horse".

    Racism is hating otehr cultures, but nationalism is loving your own, and loving your own sometiems protecting it from outside dangers. The only racist in the story is the Asian, who is damaging the undermining the very founding principles of the fraternity.

    Hey, so don't argue for it to be a crime for Germans, in their own country, to say they don't like some things which economic migrants do. If they can't say it, they have to think it.
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  5. alf2 added a post in a topic: IKEA: Love it or loathe it?   

    You have to seek out the nice stuff but most of it is pretentious. I like traditional furniture.
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  6. alf2 added a post in a topic: Is Germany's foreign policy "cowardly"?   

    As Nietzsche said, "Morality is the herd instinct of the individual", and "Morality is the best way to lead humanity by the nose". The trouble with interventionism is that 'Universal Morality' doesn't exist, least of all in the minds of those who talk about it the most. Germany was destroyed by internationalist interventionism itself in WW2. If you interfere militarily in other countries internal affairs, you are giving tacit approval for other countries to intefere in yours. That is fine for some in the immigrant communities of course, and they should be more forthcoming about declaring their interests on this issue if they conflict with Germany's.
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