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  1. Ludinwolf added a post in a topic: Odd jobs you did to pay the rent   

    Car Vallet.
    Super market packing groceries boy/delivery boy.
    Street Market with jewelry.
    Martial arts coach.
    also street market: fruits and another one, fruit juice.
    Sandwich barman.
    Persona Trainer.
    Waiter in different events.
    Carer for mentally handicap ppl.
    Driver of school bus.
    Driver for delivery of jewelry.
    Office clerk.
    Sales person for appliances.
    ... and some others i cant remember.
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  2. Ludinwolf added a post in a topic: Eating between meals   

    Cook a bit earlier like already suggested.

    This is not German or happen only in germany.

    This happen in any country. It is more like

    each family have their own method of educating

    their children.

    Not everything bad that happen is germany is

    because it is a GERMAN issue.
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  3. Ludinwolf added a post in a topic: Motorcyclist protesting helmet laws, killed   

    I know is sad, but feels like laughing.

    Long story short:
    I lived (ages ago) in a farm, with a lovely river cutting thru it.
    One side of the river had the ground high, so, in a certain part ppl
    could jump from the top into the river.. yeeeeh! the problem was, many
    stones at the bottom.

    After many got hurt, the leader in the farm (father) decided a sign should
    be put there stopping friends, visitors.. anyone jumping from there.

    A friend of us decided to paint a nice sign: "jumping or diving forbidden".

    As soon as he finished hammering it into the ground he said: "alright bro
    here goes the last jump lol"... as he did it, guess what happened? He got the
    most serious injury than anyone else ever got! He fell head against a sharp pointed
    stone and ... polluted the river lol. Happily we could laugh cuz he survived.

    It took years until we finally removed most of the stones and made it like a bath.
    Then the accidents ceased.
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  4. Ludinwolf added a post in a topic: Why are there no great German bands?   

    What silly thing...
    I like Rammstein, Scorpions.
    And there are so many that was already mentioned here.
    What s wrong with this guy?
    The bands are only not numerous cuz america and uk produce
    good band/music for ages already.
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