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  1. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Googling yourself - have you ever?   

    I was playing around put in my name and found old work conferences and presentations I had given. But.... I did not expect to have my full correct address and phone number in numerous places. I do not want this out there. How did it get there and can it be deleted? I feel like I want to change my festnetz, but think they will just add the new one. Is this normal in Germany, maybe I should not care? I am receiving a lot of sales calls lately, not sure if there is any relationship to me being all over the internet. (sorry was logged in with my "bad boy" account)too lazy to change to other account.
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  2. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Apartment Scam...What do I do?   

    A fool and his money.......
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  3. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Naughty cheating spree of my fiance   

    Pembie as I just told my friend's daughter who was having problems with a cheating boyfriend, relationships consist of love trust and respect. You cannot now have 2 out of the three. I can't imagine you still love him, maybe you do. Walk away forever it is over. I am now dating a lady from Davao city and have dated a few others Filipinas. I know you girls there can be a bit inexperienced in relationships sometimes so I know this is really hurting you, sorry for that. Over all I think Filipinas are some of the sweetest ladies I ever have met.
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  4. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Why did you decide to leave Germany?   

    redsix go now had enough of your type especially here in Stuttgart. I have been here for years and am loving it. Maybe it is you I am sure it is with that attitude. Marc138 don't aplogize to someone like him. You belong back in usa not here.
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  5. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Always tired and exhausted in Germany   

    Even as a kid I knew something was wrong growing up in Chicago. In winter had weight gain, lethargic could not wake up. Many years later talking to my doc he told me of the light box. I figured this was stupid and asked how it worked and would it really work. He said I will know if it works and it did! 20 minutes each morning shining in my eyes don't have to look directly at it. It changed my life and I have suggested it to many people who all agree with me. I was in D.C. and drove to the factory in Gaithersburg MD. Place is called The Sunbox. Before moved here got new wiring and plug to make it 220 by the factory. My insurance paid about $210 and I had copay of maybe $12 or $15. I was really feeling depressed before using it. Start and end each winter on time changes. I am sure many sources on internet too.
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  6. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Davy Jones dead of heart attack at 66   

    I am in my mid 50s and used to listen to music at work on headphones. They ask me what I am listening to and I say, " The Monkees rock." They all say what, a monkey????
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  7. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Any good Fish markets / fishmongers in Stuttgart?   

    Edeka does have some fish on ice. The Saturday (only) wochenmarkt at Bismarkplatz has a decent fish trailer. Try Frisches Paradise near the Wasen, they have the best selection, lot of shellfish too.
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  8. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Bringing grandma to Germany to take care of kids   

    Atlanta I can tell you are from the american south. Instead of worrying about her learning German you may want to work on your English. I know the schools are bad there but jeeeez!
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  9. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Dogs/women being harassed by Arab males   

    Just saw Medic's response to my comment on the crime in D.C. he is clueless. Also I am white and lived in Bethesda so your racially veiled reference about the blacks is just ignorant too. Your comment is not at all surprising though since you are probably american and ex military. Being both really alters a person's sense of reality. By the way love this TT stuff.
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  10. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Any Salsa Dancers in Stuttgart?   

    The possiblities are actually overwhelming one of my Facebook friends has event posted daily.

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  11. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Dogs/women being harassed by Arab males   

    Verbal harrassment wow! I came from D.C. a 10 year old will shoot you in the head for a dollar. Having to live with real fear of crime that is thing of the past to me now. I have not seen any where here in I would not walk alone and in D.C. I never see any place I would. Maybe some of these people are getting hassled because they are English or Aussies a lot of people have no use for either one of them.
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  12. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance)   

    I have all 3 with Zurich Insurance the liability, household goods and lawyer insurance. Seems expensive a bit for my wife and I paying €560 a year. Does that seem high, I know I have high limits? I tried to give them the VAT form they claimed could not remove the VAT. Maybe I wil look around a bit.
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  13. osas1212 added a post in a topic: I am... so bored...   

    I am here in Stutgart and currently have the Hamburg fischmarkt, African festival, Neckar beach grilling competition then the international foods and music fest starts next week. Last weekend went to international flower show and medeival fest both in Horb then train home to a neighborhood fest by my house. I have so many castles and historic sights to go to on my list it is crazy. To even put that comment on here really shows what a loser you are. I would give you a great website that has a good search engine and has all kinds of fests listed, but I think you are probbly too stupid to click on it.

    Okay bus coming soon got to go, hmmm fish and african food for dinner!
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  14. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Recommended travel agent in Stuttgart   

    Go to Explorer Reiseburo near the Stuttgart train station they specialize in non-european travel especially good with Asia.
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  15. osas1212 added a post in a topic: Help find a competent urologist for a vasectomy   

    Dr. Siebold is the best!!!
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