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    Hi. I'm an expat who has been abroad for some 16 years and have always had problems connecting; this
    includes a stint in Germany where I was very lonely indeed. Later I nearly went bananas in a Mexican town
    in the desert where I was stationed for a year. And it has not gotten easier.

    I found the only people interested in meeting me were Christians looking for converts or those who wanted to emigrate and hoped I could be of help. But I'm sure others fare much better.

    I am sorry to hear of your plight as I know what it feels like. Alcohol helps but it's a temporary fix.
    Come Monday you're back in the rat race. Work, eat, sleep, work... The problem is that host
    nationals have a life: we don't. At least not for a long time, especially if you're intelligent and hope
    for more than superficial conversation.

    The hiking club idea sounds good. I've taken to Buddhism and resignation.
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