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  1. Paul Kantner, founding member and guitarist of Jefferson Airplane died Thursday, January 28th at age 74.   All I can say is that January has been a rough month.  
  2. I haven't posted here in a long time, but thought this little story might be worth it.   About 15 years ago I was a volunteer at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  My job was to go through the archive boxes (not the actual "Time Capsules"), but just tons of other stuff in archival boxes, etc in the sealed-off archives room on the upper floor of the museum and organize the correspondences.  This was a huge room with rolling walls -- each wall moved by turning a sort of ship's wheel.   I saw all sorts of stuff in these boxes.  Lots of receipts for miscellaneous purchases, saved bits of paper, etc.  I think Andy may have been a hoarder before it was an OCD mental illness and when it was more of an eccentricity that could be a by-product and perhaps even fuel creativity (those were the good old days for collectors!).  I even recall one day seeing a black turtle neck shirt owned by Andy in one of the boxes, a men's medium by Eddie Bauer, if anyone is curious.    Anyway, the assistant archivist was the one who delivered one of Andy's white wigs to David Bowie when he was making the film "Basquiat"  in the mid 1990s.  This guy (Matt, as I recall) told me of meeting David Bowie in person.  I didn't know Matt very well, but he must have been interested in fine art, and aspired to be an artist more that as an assistant archivist/curator.  I'm assuming that Matt talked to David Bowie about his artistic aspirations, and this is what Matt told me that Bowie replied.  David Bowie said: "Are you waiting for Jasper Johns to die?"   I thought this was an absolutely brilliant reply from the man who didn't wait, was a chameleon of talents and personas, broke all the molds and forged forward with his vision of artistry in so many different mediums.   And we are the richer for it -- thank you for it all.   Now onward to the next change, David.