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  1. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Make It In Germany   

    I would say, in the long run if you wanna make it in this country, you must learn the language. Why should it be any different?
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  2. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: German women with dyed red hair   

    What I wonder is: how did it come to be in the first place, that some middle aged woman came to the hair salon and said "I would like this specific strand of hair to be purple, please" and the hair dresser found it a good idea.
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  3. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Job ideas for the Bad German Speaker   

    My first job in Germany was as a moving company hand. I spoke nearly no German, but enough to carry stuff Good luck!
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  4. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Employment : I'm an English speaker   

    My first year in Germany I worked as a hand at a moving company. The company for which I worked didn't care that I could barely tell what the rooms or furniture were called, and eventually I learned enough German to get a job in my field. On the other hand, I was rejected in a well known supermarket with a green logo when I applied for a job stacking products. Apparently, not being a native speaker made me unsuitable to put ketchup bottles on a shelf.

    Good luck!
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  5. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Possibly moving to Muenster   

    Check that one out, many of the folks in this group are in MS. I spent a couple of months in MS doing a Praktikum, found it a lot livelier and more open than Bielefeld, the city where I live.
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  6. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: 23 yrs old, offered job in Berlin. Am I ready?   

    Go for it! What have you got to loose? We are never ready enough for so many things in this life, that you have to navigate by heart. This is not the last time you'll move, it's not gonna be your last job, it's probably not gonna be the last country you live in. Go for it, the only way to find out if it was right, is to do it.

    I don't live in Berlin but 35K a year should afford you an absolutely OK life. For crying out loud, you're 23 and single!
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  7. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: German wife won't return with me to the U.S.   

    I am not American and my German wife is actually into the idea of moving to my country. The terms are quite simple: we plan on being there 1-2 years. If at the end of this term we consider that the sun was brighter in Germany, we come back. If not, we stay there. I recommend the same to you. In the end, ideally you both should want what's best for the marriage and not for each individual. Even if you accepted to be in Germany for your wife, I find it only realistic that you changed your mind. Because that's what people do: want new things.
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  8. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Rostock - poor people everywhere!   

    I don't believe I'd live to see someone actually speaking about the weather in Germany in good terms. Scotland must be a really really reeeeally dark place!
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  9. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Rostock - poor people everywhere!   

    That Germany is a rich country doesn't mean that people all the people who live all across the country are rich.
    Likewise, a poor country doesn't mean all the people who live there are running in rags.

    Don't confuse.
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  10. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Being depressed about where you live   

    I don't hate where I live, but I feel very little chemistry with the place. A few things have made this experience much easier:

    1. Try and meet people. It will take time, maybe a lot of time depending where you are, and it will certainly take a few tries to find someone you have a good time with, but if you act now, it will pay off sooner or later.

    2. Practise sports. I personally suggest running and bicycling out of the reason that they allow you to get to know your neighborhood better, and you might end up coming across a bar, a building that you like, or as it happened to me, realising that not everybody was miserable around here. Somehow, slowly, the good spirit passes on to you.

    3. Calendarize your life. You may not be able to move today, this month or this year but I doubt you're physically bound the the place where you are. You will be able to move out at some point. Identify when that can/might happen and believe me, you'll immediately change the outlook on how you feel. To use an analogy, it's not the same to be in prison 5 years, than to be thrown into a cell without being sentenced.

    Someone said "be the change you want to see in the world".
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  11. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Do they want to see your actual diploma?   

    I've also never been asked for my actual diploma, although I have one. In my family I know of at least 3 people who even write professional titles next to their names, but have never obtained an actual degree, so those have gone uncaught for decades...
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  12. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Favourite quotes from The Simpsons   

    Die, Bart die.
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  13. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Moving for significant other   

    Met my wife while she was Erasmus and I was doing my Masters' in Norway. Been here now 2,5 years. Careerwise I don't think I'd be much worse or much better if I were home, socially things are getting better with time (the first couple of years were sh... in this sense), and of course I miss my family and friends. However, I am very happy with my German wife. I wouldn't change it!
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  14. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Staying Positive and not feel like a Failure   

    My first year here was very rough in many ways (save my marriage, that one was always a happy place thank God!), but I think what kept me floating was the support of my loved ones, and the feeling that this "swamp" was just a stage and that I was going somewhere, rather than staying in the pile of mud I was. I eventually came up with a structured plan of how I would continue with my life, and it worked!

    Sometimes life will slap you in the face and the best thing you can do, is not make much of it but rather plan your next move.
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  15. ovalle3.14 added a post in a topic: Malmö and Copenhagen   

    I think enough has been said about Copenhagen. I am an architect and did my graduation project in Malmö back in 2010 so here are my 2 cents:

    You said you liked cities and so on. In Malmö there is a neighborhood called Rosengård, it's located South of the centre about 30 minutes a bus ride. Some 30.000 people live there, almost 97% of which are not Swedish. Over there you can find mainly apartment blocks from The Million Programme (read here to know more about it), and in many ways, it's completely different from Sweden. There you'll find what I think is the longest habitational building in Sweden (a single building about 500m long). A social exclave. If you feel like exploring this architectural wonderland, I also suggest a visit to the Rosengård Centrum for some Middle Eastern food.
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