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  1. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: German language courses in/near Cologne   

    I've heard really good things about the Benedict Schule near Friesenplatz, if you're interested in a private school.
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  2. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Applying for hardship from integration course cost   

    Thanks muchly! Yes I believe I'm entitled to receive 50% of my contribution back at the end of the course if I pass, however that doesn't help if I can't spare the money to pay for it upfront :)
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  3. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Applying for hardship from integration course cost   

    Hi all

    I've been assigned to take an integration course in order to get an aufenthaltstitel (of probably about 200 hours, if it matters). I am unemployed and my husband is currently paying all our bills. Looking at the cost, I understand that 1,20€ per "unit" (hour? Class? I don't even know) is cheap; but the forecasted 260+€ for this amount of coursework (also assuming that I don't end up needing more hours) is brutal on our income. Has anyone here successfully shown that paying your contribution would harm you financially? We are not currently on public assistance.
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  4. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Marriage and getting married in Germany   

    Hi all,

    My fiancé and I (German/US, respectively) have already filed away all of the paperwork for the Standesamt to submit to the OLG for investigation/ruling. My question is actually pretty simple: I got a letter today from the Gerichtskasse Köln for the OLG bill (39€, based on our exceptionally small income). Is this a final ruling telling us that they've deemed us available for marriage? Or is this just a bill and the ruling is still forthcoming? The itemized bit says it's "Gebühr für die Befreiung von der Beibringung des Ehefähigkeitszeugnisses," if that helps. Thanks!
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  5. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Dispute with landlord over mould in an apartment   

    To add to this mold/mould thread:

    my fiancé and I live in a denkmal, that recently had its façade renovated. There have been problems with pipes bursting before we moved in (about a year ago). We have a small outcropping panoramic window that juts out of the side of the building. I've noticed recently that there's small formations of mold under the windowsill (there are 2 heating units there as well). We have a couch up against the outcropping sills but it's far enough away from the wall to avoid a thermal bridge. A closer inspection of the sills themselves lead me to find that they are stuffed with newspaper! That can't be normal, right? The underside of the sill is partially open in design, exposing shredded newspaper, and under the 2 openings, mold.

    What are my rights? I'm very much lead to believe the newspaper has something serious to do with the mold. I've just sprayed the areas with schimmel entferner and we'll see what happens. I'm scared to tell my landlord much without researching it first because I'm sure the go-to is "you didn't exchange the air enough!" (we do!).
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  6. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Marriage & changing name as a US citizen?   


    I'm a US citizen living in Germany with my German fiancé, and we'll be married soon. I've agreed to take his last name legally, so what are with the technicalities with that? Do I have to immediately change my US passport? It was issued just over a year ago so it'll be $100+ to do a reissue with namechange, can I do it later? Perhaps closer to the time when it would be renewed? I've read I can keep using my maiden name on whatever as long as it isn't "fraudulent," which I'm not doing this to commit crimes of course I figure I need to re-issue my licenses to drive both here and in my home state.

    Thanks for any input! I wish there was some kind of crash course for this type of thing!!
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  7. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Question about driving/Fahrschule   

    Will they allow for just a few practical hours as opposed to the whole shebang? Also aren't they exorbitantly expensive?
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  8. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Question about driving/Fahrschule   

    Hi all!

    I'm from the US, but my state had full reciprocity with Germany so I jumped at the chance to get a license. My problem now? I never learned to drive manual/stick shift. Is there some special courses for someone who knows practical and theoretical driving stuff (and has a great automatic record!), but just needs to learn stick? I don't feel comfortable taking a rental car out and beating the hell out of it without another licensed driver (and I don't know any).

    Anyone have suggestions for me?
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  9. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Selling our car   

    I'm willing to bet you could drum up some interest here, if you'd post price ;)
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  10. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Electricity in a new Apartment   

    We just switched from RheinEnergie (which was OUTRAGEOUS!) to Lekker and their rates are much better. I'd recommend checking them out!
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  11. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Sperrkonto notary for Deutsche bank?   

    Ugh, thanks. I'm definitely not the best at navigating German bureaucracy :)
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  12. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Sperrkonto notary for Deutsche bank?   

    Hey all!

    I'm a sprachkurs student scrambling to navigate the sperrkonto stuff. I apparently need somewhere between 7k and 8k€ in this account, but the Deutsche Bank forms they gave me for it say I must sign it front of "an embassy official." Specifically, a German embassy (in the English translation). Of course, being IN Germany, there are none here. Do they mean the Rathaus? I just need this account open so I can put money in it and get my visa If it helps, here's the section of the instructions in German that's confusing me so much:

    "Bitte drucken Sie diese Formulare und fuellen sie bitte vollstaendig aus. Unterschreiben Sie den Kontoeroeffnungsantrag erst in Gegenwart eines Botschaftsangehoerigen und lassen Sie dort Ihre Unterschrift sowie Ihre Passkopie beglaubigen."
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  13. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: Need help for a friend in Cologne!   

    Hej all

    One of my friends was backpacking across Europe and had all of his money stolen in a Paris hostel (!!). He scraped up enough money to get to his meeting point with his other friend, but he needs a place to stay until March 6th. I cannot support another person and was wondering if anyone has some spare room/a really big heart?
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  14. thatsnotariot added a post in a topic: New in Düsseldorf (or new to this forum)   

    I'm moving to Duesseldorf (across the Rhine from Altstadt) in April so I'm curious to find this stuff out, too. Also gonna be looking for some built-in friends Au pairing has a lot of free time!
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