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  1. Looking for a Job in NRW and what is the deal with Trivago

    Like Facebook, Uber, Google? Yeah, startups prefer high turnover, inconsistency and high training costs.  It's a formula for success.
  2. Filling the Empty Nest after kids

    I don't start each topic with "OK" either.  In USA it's more like punctuation, ok?
  3. Filling the Empty Nest after kids

    why do all your posts start with "right then"?  Is this a British affectation, which is, in itself, an oxymoron?
  4. Killing wave continues unabated

    Was your country in the midst of a years long civil war when you were 18-25? " Young men can flee from whatever they want...".  Really?  Glib much?
  5. Killing wave continues unabated

    the "one of primary reasons" you mentioned.  What part of hearsay don't you understand?
  6. Killing wave continues unabated

    Talk about flipping the script.  It was your wife claiming the refugees came to DL to get laid, not me.  I just questioned the veracity of your claim.  Why don't you prove it?   BTW - All media is state-controlled, not just the media you disagree with.
  7. Killing wave continues unabated

    So, the war had nothing to do with it?  As the refugees fled bombings, murders and rape, their primary thought was getting a western woman?
  8. Killing wave continues unabated

    Yes, I heard about it, but what I didn't hear about (back in 2011) was all those Syrians coming to DL to get laid.  Must have missed that news.
  9. Killing wave continues unabated

      What kept them from coming here before the war (which, apparently, has nothing to do with the long, treacherous, costly trek they're making now)? Feel free to pass on any hair-brained, second or third-hand notion you happen to hear that was or wasn't serious in the first place.  I'll believe you.
  10. Killing wave continues unabated

    that sentiment has been expressed since Man stood upright. 
  11. Rebuilding Toytown

    right then?
  12. Mass shooting at shopping center in Munich

    stalking lately?
  13. Donald Trump Bucket

    Trump is America's IQ test.
  14. Axe attack on train near Würzburg

    I long for the good old days in Germany...
  15. You should go back to school (in any country in the world) and take a civics class that includes taxation.  It is there you will learn that citizens as well as visitors are taxed for "the common good" regardless of whether there is a direct use or benefit.  This TV tax topic exists because it is apparent.  Don't like it?  Move to a no-tax country.