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  1. then learn's necessary.
  2. Responsibility for snow clearance at end of lease

    Since you're in germany (strike one) and you're on Toytown (strike two). history tells us that you'll be back in "a couple of months" with a new topic (strike three) about being filed notice regarding 1. breach of contract or 2. liability because someone slipped somewhere on or near your property.  It's inevitable.  See you next year.
  3. Sued by due to balance of €-0.65

    and the USA is so litigious...
  4. sounds like
  5. a follow-up letter after interview

    Who will help you if you get the job?
  6. 8mm camcorder tapes to dvd conversion

    I use  An adapter plugs your camcorder into your PC, creates a file of the tape and then burns a DVD.  Once you have the software (includes a transfer cable) you can do it all yourself.
  7. Go to a website like google and enter your question in the search box (which is what others here have done for you).  You'll be surprised at the results and feel good about yourself for solving a simple request.  Need a restaurant for that one day in Berlin?  A car rental?  The weather?  All available on the internet.
  8. Why did it take the US to discover these issues and not the german government "EPA"?  The germans pride themselves with their "precision"; one would think their measurements and technology would have found these discrepancies long ago.
  9. Why have I never heard of this issue in the USA?
  10. Freelancing in Berlin (IT, mobile, web)

      They are here: Germany Stock Market (DAX) .
  11. Ex-Porsche CEO, CFO on trial for alleged market manipulation.The former CEO and CFO of Porsche have gone on trial in Stuttgart on market manipulation charges related to the sports car maker's failed attempt to take over Volkswagen AG in 2009.   German auto industry rife with corruption.
  12. Refugees - the two faces of Germany

    I didn't know White is a race....thought it was a color.  Spending 30 seconds in Jack's head was enough for me.