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  1. Let's also hope Germany keeps out the British hooligans.  The polizei seem to be able to more easily identify the invading Caucasians than the North Africans.
  2. Selling renders to architecture studios

    Did you sign a non-compete, conflict of interest, etc. type of contract?  What would happen if you did outside work for Company B and then later, Company B became a client for your current employer or vice versa? To be on the up and up, I would talk to my employer about this interest and see if they have any objections.
  3. Somebody has to go to work to keep the lights on, food on the shelves and the internet online.  Otherwise, we'd be stumbling in the dark, starving on the way to an empty TT.
  4. Maybe you could call them with the number used for your first interview?
  5. I was walking down a Chicago street one night and a group of drunken guys were coming towards me.  I crossed to the other side of the street and kept going.  Didn't want to make a point or uphold a principle.
  6. Co-Habiting - Wills & Inheritance

    Get married.  This problem will be replaced by others.
  7. I think your time/cost estimates are naive.  What happens if you burn through all your cash and still haven't found a job or apartment?  Do you have a fallback plan?  If your wife is currently working, wouldn't it be smarter to come here alone and do your search while your wife works and provides income?
  8. Wingman / Wingwoman Wanted !

    What's the german word for Pimp?
  9. Moving to Germany, does it make sense?

      If I did all my research of English-speaking counties and decided to quit my job , move to another continent, go through all the bureaucracy, job-search, house search, school search and then (after a "few months") decide to return to a non-English speaking country and defeat the very reason for leaving, I would question my decision making process.
  10. You should spend your euros on a psychiatrist.
  11. Windows in Roof - Who cleans?

    If it's DL, I bet there will be a law detailing height, width, frequency, transparency measurement, detergent, et. al.  They've also banned the movie "Do the Right Thing".
  12. can't wate for this thread to end.
  13. @wate You made a mistake and paid for the item.  No law was broken (no harm done) and the police were not called.  I'd be more mindful in the future and not return to that store.
  14. Is Germany going nuts?

    I don't know what "Right then, " means.
  15. U-Bahn entrance maps (detailed)

    It's a nightmare.  I was in Paris last week and came up from Bastille on the wrong side of the intersection.  I didn't know what to do: go back downstairs?  cross the street?  So, I just stood there.  I couldn't speak French.  I'm still there.