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  1. Problems using Skype and how to solve them

    What happens when you go to Settings>Set Up a Microphone?
  2. Problems using Skype and how to solve them

    so, when you right-click your speaker icon (WIN 10) and click on recording devices, your mike shows up and it's set as the default?
  3. Google Street View

    and people think the U.S. is litigious....
  4. Sue a hospital doctor for wrong diagnosis

    Not too generous at the first hospital.
  5. Decent beginner Linux based OS

    Linus Torvalds on TED
  6. Difference of rent in same building

    What if the lower floor cost more than the upper floor?  Isn't that the landlord's (owner's) prerogative?
  7. Shady employees at Berlin immigration office

      Guess who's in charge of processing complaints....
  8. Is this a good/legal working arrangement?

    My point is that if he is declaring his cash payment as an expense, there would be a tax trail.  If he's not, there's no difference between him "paying" you vs. "giving" you cash.
  9. Is this a good/legal working arrangement?

    Is the owner declaring the cash payment as an expense?
  10. Musician looking for a practise space

    can you offer your skills to a restaurant/nightclub/coffee shop in exchange for 'practice space'?
  11. this entire TV tax would be a non-issue had the germans simply raised a general tax (income-VAT) by whatever fraction it takes to cover the TV costs; but instead they chose to create a unique tax instead.  they don't have a german army helmet tax...yet.
  12. "- a woman was freed from prison after a court in Chemnitz had admitted that they had kept her in custody for 61 days because of her refusal to pay the GEZ fees. "   at least somebody was jailed for something....trivial pursuit.
  13. Another tragedy swept under the German rug.  "German court rules against trial for 2010 Love Parade tragedy".  What a disgrace.  No one is to blame.   The same will be true of the assaults in Cologne.  The poor police just stood by wringing their hands.  Couldn't help a single woman.  Didn't do their jobs and no one is to blame.   Offshore (Panama) and onshore (VW) corruption.  Let's do nothing and hope it will go away.
  14. Dating in Berlin

    just wondering how you deduced that?
  15. a little bit less than some places, but higher than others.