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  1. Syrian refugees in NRW?

    there you go again, blaming others for your failures.  go back to school, get a good job, invest wisely and you can retire whenever you want...people do it all the time.  you don't have to retire when the state tells you to.  It's called "personal responsibility".  No one, including the refugees can take my job away from me.  I'm the only one who can do that.  I'm not worried....
  2. Syrian refugees in NRW?

      there's always a dark side, right?  if a refugee discovered a cure for cancer, you'd bemoan the loss of doctor's jobs.
  3. Syrian refugees in NRW?

    "German unemployment down to six percent At no time in half a century has unemployment in Germany been as low as this May. In what appears to be a positive feedback loop, a strong labor market boosts consumption, driving growth and creating even more jobs." All the hand-wringing by the renegades of the world predicting the downfall of nations, the rape of local women, the loss of jobs seems to be contradicted by the facts.  Scapegoating is a mental defect caused by an irrational superiority belief that others are beneath you. 
  4. AirBnB legality in Berlin

    not as easy as it seems...   Tourism Troubles: Berlin Cracks Down on Vacation Rentals
  5. Bringing Dog with Us to Germany

    Going in the opposite direction...Berlin>Brussels>Chicago, I had my pup chipped and all the necessary paperwork.  She was too big to fit under the seat, so she had to go as cargo.  When I brought her to the check-in desk (Berlin and Brussels) the agents were so taken by her (what a cute dog!) that they never even looked at her papers. The dog arrived in the baggage claims and there was no one standing there watching her.  I just picked her up and left. Keep in mind the weather temperature departing and arriving airports.
  6. It's a german thing.  The culprits might be the letter carriers who would have to decide what to do with the werbung (decision making letter carriers?) or the newspaper people who retaliate or your friendly neighbors.  Maybe contact your post office and have them hold your mail next time?
  7. No, I'm comparing economic refugees to economic refugees: i.e. people who choose to leave their country for a better life in another.  What will be your argument after Brexit?  Will you hold onto your rationalizations after Turkey join the EU?  What a role reversal that would be.  Then the Turks in germany start demanding the Brits leave.  Ha.
  8.   so, those pesky things in Iraq and Syria....what do you call them?  oh, yeah, Wars, they're just coincidental.  babies washed ashore are economic migrants...there's always someone who self-volunteers to decide who gets to come (himself) and who should stay away (others, not him).  the chosen one, the self-anointed one, the better one.  
  9. translation of: emotional intelligence

    There's an intermediate step needed: translate whatever language this is to English before you get a "good transaltion" to german.
  10.   Nation States "destroyed"?  "Nazi".  Hyperbole much?   Everybody, run to the underground shelters...the refugees are coming, the refugees are coming!
  11. I just find it amazing how the commentators in this and other refugee threads exhibit omniscience when it comes to knowing the thoughts and motives of the migrants and refugees.  Reminds me of: " “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”   Let's build a border fence and make Syria pay for it or " a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering Germany until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on,"   After you click the red arrow, come to the U.S.  Half the voting population agrees with you.  Welcome home...
  12. Many years ago, my first trip to Europe was to Germany.  I remember going through the little town streets and seeing the old women sitting by their windows, leaning out to see the town "news".  From what they saw, this was the world.  Occasionally, I would hear them gossip to and about their neighbors.  Little did they know, that down the street, their neighbors were gossiping about them.
  13. Office etiquette: whispering in the office

    OK it's driving me nuts.  Where do you come from?