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  1. Starting a cleaning business

    I would suggest, that instead of looking for customers, look for competitors.  Pretend you are searching for a cleaner and see how many apply.  If no one shows up, you have a market; if 10 show up, it will be difficult; if 100 show up, think of something else to offer.
  2. the invitation could say, "Join me for drinks"
  3.   The Americans tried it ( The Twenty-first Amendment )...Christians, not Muslims.
  4. since they're your friends, maybe you could ask them for a convenient time?
  5. meetup for ages 36 and upwards

      Excuse me, but could you send me a link to the Rules you're quoting?
  6. meetup for ages 36 and upwards

    Thanks for the advice, but I already have parents.  I find your annoyance annoying.
  7. Internal position offered and then snatched

    It's known as "they changed their mind".  On the other foot, had a dream job appeared outside the company and had been offered to you and you accepted, could the company sue you for the same "intent" reason?  Don't think so.
  8. Posting while drunk!

    you are precious and original
  9. You might want to get the motion light as suggested or just a single three-way sensor.  Two sensors might result in the light going on when you enter the stairwell and going off when you reach the bottom.
  10. Is Berlin a bad Job Market ?

    it sounds like fun has been more important than work.  the bad part is that the jobs that provided the fun part are now on your CV, so you'll pay for that fun for a long time to come.  each new interviewer will ask, "So, you worked as a baggage handler for two years, how does that experience fit in the job we have?" your competition is against newly graduated German nationals with similar degrees, but without the years of inappropriate experience.  who would you hire; them or you for an    entry level job?
  11. Insurance refusing to pay out - Advice needed

    in germany, the possibilities are always dire and endless.  surely, if a key was lost and a new one made, if there was a break-in, the only possible perp would be the guy who found the key, knew it was for the bar down the street and was criminal by nature and decided to break into the bar.  whew!  that would be my conclusion as well.
  12. Insurance refusing to pay out - Advice needed

    just wondering; what's the cost of the key vs. the cost of the insurance + deductible?
  13. Best countries to retire to

    if only life were linear and permanent, then i could tell you where to retire
  14. Given your views on refugees, make sure you vet any and all the workers.  Wouldn't want to hire rapists or terrorists...   " Most of those, even if they are not active ISIS members - have some affiliation to one or more terror organisations from back home. How do I know ? I know.. "