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  1. has all the work been inspected and approved by he city?
  2. The German bureaucracy needs constant feeding to maintain their stasis existence and nothing does that better than paper.  They need it because they need it.
  3. Firefox sync data lost

    I always create a monthly draft of important files, including bookmarks, financials and save it to my email account....just in case.
  4. tell the landlord he can take the pics, but they've got to be blurred when published...the german way.
  5. What made you leave Germany

    my, my; a trump supporter with a thesaurus. 
  6. What made you leave Germany

    Trump is America's IQ test.
  7. I'm losing my dad...

    at some point in my life, my parents, siblings, cousins became people to me; not relatives and I saw them as such.  some might think it cold, but for me it was a release from the burden of the pronouns and I could develop adult relationships (or not) with those people. if someone brings misery into my life,  they are not part of my life.  if it's joy, we are together.  "family" does not get a special discount or bonus points.
  8. Really?  And when I say "really", I mean do you really think all that you describe above takes place for every challenged charge?  Really? We're not talking about taking out a home mortgage, we're talking about a grocery store charge.  Look up "cost-benefit ratio".
  9. Excessive notice period in preschool contracts

    you took the words right out of my mouth.
  10. as if a clerk in a supermarket is qualified to discern forgery.
  11. What made you leave Germany

    Another reason to leave...too many Rules.
  12. going to the supermarket is like Lucy at the chocolate factory
  13. Heart attack at the age of 41

    There are prerequisites for a heart attack.
  14. Killing wave pauses for costume debate

      You're really hung up on the "horny single men" bromide aren't you?  This is not some latent, Freudian issue is it?
  15. The need to be right

      Changing an entire country is not going to be easy.   Instead of becoming a Sisyphus thing, maybe you should make your case and move on to the next case or the next job.