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  1. zeddriver added a post in a topic: Perception of Germany in the UK   

    While I'm from the US and not the UK. I have been living in Germany for the past 18 months. and will be here for another 3.5 years. And so far the experience has been positive. My wife and I also have the advantage of not being nearly as Xenophobic as most Americans. There are only two negatives that I can think of. And they are not game changers. The first is dealing with the lack of workers showing any problem solving abilities beyond what is allowed in the workers manuals. Case in point. Went to T-Mobile to get a USB dongle for internet access from my home computer. T-Mobile said that this was not possible. So I ordered one unlocked from the states for almost $100 took it into T-Mobile for a simm card. The very same fellow that sent me away the first time said you need one of these. He reaches under the counter and produces a USB dongle for 5 Euro.
    The second is the lack of contextual understanding by Germans. While at the local village bakery having coffee with my German friend. Another German comes in and upon hearing me speak English. Asks me were i live. I told him in German while vigorously pointing at the ground. That i lived right here in this village having also said the name of the village. They just glazed over and had no bloody idea what I had just said. My German friend came to my rescue. I then asked him what had just happened. He said that when I said the name of the village. My inflection involving the umlat was the tiniest bit off. They just could not make the connection of me pointing to the ground, The fact that the village is rural and has about 1,500 living in it. And that I did say right here. All I had to do was be a microfraction off and all is lost. That was the moment that I gave up trying to learn German.
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  2. zeddriver added a post in a topic: Country settings for iTunes Store   

    For those in the military. If you have an APO. iTunes does recognize this as a US based address.
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  3. zeddriver added a post in a topic: Zee pompous Germans   

    I might ot like to hear it? You must have mistakenly assumed that accents are some sort of nationalist point of contension with me. Matters not one wit to me. I do find the discussion interesting though.

    So Americans have a British accent. And the British have the updated 2.0 version. Altough I wonder how without the benefit of having any recordings the linguists came to that conclusion. More science folks assuming things and then stating that as a fact. We all know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of u and me.
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  4. zeddriver added a post in a topic: Zee pompous Germans   

    As per the accent discussion. I've always wondered why Americans don't have a 'British' accent. The American colonies were mostly British.

    Was it a deliberate effort to change the accent after the American revolution? Or is the British accent something that needs to be mantained lest it morph into an American accent.

    Just a random thought I had.
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  5. zeddriver added a post in a topic: Welfare couple fight to keep €83,000 in benefits   

    Wow! After having their assets seized they still owe 32,000. That's quite the spending spree. I sure hope they kept the receipts so they can return all that stuff.
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