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  1. DOZ added a post in a topic: Pretending to be German overseas   

    RE: gaberlunzi

    Sorry but you are wrong! Canada is not German freindly in any shape or form. Trust me, I know from experience. Newfoundland, a Province in Canada is probably the largest producer of Anti-German thinking.
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  2. DOZ added a post in a topic: Women have strengthened army, says military association   

    ...This is a reply to a comment made to a comment I posted about this article. It seems that we are limited to number of comments for each article and I was transfered to this page after trying to respond to a comment about my comment. Read the article and it's comments if you wonder how this comment fits in...

    Germans had better wake up. Germans think that Canada likes them and thats not true. I was abused every day (since I was 5 in an British Dominated Region of Ontario) by Anglo British-Canadians. I was refused an education in Canada because my mother was German. I even had teachers who were from prominant Liberal Party families abuse me because I was German. Yesterday my son found out that his OSAP (College Funding) was cut off because a Anglo British Canadian Racist OSAP Employee had given us wrong information (which is typical of our experiences, because she like most of the British-Canadian women in Canada, hate Germans. As a kid, for me Rememberance Day mean't getting beat up by students on direct orders from the Teachers because I was the son of a German Woman. When the Anglo-British Region built a Nuclear Power Plant, I was stalked by the Canadian Military, because I was a born in Canada to a German Immigrant woman, considered a Nazi and a threat to Canada. I also had to watch them do the same thing to my Children. C.A.S. even took my oldest son because he looked Aryan, the same group that beat me senseless in school and took part in having teachers transfered if they tried to help me get an education when I was a kid. Go ahead Germany and pretend that Canada (and it's allies) is your friend and one day you will be taken over and your German subjects enslaved. Last year we had to take my son's employer to the Ontario Labour Board, when the employer felt that he should have to work for him for free, because my son had German Roots, and the Employer felt that he should have to slave for British-Canadians. Later thanks to th Web, I discovered that this employer was actually a Local Politician in Ontario, and had even been our Local School Board Trustee at the same time they were abusing my sons in school. I spent 20 years trying to prove that my son's mother and her family was actually part of a group reponsible for all the abuses I suffered all through my life, and thanks to the Web I found I was right. In fact it was a News Report on the Web that led me to discover who this employer actually was. I can write real well, can't I? I had to secretly learn to read and write, or I wouldn't even have been able make this post. Another one of the stalking issues by the Canadian Military, was to conn me into jobs, where I would have to work as a slave for former Canadian Military Personel. Germany had better wake up and keep it's Military to it's full potential.
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