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  1. nashville added a post in a topic: German/English dual citizen as au pair   

    Good news to all of you waiting anxiously by your computer! I heard back from the AOK, and they said all she needs is the form E121, and she should bring that with her passport to the AOK. They will cover her expenses and then bill the NHS. It costs nothing. She also said it has nothing to do with her nationality since she would only be over here for a temporary period, what matters is where she is insured right now and that she would go back to England afterwards to stay on that insurance. So, yay! Problem solved. Thanks for all your answers and helpful advice!
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  2. nashville added a post in a topic: German/English dual citizen as au pair   

    Thanks for that link, anne k. I have a call into the AOK to find out what the procedure is. It does make complete sense for her to be able to come over on the insurance she's used her whole life. But then when did rules ever coincide with making sense?
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  3. nashville added a post in a topic: German/English dual citizen as au pair   

    Yes, the system is really stupid in this regard. This girl wants to come over and work and learn German because she would eventually like to live here. So, I offer her a job, she gets room and board from me, and all is well. Or she can come over, get benefits, free health insurance and has nothing to motivate her to learn the language at that point. Maybe she still would, but it's a win win situation for me and the taxpayers to do it my way. Not that anyone ever thinks anything through rather than following the rules to an obsessive bent anyway, but still...

    I will still go to the proper authorities this week and find out what I can. Who wants to bet that no one knows?

    I guess it's probably back to the search again. Too bad, because this gal was exactly what I was looking for. And thanks Engelchen for the suggestion of having her as an employee. That might be an option as well.
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  4. nashville added a post in a topic: German/English dual citizen as au pair   

    Sorry, john g., it's British, isn't it? Color me American, er I mean, U.S. citizen. :)
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  5. nashville added a post in a topic: German/English dual citizen as au pair   

    Yes, I will check with the proper authorities before making her an offer. I just wanted to ask here first in case someone else had the same situation.
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  6. nashville added a post in a topic: German/English dual citizen as au pair   

    Thanks for all of your replies! She did have a German passport years ago, but it has since expired, and she did not renew it. I just want to make sure we do this right. It would be terrible for her to come here as an au pair on the au pair insurance, and then 12 months later find out she needed to pay into the krankenkasse. I would think they would welcome her as an au pair in Germany since she would be learning the language and being taken care of in my home as opposed to coming over and getting benefits straightaway until getting on her feet.
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  7. nashville added a post in a topic: German/English dual citizen as au pair   

    Yes, but as a German citizen, is she not required to be in the system rather than the au pair insurance? It is very cheap to insure those from outside the country, but can you do it with a citizen? The website does not specify. She could, I suppose, just enter here on her English passport and we treat her as an English citizen, but I'm not a big fan of not knowing what the right thing to do is because I always manage to get caught when I do the wrong thing.
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  8. nashville added a post in a topic: German/English dual citizen as au pair   

    Looking into getting an au pair and feel like I've really found a great one. She is from England and has an English father, but she has a German mother (who lives in England) and family in our nearby area. She has experience, is very keen on learning German, and seems to be a good fit for us. This is a bit of an unusual situation as she is German through her mother, but she has always lived in England and speaks only English. I'm wondering how will she be insured here living with us? Do we need the normal au pair insurance or does she have to be insured through the krankenkasse? Obviously, unless we can put her on our insurance, that will make it very difficult and expensive. Any advice, ideas? Thanks in advance.
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  9. nashville added a post in a topic: Paying for kid/s in international schools   

    Hi muchado. Yes, we only got in as category III because the class was so small (11 kids) when my son first started in the English section. I understand now that the first grade in the English section might have to split as there are already 35 applicants, so I would imagine there are no category III spaces available. If you really want in, keep your name on the list as sometimes a space will open up right before the school year starts.

    As for regular German schools being better, I think it depends on what you want for your children's education. Language is important to us, and being taught by native speakers is a huge advantage that the German schools don't offer. In addition, my daughter needs special help in school, which the European school provides free of charge and with no stigma. She is extremely bright, but she has problems with working memory and abstract concepts. If we were in the German system, she would be completely left behind or in a sonderschule, making her future far less than bright. She is a very smart girl, and the German system would never see that because she isn't the standard.

    Back to fees, yes, we just got notice that for new students coming in the fees have been raised, and even for category III. That won't affect our older children, but we have 2 younger ones yet to be enrolled, so we are worried about having to pay more as well. The school has very few category I, which are paid by the European Union and gives more reason for the school to even exist. The headmaster has done a brilliant job of recruiting area companies to send their employees children, and the school has become the top school for category II. While this helps the school immensely with support monetarily, it closes many of the category III spaces that were previously available.

    By the way, the UK is still seconding positions, we have added a couple of new teachers from the UK in the last year or so. They are not seconding as many, but Ireland is very much on board, so there is no lack of native English teachers.
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  10. nashville added a post in a topic: Is it me or do German doctors not care?   

    Fellow US Americans used to really rigorous private care? If you get this in the US, I guarantee you it isn't because the doctors give a care about you, it's because they have to do every test imaginable to avoid any lawsuits later if you discover they missed something. Fall off your chair? Let's do a CT scan. My experience with doctors here vs. doctors in the US is that I got about 20 seconds with a doc in the US and then a quick script for whatever ailed me. Here I've gotten lots of time to talk about what's wrong, what my options for treatment are, including my own thoughts about that, and then a follow up visit to make sure the treatment is working or has worked. Has every experience been stellar? No, I've had some real humdingers, including an ENT who tried to do sinus surgery on me with no anesthetic, a GP who gave me the wrong meds a couple of different times, and a pediatrician who yelled at me for not bringing my kid in sooner for antibiotics when it turned out he didn't even need them. It took time for me to find the right doctors for our needs, who took the extra time and even one who made house calls so that I didn't have to put my kid in the hospital. I think no matter where you are in the world, finding the right doctor is a matter of trying out different ones. Are Germans themselves really friendly, and do they act like they care? Not really, unless they know you well. I would be more concerned that the doctor was doing his job than if he cared about me as a person. The two do not have to go hand in hand.

    If you want/need more answers then you have got to ask for them. I find Germans just do whatever the doctor asks without question. If the doc tells them to go home and rub butter on their elbows for 3 days, you can bet they stopped by the store for some fresh butter on the way home. My husband would never question what the doctor told him, while I would ask 5 questions for every statement a doctor gave me. There is your cultural difference, and if you don't act culturally different, how is the doctor supposed to know to treat as such?

    One more thing I don't get is that they have a hard time figuring out how to bill you. Don't most private patients pay first and get reimbursed later? Why would that be a problem at all? I don't know as I am publicly insured, but I know a couple of my friends pay the bill and then submit it themselves for reimbursement as they are private. I was under the impression that private patients get way more tests than public because the docs get more money from them.
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  11. nashville added a post in a topic: Problems with satellite TV reception recently   

    It worked fine to receive German programs, but we reconnected it to get the English channels. Sorry, you are probably right about the DV3, it is DVB. It worked fine for 6 years until we got the Sky+HD box last year. It's just been collecting dust since then. I'm going to go fiddle around with it again just to make myself believe that I can change it. Maybe we just need to buy another box. Those old ones are pretty cheap on ebay if I recall.
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  12. nashville added a post in a topic: Problems with satellite TV reception recently   

    Okay, the old one is a Panasonic DV3, I think. It has two card slots, but I've no card for it. That's the only thing I see on the front. The directions are long since lost. The new Sky+HD one doesn't have a brand name on it. Here is more info that may be helpful. We have a quad LNB, and the hookups are in the attic. We can't record one channel and watch another because we don't have two cable connections in the living room. I just don't know why it would work fine and then....not! Thanks for your answers thus far though!
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  13. nashville added a post in a topic: Problems with satellite TV reception recently   

    It's just a regular box from like 2006. It's a Panasonic.
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  14. nashville added a post in a topic: Problems with satellite TV reception recently   

    Hi, just a quick question if anyone can help out, would be great. We have a new Sky HD box which works great, have the subscription card, etc. All is fine with that one. We just finished up our family room, and since we had an old sky box and tv, we hooked it up, hoping to receive the freeview channels. At first, it didn't work, saying the channels had a technical fault, then I unplugged and waited and it worked fine. Now I go back and it says no satellite signal is being received and I should unplug the mains, plug it back it in and wait 5 minutes. I have done that several times, held down the on button, unhooked and rehooked the cable and it still says it's getting no signal. It was absolutely fine last night, and our other box is fine. So what am I doing wrong? It's driving me bonkers since I know it did work already. Thanks in advance for any help!!
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  15. nashville added a post in a topic: Abusive trainer at my son's judo class   

    So, here we are 5 months later. On Saturday I got a summons for myself and my son to appear in court on the 23rd of April. I figured since so much time has gone by that they were not going to pursue it, but here we are. The letter was quite nice about how they will be gentle preparing my son for his testimony and so forth. Admittedly, we are both nervous, so any positive thoughts, prayers or words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated. Certainly, I will update here on what transpires.
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