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Thursday night drinks in Berlin, May 28, 8pm - venue to be decided
Time to call the vote. Tomorrow ?we will meet at Scharwzsauer, Kastanienalle 13. Whoever is first there should inform the bar staff that they are Toytown. And try to secure a big table..?
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Cool bars or cafes that are non-smoking
Hi all,?interesting to see how this mostly fantastic city apparently hasn't changed much since this thread last attracted responses.I noticed a handful of forum threads like this one across different
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Looking for football players
Hello all,We have found various quality football players via this forum already and we are looking to strengthen our squad for next season.Please e-mail me on ns.degroot AT gmail.com for more substr(
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IKEBANA ( Japanese flower arrangement) introduction work shop
IKEBANA ( Japanese flower arrangement) introduction work shop?*You can take "KENZAN"( 4.2cm spiky frog) and flowers to your home! ? What is ikebana? Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement
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Self-employed - How to provide proof of income for renting?
Hi There,?I am trying for a couple of weeks to rent a flat, amazing how much adventurous this task can be, avoiding all the scams, meeting all the requirements, but I am getting stuck in one item: I
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Opinions about Charit? hospital Berlin
Charite is a promiment university hospital with an excellent reputation. Most doctors should be able to speak some english but in general do not expect native level proficiency.You might also want to
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Trying to find a Jewelery appraiser/verifier
Hi all -?My fianc? and I recently bought an engagement ring from an antique dealer in Berlin, and we'd like to find somewhere to take it to have the stones verified (i.e. are they real, or did we get
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Bespoke book and box printer recommendations in Berlin
Hey forum.Does anyone have any good tips on a print firm that can do low-volume, high quality printing for boxes and books. ?I've checked a few other threads on printers & not had much luck findi
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Brexit - implications for Brits in Berlin
Hallo there, I am a British researcher/lecturer living in Berlin and i've been researching on Brits in the city for several years now (please google David Griffiths, lifestyle migration and Berlin, a
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Do you need your Anmeldung to setup electricity?
But you might have answered what we need which is having power on for the few days we are there. It might be and I will check with the landlord.?When you move in you will receive an ?bergabeprotokoll
1 posts, 22:40 26.May.2015
Been promised apt, unclear on process & when Schufa is checked
So my Girlfriend and I are in the process of renting our perfect apartment, we have been through the whole process, submitted the application along with the Schufa, submitted payslips, employment con
65 posts, 20:56 26.May.2015
New in Berlin (or new to this forum)
Hello all!im new to berlin and a thought I should introduce myself. I've been in berlin a few months now, moved over from London for work.I'm 34, an airline pilot based in schoenfeld. Looking to meet
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Finding ANY jobs in Berlin: Tips for non-German speakers
I here the sex industry pays well. And it's legal here.?It's the only type of job you will get without speaking German that will pay enough to get a flat in Berlin.Is it Friday already?
20 posts, 19:27 26.May.2015
Where can I find Kombucha tea in Berlin?
If anybody is still interested - you can get unpasteurized Kombucha in Caf? B?rbucha, Eisenacher Str.73, Berlin-Sch?neberg 10823.Also Kombucha mother.For opening hours & location please check us
991 posts, 17:55 26.May.2015
The Accompanying Spouses' Support Club
Hey there! I'm an accompanying spouse in Germany, it's?my first year here,?and I'm visiting Berlin this week.?Anyone up for meeting up?at Zeit fur Brot at 10 am -ish?on Thursday morning, May 21? ?Sen
2 posts, 13:17 26.May.2015
Workshops for parents - paid for attendance
Harimata, a?company developing an app enabling early assesment of autism risk in children 2-5 is organising workshops for parents in Berlin.?We would like to get to know your feedback on our at-play
1 posts, 13:04 26.May.2015
Workshops for Parents
Harimata, a?company developing an app enabling early assesment of autism risk in children 2-5 is organising workshops for parents in Berlin.?We would like to get to know your feedback on our at-play
1 posts, 13:03 26.May.2015
Workshops for Parents
?Harimata, a?company developing an app enabling early assesment of autism risk in children 2-5 is organising workshops for parents in Berlin.?We would like to get to know your feedback on our at-play
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Berlin's Chili Cook-Off Saturday May 30th!
Greetings lovely Toy-Towners! Please come join us this Saturday for a bit of America in the Bundesland!A bit about the event: 8 restaurants including Santa Maria,?Nalu Diner, Geist im Glas,?Crazy Bas
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Question about German summer language course - Humboldt program?
That's not a course that will?prepare you to pass a reading exam, particularly one focused on academic texts. ?You need a "German for Reading Knowledge" course. ?I think they tend to be offered at un
190 posts, 23:22 25.May.2015
Berlin Alternative Book Group, Tue. 26.May.2015 7:30pm
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, 26th May, 7:30pm. We will discuss "The Cat's Table" by Michael Ondaatje. If the weather is cooperative, we will meet for a picnic at Monbijoupark. If we aren't s
10 posts, 11:54 25.May.2015
Help! canadian dying for some street hockey
Hey all,I am bringing my hockey stuff in 3 weeks time (end of June 2015). ?Is anyone currently playing on weeknights or on the weekend? ?Dying to play as well. ?Also, biking around yesterday and saw
1 posts, 10:43 25.May.2015
English/German Language Exchange
Hi All ? We run a German/English language exchange at the Cafe Rhino, Rhinowerstr 5, Prenzlauer Berg. It's each Wednesday (27/5) at 7pm. All levels, ages and backgrounds. It's usually good fun, a re
5 posts, 10:32 25.May.2015
Boxing club in Berlin
I'm afraid I don't know any in Spandau but I can recommend the one I go to in Friedrichshain- Freizeitboxen Berlin. Training is in German but the patrons are happy to help if you need anything transl
11 posts, 10:43 24.May.2015
Normal time period until electricity is cut off? (Vattenfall, Berlin)
Why not just contact the electricity company and explain the situation. What is the worst they could do - cut you off? They would be doing that anyway at some point.?Besides you cutting down on your
273 posts, 10:26 24.May.2015
International schools in Berlin
Do any of these schools offer a structured 2-3 year program starting 10th or 11th grade for students who want to attend American universities???There was a guy offering SAT coaching about a year ago.
149 posts, 11:25 23.May.2015
English-speaking doctors in Berlin
I can recommend my doctor Dr Claudia Camps y Espinoza.? She's fluent in English, German and I think Spanish. I've been going to her for a couple years for my acupuncture but she is also a medical doc
1 posts, 10:08 23.May.2015
Alumni/Students from Dayalbagh Educational Institute Agra in Berlin
Dear all,One of the Professors from Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI), Agra India? will be visiting Germany in 2 weeks from now? and would like to get connected to someone from Berlin or Kiel to
1 posts, 19:40 22.May.2015
Searching for nightlife company
Hey there everybody!My name is Yotam (call me Yotts) and I'm a 22yo Israeli tourist here in Berlin, staying until Tuesday. It's my second time in the city, now visiting with my family - which means I
2 posts, 08:53 22.May.2015
Stephen K. Amos live, May 25, 8pm, Quatsch Comedy Club
Stephen K. Amos, the "maestro of feel-good comedy", is coming to Berlin for one night only to present his solo show, "Welcome to my world". He has charmed and entertained audiences all over the world
15 posts, 22:21 21.May.2015
Seeking wall rock climbing partner in Berlin
Hi everyone,?I'm looking for a lead climbing partner, around 6a-b grade for evenings and weekends. Maybe twice a week.?I'm 165cm tall and around 68kg. I've got a rope.?Give me a shout if substr('inte
8 posts, 12:51 21.May.2015
Picking up Aufenthaltstitel - what department?
Sorry, I should have followed up. It took about two weeks for the approval, and that was in August when people take vacation, so if you have a pretty airtight case it shouldn't take too long. But no
2 posts, 11:24 21.May.2015
The Listening Get-Together ELLIOTT SMITH
Hello Everyone,The public have spoken and so the album we will be listening to next Thursday at Schiefe Bahn is Elliott Smith's "Either/Or"!Elliott Smith was a unique individual and artist. His unmis
35 posts, 21:20 20.May.2015
Life in the Moabit area of Berlin
I live a bit further east (birkenstr. area) and have for almost 5 years now. ?I'm female and pretty small but I walk around by myself and even go running in my neighborhood at all hours of the day an
2 posts, 18:47 20.May.2015
Ausbildungsticket conditions
I don't think so. The form says "Die Ausbildung/Der regelm??ige Unterricht findet in Berlin oder Brandenburg statt und umfasst mindestens sechs Monate lang 20 Wochenstunden."You'll only be here for t
4 posts, 15:57 20.May.2015
Tennis Partner 2015
Hi Alice I am waiting for my tennis racquet to arrive from the UK, will be a week or so. I would love to come along...where and when do you meet? Is there more information on here? I cannot seem to
1 posts, 15:49 20.May.2015
Berlin carnival
Hi GuysI was wondering if anyone had plans to go to the Carnival this weekend?I haven't had much time to join any meet ups the last few months which is a real shame.?Buttt would really like to meet u
1 posts, 13:42 20.May.2015
2015 Short Film Series - Berlin
?We at the Radical Frame Film Festival are proud to announce the third edition of SHORT FILM SERIES ? Berlin, Germany. We are happy to present original and exciting short films movies from different
1 posts, 11:58 20.May.2015
Tuesday Swing Dance night - Introducing West Coast Swing, Party with f
If you are already dancing West Coast Swing or would like to try it out for fun: We're starting a social dance party with free introductory lesson and everyone is welcome to join!You don't need to b
2 posts, 20:41 19.May.2015
Expat buying property in Berlin..
Hi, I'm just curious on a few things..1. Is it possible for a person without European passport to buy property in Berlin??2. Also for opening a new business substr('(restaurant)..?Eventually', 0, 24)

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