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16 posts, 09:19 today
Samsung TV turning itself on in middle of night
13 posts, 08:56 today
Over the counter medicine for a yeast infection
18 posts, 08:10 today
Importing Vitamins/Supplements into Germany?
9 posts, 06:48 today
Prepaid SIM cards with data plan
9 posts, 01:14 today
Facebook page to sell indian crafts
97 posts, 23:09 yesterday
Running a UK limited (Ltd.) company from Germany
The most foul language I could find was "Rubbish", which I agree is pretty foul, particularly if it's left to fester, but if you haven't read such foul language in ages you must be living under a stone. I bet JE is shaking in his boots, but rather than wimp out, why not be a man and argue your stand?…
32 posts, 23:05 yesterday
Seeking Information about new Business Set-up
Did you take time to read the replies and the links provided in this very post that you started with a question. Looks like you are just asking the same question again after two months. The exact activity (tätigkiet) job description was used as examples for freelancing. Let me point out the answer to your question from…
6 posts, 21:29 yesterday
Short Term Contract in Germany - Freelance operation
5 posts, 21:28 yesterday
Remote work for a US company
4 posts, 20:39 yesterday
Ticket Reservation/Flight Itinerary
15 posts, 18:33 yesterday
Salary expectations - biotech / pharmaceuticals
46 posts, 18:22 yesterday
Rent increase based on further occupant/s
I would be very, very surprised if any gym let you join just for a month. When you go sign up, make sure you take your girlfriend with you and make sure you don't sign anything you don't understand. They can promise you that you're just signing up for the month, when in reality you're signing a contract…
45 posts, 16:45 yesterday
Supreme Court favors e-Bay customer
[adminsplit=42904]Advice... on selling things via eBay / Amazon[/adminsplit] According to a decision today by the Bundesgerichtshof, if you offer something for sale on eBay and then cancel the auction after bids have already been placed, the potential seller can sue you for enforcement of the contract and win. In the…
7 posts, 16:37 yesterday
Employees rights on increased sick days
17 posts, 16:23 yesterday
Symbolic inexpensive Christmas gift
96 posts, 15:44 yesterday
Do you listen to podcasts?
I don't really get peoples obsession with NPR, the output seems.. amateurish. I would recommend nearly all the BBC Podcasts, especially: In Our Time The Infinite Monkey Cage Material World Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo's film reviews Friday Night Comedy Basically, I would recommend anyone who hasn't…
7 posts, 15:35 yesterday
The progress from phone bill to legal problem
18 posts, 09:31 yesterday
Little pension planning tool for free download
Posted image Thanks to the input from you guys and some assistance out of the Toytown community, we have now an online-version of the pension planner on our website. If you click on this link here http://www.crcie.com/fin... and then click on the picture, you'll get directly to the pension planner where you just need to fill in…
24 posts, 07:23 yesterday
Printer options and price of cartridges
That used to be true seeking, but these days in a sub €100 device it makes little or no difference. For the usage pattern you describe I really would suggest the cheap HP laser that I linked to, but if you want colour or the occasional photo and can stand the effort of maintaining printer to stop it drying up then the…
17 posts, 19.Dec.2014
Looking for a reliable satellite install in Munich
11 posts, 19.Dec.2014
Using a USB drive attached to Fritzbox as NAS
9 posts, 19.Dec.2014
RIP Mandy Rice-Davies
7 posts, 19.Dec.2014
Translators for linguistic research project
Maybe a bit more general information would help. Do participants have to be in Berlin or is it an on-line task? Are you looking for participants with formal training and credentials as translators (CELTA, or state-recognized translators) or could you also use as participants those who work (extensively) as translators without…
25 posts, 19.Dec.2014
Starting an Online Travel Agency
to facilitate online bookings for hotelsThis is the bit that scares me. If you are taking bookings for small hotels with no online presence then this implies that your new website will be taking the end-user payments??? THAT is a huge drama if in the plan. Reason being that travel companies have a nasty habit of going…
7 posts, 19.Dec.2014
Proposing a motion to support Hausmeister
Posted image That may sound trivial to you, but I think at least the lack of a mobile is a problem in a Hausmeister, who has to be able to respond to emergencies. How about getting him an easy to use mobile phone and teaching him how to use it? That would contribute to his job security. From experience with technophobe relatives,…
13 posts, 19.Dec.2014
US Military Reserve Retiree SOFA
Elfenstar, while it's good that you're trying to be helpful, as least as regards the issue of health insurance for a military retiree in this situation, it's probably still the case that your comments simply aren't applicable. A significant number of US military retirees still live here, so the German authorities…
6 posts, 19.Dec.2014
Blocking DNS on Speedport W 723V
31 posts, 19.Dec.2014
US FATCA and German banks
4 posts, 19.Dec.2014
Shipping car to Germany
55 posts, 19.Dec.2014
Resigning and taking the rest of your holidays
The topic of leave and termination is a very interesting one also in practical terms. To begin with, here some basics • The law grants a minimum of 24 days leave based on a six day working week • After six months of employment the employee is entitled to claim the full amount of leave • Before those six months the…
9 posts, 19.Dec.2014
English-language support for O2 dsl
13 posts, 19.Dec.2014
When to add "zu" to before a verb
60 posts, 19.Dec.2014
Transferring money from UK to German bank account
4 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Starting TESA application
91 posts, 18.Dec.2014
When to add Mehrwertsteuer to your invoices
15 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Tip for those paying into a Rürup pension plan
Posted image This is an important and good question. Though you are the first person ever I met who assumes he'll be earning more and thus pay higher taxes during retirment. Ceteris paribus the majority of people will have less income (albeit also less expenses) in retirement than during the peak of their working days... The general…
8 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Registering a birth, plus tax band changes
46 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Where to buy an English-language laptop computer
74 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Receiving a package from Deutsche Post or DHL
You go to whomever you pay your rent to. Tell them (don't ask them) to have your name put wherever it needs to go. Give them a deadline of a couple of days. If they still don't do it threaten with with withdrawing a percentage of your rent. All of this in writing. In the meantime sellotape a makeshift label on…
7 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Changing headlights for TUV - UK to Continental
5 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Rupaul's Drag Race TV Show
48 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Employment termination & aufhebungsvertag
This is what I think about the issue, having signed an Aufhebungsvertrag years ago. Note that this isn't legal advice and that consultating a lawyer really is advisable. * I believe this contract is the Aufhebungsvertag. Should I consult a lawyer before or after I recieve it? I have no intention to sign it without…
14 posts, 18.Dec.2014
Tips on cancelling your O2 DSL contract
9 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Travel insurance when moving away from Germany
9 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Finding info on a Sony TV
81 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Airlines used by pet owners flying to Germany
Posted image Here's what the Lufthansa rep told me when I booked our flights for last November: Under-the-seat carriers must: --Be no larger than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. --Weigh less than 8 kg (pet and carrier combined). Accompanied Cargo Carriers must: --Meet IATA regulations. --Be hard-shelled and held together with bolts (not plastic…
85 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Nice person of the day award - Enough about bastards
Posted image I nominate the "Chief Cat Herder" from an email I received. Found this poor guy starving on the side of the road riding home tonight. Couldn't leave him, so I have to drop him at the shelter in the morning on the way in. Found in Dublin, so he's a suburban cat. Clearly not afraid of people, so he was…
6 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Spanish - German translation needed
38 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Christmas traditions in Germany
This is our East German Christmas tradition: Christmas Eve 1) Drive over 200 kilometers to my in-laws in the Dorf in the Erzgebirge 2) Sit around awkwardly for many hours around the living room coffee table which has been cranked up to the full height of a dining table 3) Wait for the inevitable fight that happens between…
7 posts, 17.Dec.2014
FRA airport internet access
20 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Rental fees of a 50m2 Pub or restaurant
Do you have experience running a restaurant? That would help. There is a restaurant downstairs from me, used to be a bar but the lady died and it got rented out to 2 guys who were starting. Both had loads of experience working at restaurants but not really running one, bookkeeping for example. They each put up 12,000€…
59 posts, 17.Dec.2014
Advice on setting up as a freelancer
14 posts, 16.Dec.2014
Putting unwanted furniture outside on the street
There was a story a while back on the BBC of a guy who did this in the UK and nobody was interested - I believe it was a fridge he was giving away. After a few days he changed the sign to 'For sale $10' and within the hour someone had stolen it Here in Germany there's nothing to stop you putting this…
1285 posts, 16.Dec.2014
New TV license fee, €17.98 a month from 01/2013
Posted image That it just says "Zahlung" made me a bit suspicious**. Just out of curiosity, was the bill addressed to you or your husband, or to something like "Alle Haushälte im Beitragsgebiet"? This for example is a known scam attempt: http://www.computerbetru... **Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe…
9 posts, 16.Dec.2014
Kindergeld Familienkasse Requesting Certification
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