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2 posts, 17:28 today
Non-compete/non-solicitation clause question
In Germany the non-compete must cover a specific amount of time (1 year, 3 years). When it does not?specify in your contract that you have a non-compete it actually becomes a non-poaching clause mean
16 posts, 17:28 today
U-bahn fine, I'm leaving, should I pay?
No listen! I have a TUM card that allow me to take all the public transports everyday from 6 pm to 6am, and all the weekends and holydays for free. I always pay the ticket, always, to go to the airpo
28 posts, 17:27 today
English people in Kempten or the surrounding area
Hi All,m sure some of you must still be around...a South African, mother of a 4.5 year old girl, married to a German from Kempten, we live about 20kms from Kempten in a small villiage. Whilst everyon
7 posts, 17:24 today
Maternity hospitals and procedures Darmstadt - English speaking
Thanks folks, really helpful I actually now?have?a midwife for the?post-natal?care lined up from Alice Hospital, She is currently caring for my neighbour and her son so comes recommended too. She is
41 posts, 17:09 today
Music Jam Night my house
I live in a town where they have live jams at a local bar...??I went about three weeks ago and had a blast! ?Make reservations. ?They usually have them on substr('Thursdays.?http://www.tommis-bistro.
23 posts, 16:46 today
TT Munich book reading and discussion club
Now isn't that a handy format! ?You have to hit enter twice after pasting in your link to get it to do substr('that.https://www.facebook.com/events/1594322347458474/??Doesn't', 0, 24) . '... ' appear
4 posts, 16:36 today
Freelancing in two jobs
Be careful though, Akina. Certain freelance professions require you to pay different social contributions, and I think freelance teachers belong to the?group?that is required to pay into the?German s
9 posts, 16:31 today
Munich Curry Night ? Wed. 27.May.2015 @ Palast der Winde
Let me get this straight. You don't like the sauces in any Munich Indian restaurants so you are going to make your own hot sauce and take it with you?Why not throw in a few other ingredients and save
59 posts, 16:25 today
Small claims courts in Germany
?The money was paid into her bank account and it couldn't be transferred without attaching the bank account to her physical address. It could be a scam but she is in Germany?The bank verifies the phy
34 posts, 16:24 today
Thursday night drinks in Berlin, May 28, 8pm - venue to be decided
hi guys, any venue selected for this Thursday 28th?there's a pretty cool cocktailbar called Eschschloraque, substr('(http://www.eschschloraque.de/)', 0, 24) . '... ' rosenthalerstrasse 39 (down the a
17 posts, 16:19 today
Formula One 2015
Barcelona, a track that every driver knows like the back of his hand, is a true marker of performance for the rest of the year. So it is very important that Nico Rosberg was finally able to get out o
33 posts, 16:19 today
International Driving in Germany Abgemeldet
?There is no theoretical or practical testing, you just gotta have the cash.?This depends entirely on which country or US state you are from. For some you have to start from scratch.
1 posts, 16:11 today
Cross-EU injunctions to prevent malicious correspondence
Say if person A (who lives in Germany) wants to send person B regular negative mail through the post to the UK, is there such a thing as a cross Eu injunction? Like from UK to Germany?I have heard th
14 posts, 16:07 today
Rugby World Cup 2015
Eurosport have just announced that they will be showing RWC 2015 in German speaking countries.This was announced on the German Rugby Union Website.At least 20 games will be shown "Free to air" (Euros
1 posts, 16:01 today
IKEBANA ( Japanese flower arrangement) introduction work shop
IKEBANA ( Japanese flower arrangement) introduction work shop?*You can take "KENZAN"( 4.2cm spiky frog) and flowers to your home! ? What is ikebana? Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement
11 posts, 15:54 today
Emissions Sticker Paid Upgrade
+1 on what the.frollein said about the "annual fee", aka "Ausnahmegenehmigung". In Frankfurt, it's 100 Euros, and has to be applied for each year. Also, it's valid only for the issuing city, so it wo
12 posts, 15:51 today
Help with pet insurance in Germany please
The liability insurance is pretty cheap, I think I pay about ?60pa but pet health insurance is prohibitively expensive here unfortunately. It's probably cheaper to just pay the vet's bills
17 posts, 15:49 today
Translators meet ? 7pm Mon. 18.May.2015 @ Laurin, Heiliggeist. 6
And they did vote yes too. ?Wow!?Crossposting: the TT Orchestra and Singers' Summer Concert is June 13 this year, 7pm at the Gasteig. ?All details here in a nifty new thing -- you have to press enter
33 posts, 15:42 today
Hit road sign - situation escalating, accused of *hit and run*
latino89...for what it's worth, I'm with you on this one.? Accidents happen (apparently not to some of the others here) and that's why they're called "accidents".? Hit and Run would be deliberate and
30 posts, 15:35 today
I'm moving to Munich! Now What?
Thanks! Did a bit more digging and noticed the list of insurers I was given is actually for public insurance. TK is one of the most recommended ones so I think that's the one I'll go with. Looks like
6 posts, 15:29 today
How to obtain copies of your medical records
My Hausarzt has all of my records and reports from specialists, hospitals, surgeons, etc. When? my husband changed to a new Hausarzt, he just went by the old one (mine) and picked up his records. I t
2 posts, 15:26 today
Summer is Calling: Orchestra, Big Band, Choir, 7pm Sat. 13.Jun.2015
Come and join us for an evening of contrasts - from songs about peace to lively dances and even some famous animated substr('animals.ProgrammeOrchestra', 0, 24) . '... ' and SingersThe Armed Man: A M
5 posts, 14:53 today
Legal implications of mould in rented room
I had myself this problem, back when I rented my first flat. In Germany we need to allow?airflow in the room, otherwise mold will appear. I learned this the worst possible way: I was forced to pay 19
1 posts, 14:45 today
Self-employed - How to provide proof of income for renting?
Hi There,?I am trying for a couple of weeks to rent a flat, amazing how much adventurous this task can be, avoiding all the scams, meeting all the requirements, but I am getting stuck in one item: I
10 posts, 14:42 today
Self Employed, moving to Germany
Hi all, ?Not sure if I should start a new thread, but since it's exactly the same topic, I'll try here.I lived/worked as a self-employed Pilates trainer in London from 2012 to July 2014. Las year I t
104 posts, 13:57 today
Bookclub in Bremen
We still don't have a suggestion for the date yet, so there may still be time to read the book!!? (I have had a nightmare with Amazon/Hermes trying to get it, so I still don't have it, but should get
102 posts, 13:22 today
Tenant's rights when the owner wants to move in
Your Interpreter (Dolmetscher as opposed to than ?bersetzer - Translator)?will have to be Certified, and I can pretty much guarantee you won't find a Certified Interpreter cheaper than the court can,
4 posts, 13:08 today
Young Dems Biergarten Meetup
I'll be there!??Smitty Boy, to answer your question,Do you have to be a Democrat ?Do you check membership ?No you do not have to be a member of DA!? It's very much open to anyone who is interested in
7 posts, 13:07 today
UK Rented house. Is a bee's nest in the garden my responsibility?
Emkay, generally landlords do have a responsibility to deal with pests that were there before the tenant moved in; if the pest is caused by the tenant (eg, dirty tenant gets rats) then that is the te
3 posts, 12:58 today
Opinions about Charit? hospital Berlin
Charite is a promiment university hospital with an excellent reputation. Most doctors should be able to speak some english but in general do not expect native level proficiency.You might also want to
4 posts, 12:53 today
Sushi Night (and other Japanese food)? Tues. 2.Jun.2015 @ Venue TBD
Ok I'll be brave and attempt to organize this with a 6 weeks old baby Beware the baby will be with me so I may have to leave in a hurry if he decides to start howling!I would feel more comfortable in
225 posts, 12:27 today
A single tear for the Makler
@airwave, sorry I understand what you mean now. Even if a contract is made after 1 June, if you were in contact with the makler before then (ie as you say, engaging their services) you can still be o
154 posts, 11:59 today
Moving to Frankfurt and my situation is unique
1) It seems it's so really hard to get a flat on immobilienscout24. For me, it seems that the demand is way over supply, and that when I start to actively search in June/July, I will have to be quick
1 posts, 11:52 today
Trying to find a Jewelery appraiser/verifier
Hi all -?My fianc? and I recently bought an engagement ring from an antique dealer in Berlin, and we'd like to find somewhere to take it to have the stones verified (i.e. are they real, or did we get
3 posts, 11:41 today
Opening/Taking over Medical Practice
The local Kassen?rztliche Vereinigung and the Landes?rtzekammer regularly host Existenzgr?ndung seminars as well as various events on managing a private practice in which you can participate and also
7 posts, 11:33 today
Best way to pay when travelling to Paris
We all took cash with us and that was easy. But something else needs to be mentioned. My German friend who came along with us forgot to print out the return TGV-DB train ticket (which we had booked o
1 posts, 11:19 today
Recommendations for English guidebooks to Frankfurt
This is a great new e-book and only ?5, if you ever buy a guide to FFM, make sure it is this one, by Alex Watson...!!.. :-), covers all fests and events, well worth the substr('cost,Roberthttp://www.
1 posts, 11:16 today
Bespoke book and box printer recommendations in Berlin
Hey forum.Does anyone have any good tips on a print firm that can do low-volume, high quality printing for boxes and books. ?I've checked a few other threads on printers & not had much luck findi
141 posts, 10:56 today
After Work Queer Beer - everyone is invited.
After Work Queer BeerCasual English Treff for the English-speaking gay crowdbut EVERYONE is welcome!yes, everyone, that means you.Thurs. May 21st, 19hM&V - Lange Reihe 22.Ask for the English tabl
1 posts, 10:04 today
Rockavaria - Friday 29th
Hello All,I have a spare ticket going for Rockavaria on Friday substr('(http://www.rockavaria.de/schedule)This', 0, 24) . '... ' is in Olympia Stadium - MunichHeadline band: MuseI will be driving dow

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