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41 posts, 11:59 today
Kids spend all their free time with computers
Dear Bubli. I was very interested to read your post as I'm also feeling that my daughter, 13, is spending too much time on her iPad. She's not so much into games but watching YouTube young ladies sharing beauty tips though some of the content is about baking and charitable stuff. My first feeling is of guilt that…
31 posts, 09:18 today
Betriebsrat - works council
Hi, I also understood that as a member work council he can have access to my personal data, including salary... although he reports to me... Ha?! :/ One of the jobs of the "Betriebsrat" is lighting a fire under the bosses @rse if ladies are substantially paid less then gents. Guess what, to do that job the…
11 posts, 08:43 today
Job offer received - Salary expectations not met
19 posts, 08:16 today
How to watch certain US TV shows
48 posts, 07:56 today
Receiving a package from Deutsche Post or DHL
11 posts, 05:46 today
Getting an Asperger's/autism diagnosis
Where are you going to live in Germany and do you speak German? Gernan Asperger information The link above leads to a list of addresses. They can point you in the right direction to get a proper diagnosis. If you are in Germany you need health insurance, and the insurance will cover the diagnosis. There are a couple of…
27 posts, 22:16 yesterday
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Arrrghhh it's cold!
My adoptive father died of ALS 47 years ago when I was 12. It is a horrible disease to watch. First it was his feet, making him stumble, so he wore leg braces. Then moved up to his hands, then his breathing, then swallowing, then speech and at the end, all he could do was blink. It moved rapidly, taking just 4 years after…
19 posts, 21:26 yesterday
Strange burning smell in my flat
Posted image Sounds like a faulty and sometimes burning wiring in a junction box (German: "Abzweigdose")... Within that room there is probably something like this (hidden) in the wall: Find it, and check if the smell comes from there. Taping on the wall with a stick and listening for any "hollow" sound is a way…
13 posts, 20:25 yesterday
Making an online bank transfer
Send your bank the following signed letter: *** Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich befinde mich zur Zeit nicht in Deutschland und möchte Sie deshalb bitten, daß Sie folgende Überweisung von meinem Girokonto: IBAN: your account's IBAN, it starts with DE ausführen: ??? Euro auf das Konto: Empfänger: Universität…
46 posts, 19:42 yesterday
Zattoo picture quality - Is it my set up or...?
17 posts, 19:16 yesterday
Salary not paid for a couple of months
Go to the Arbeitsamt, since you haven't received your salary for more than 2 months, they will give you some money immediately to live on. Please see here for a case similar to yours, the lawyer told him exactly that. Going to the Arbeitsamt is anyway what you are obliged to do, within 3 days of the day that you received…
6 posts, 13:37 yesterday
State pension (when teaching freelance + music)
83 posts, 13:32 yesterday
'Scheinselbständigkeit' and German pension system
No, as an Existenzgründer (= start-up self-employed) you have to explicitly apply for not paying into the state pension system. If you apply within 3 months of starting up, then you will be exempted from the compulsory contributions into the German state pension system from the very start (over 400€ a month if you…
7 posts, 13:09 yesterday
Tax class for married employee
56 posts, 12:16 yesterday
Legal insurance declines claim - Do we have a case?
My mother-in-law died on Monday. It came very unexpectedly. Last I saw her was two weeks ago, when I went to pick her up and brought her to my village to visit my husband, who is very ill (another story). She was in fact fitter than him. Then her grandson went on holiday, she went into a care home for the duration, and…
9 posts, 11:56 yesterday
Unflattering photo of myself on Getty Images
33 posts, 11:00 yesterday
Capital Gains on US home - German tax liability
8 posts, 30.Aug.2014
Humax freesat will iplayer work?
9 posts, 30.Aug.2014
Leaseholder property protection rights
Not at all. The Erbbaurecht expiring time-wise leads to a rejoining of legal ownership of both land and building to the benefit of the land owner, with the previous building owner having to be compensated for this loss. The compensation amount and regulations is usually set up in the Erbbaurecht contract, although this…
7 posts, 30.Aug.2014
Hygiene in Kindergarten - Recurring Strep Throat
Whilst hand-washing is the nice thing to do before eating I'm not convinced that the best efforts of small children would result in much more that the displacement of the largest lumps of grime. Isn't one of the sub-texts of kindergarten the sharing of revolting germs and building up of immunity?…
55 posts, 30.Aug.2014
Consumer rights regarding faulty goods
Just to complete the circle here: We got the complete purchase price back yesterday. After I returned the goods the third time and demanded a refund (§440 BGB - thanks again PandaMunich), Redcoon resisted quite a bit, saying that they still didn't accept that there were any technical problems with the…
82 posts, 30.Aug.2014
Germany vs. Yorkshire - Where should we move?
I've lived in germany for five years and Yorkshire (Leeds) for more than twenty years, so for what they're worth here are my thoughts. First (and probably most important) jobs. Yes, there are a lot of IT jobs around the "Golden Triangle" (Leeds, York, Harrogate), but how easy it is to…
38 posts, 30.Aug.2014
Fathers in girls' shower area at swim school
There is a gender neutral behaviour at pools and sports in Germany before puberty sets in, saying that though I would find it odd if it was a prerequisite to be able to shower etc. for the students to take part and parents still assisting. The fathers with little kids (including moi) took their children…
9 posts, 30.Aug.2014
Where to buy a wine shipper box
Posted image I have not tried the "local wine store" because I generally buy wine at supermarkets (the ones which have decent size wine sections), or from wine producers directly (for example when traveling to France). In general the boxes that I have seen for wine transport in Europe are made of carton only…
4 posts, 30.Aug.2014
What exactly is 'Schwarzarbeit'?
11 posts, 30.Aug.2014
Scientist possibly infected with Ebola in Hamburg
Posted image Ebola first emerged in 1976 in Zaire. Ever since the 1995 movie Outbreak people have been speculating about what if Ebola made it's way into a first-world country. So far it hasn't happened of course, but it seems to me like just a matter of time. The Ebola and Marburg viruses are considered Category…
52 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Marrying a German - advice for an American
I'd take not interesting any day over the 'horrible heartless jackasses' I married into. Tomorrow (today technically) is seven years since I arrived in Germany. I would not recommend giving so much of yourself to a relationship as it takes to leave your home and start over somewhere new unless…
29 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Unlocking American iPhones for use in Germany
13 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Temporary move to Germany with spouse (non CS)
Even if you do get a residence permit from Germany (and I have no idea on what grounds you would since he is the one with income and isn't eligible to apply for residency), you almost certainly will not be permitted to homeschool (as you may have heard, it's generally banned here). How long is his…
56 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Where to pay tax on German pension received in UK
73 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Being asked for money from beggars in DE
BullsFanCly, you seem to be trying to turn the thread into a comparison of the number of beggars in Germany vs. the number in other places, such as the USA (and also comparing your experiences living in the USA with those as a tourist in Germany...where you get different impressions). That's not what…
7 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Rental agreement early termination
26 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Online auto parts stores in Gemany
77 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Cancelling a Vodafone mobile phone contract
10 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Bank transfer from Germany to UK
40 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Rules of the road for cyclists - What are they?
Posted image That's the way it is, Waugh. At an uncontrolled intersection - that is, one without stop/yield signs or traffic signals - it's always right before left. If you don't see this sign at an intersection without a stop sign or traffic signal, you have to yield the right of way to traffic approaching…
5 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Contracting through UK-based company in Germany
27 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Getting a passport for a German child
Think about this- you're her mother and you're going to enter on a US passport. At the very latest, I'd assume that it sends up an immediate red flag when you try to clear immigration in the US- do you have any particular desire to be held up for hours while jet-lagged, or perhaps having her…
7 posts, 29.Aug.2014
Deutsche Bahn ticket mistake and fine
90 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Paperwork after a marriage (U.S./German couple)
Well... maybe... juuust maybe I have a few hours to kill before the 'FLITTERWOCHEN' but hey, I think it is my life right?? haha you guys are funny... I am one of those practical efficient people. I like to know what the next step is even if it comes before the honeymoon. Because of work, our honeymoon…
15 posts, 28.Aug.2014
1und1 trying to force people to VDSL
12 posts, 28.Aug.2014
From employment to freelancing/self-employment
12 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Suing an ex-employer after being replaced
15 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Transcription of Umlauts in Last Name
76 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Nice person of the day award - Enough about bastards
Posted image I nominate the "Chief Cat Herder" from an email I received. Found this poor guy starving on the side of the road riding home tonight. Couldn't leave him, so I have to drop him at the shelter in the morning on the way in. Found in Dublin, so he's a suburban cat. Clearly not afraid of…
93 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Bad customer service at 1&1 Internet AG
69 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Buying a house in Germany
cheers guys, thanks for the tips. Will certainly consider them when the time comes. Just got back from a very informative meeting with a rep from Interhyp and thought I'd provide answer some of my own questions: KfW loan can be 10, 20 or 30 years and can be paid off in full at any time without penalty.…
39 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Dropbox watch out, change is a comin' MEGA is here
21 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Personal data for Techniker Krankenkasse
Is this the "rant about Techniker Krankenkasse" thread? If so I'll post this here as a general warning, rather than start a new thread or post in the Vent. TKK is supposed to be one of the best KKs, and in most cases it probably is. But once you start to get old, with all the accompanying risks…
21 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Washing machine broken after two years
As far as I know there are two main reasons why the bearings will wear, the first one is too much water when starting to spin, this can be because the water does not flow out properly which can be caused by a dirty filter (you never mentioned if you are cleaning the filter regularly). And the second one because…
43 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Moving in with a friend, landlord increases rent
This is definitely a question for professionals. My take: If both names were on the lease and one person moves out with both the landlord's and the other tenant's permission the lease should remain unchanged with only the remaining tenant as the sole partner to the lease. This does not justify a…
15 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Watching local German channels in Frankfurt
Posted image You will need one of these... But if that does not work than your connection isn't live. In that case you'll need to contact your local cable provider to get set up or get a dvbt box. If it's a newer tv it might have the receiver for dvbt in it. You will then get regional/German TV. Edit: the…
28 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Best Place for White Christmas in Europe
There once was a czar in Russia whose name was Rudolph the Great. He was standing in his house one day with his wife. He looked out the window and saw something happening. He says to his wife,"Look honey. Its raining." She, being the obstinate type, responded,"I don't think so, dear. I…
35 posts, 28.Aug.2014
Getting a different license plate or...
Hi Surviving Germany It varies marginally in one or two states but, when you change address, you're supposed to re-register yourself and your vehicle/s within x (~7) days, not weeks. It's not a hanging offense but you might get an administrative fine if you leave it too long. [size="2"]I...…
25 posts, 27.Aug.2014
Monkey Selfie Picture - Copyright infringement?
Why not go back and ask the Monkey to sign a disclaimer absolving all rights, and at the same time, charge his ass a minimum 50 cents per photo. I'm telling you, Monkeys are really getting a little out of hand with their publicity stands. Especially since that moon/spaceship thing they keep talking about.…
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