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4 posts, 12:20 today
How to efficiently utilize my legal insurance?
4 posts, 12:20 today
Renting Property in Germany & Paying Tax
91 posts, 12:16 today
Personalausweislosigkeit in the USA
There seems to be some confusion about the way in which governments come into power (democracy) and the way they monitor a citizen's activity (surveillance). I see you have an Anglo background - the UK does not have a citizen registration system but it is one of the most surveillance-intensive countries in the wor…
5 posts, 11:30 today
Kündigung in pregnancy. complicated
13 posts, 10:01 today
Going from befristet to unbefristet contract
11 posts, 10:00 today
Sold a defect product by local retailer
Hi jinping As has been pointed out, it is very unlikely that any branch of the media would have interest in an everyday “08/15” story of customer dissatisfaction unless it included one or more specific facts which made it news-worthy. Since it appears you are not willing to describe the issue in a way which might…
38 posts, 09:59 today
German behavior on trains - Positive and negative
14 posts, 09:55 today
House inspection before buying
35 posts, 09:43 today
TV set recommendations
12 posts, 07:17 today
Taxes: guide to filling out Anlage AUS?
@zeekatze Your freelance editing services is categorized as self-employment income or income as a sole proprietor. Your receipts and allowable business deductions will go on Schedule C (or Schedule C-EZ) of your US Form 1040. Since you performed your services while physically present in Germany, this income is regarded…
8 posts, 01:20 today
Rupaul's Drag Race TV Show
12 posts, 23:50 yesterday
Change of tax class online - How to do it
That is because there is no online way to change your tax class. So you will have to go there in person. But don't despair, it is quite easy. The Servicezentrum is a new glass cube building at Deroystr. 6 which is the central place where the Finanazamt deals with its clients, see here for the GoogleStreet View of…
7 posts, 23:02 yesterday
Renting a car in Germany, drop off in Croatia
13 posts, 22:49 yesterday
Physiotherapist vs Osteopath
The reason why cranio-sacral therapy is being "discussed controversially" is because it is absolute bollocks and is not based on fact. It "works" on the theory that the skull bones can be manipulated to relieve pain (especially of the jaw joint) and remedy many other ailments. Its practitioners also…
7 posts, 22:40 yesterday
Where to watch England play Italy tonight?
4 posts, 21:18 yesterday
Taxes on income from house sale with Anmeldung
9 posts, 19:23 yesterday
Visa for China - Is a return ticket mandatory?
24 posts, 18:21 yesterday
Australian postdoc w/ BSc Hons, recognition here
Ditto this. My high school teaching qualifications were recognised here (when my Master's wasn't) but there was a tremendous holdup because in submitting my CV, I hadn't included my primary school, nor the results I got in high school. I thought the tertiary awards would be enough, but they wanted to see…
5 posts, 16:03 yesterday
Better paying deposit accounts outside Germany
27 posts, 15:29 yesterday
Excuse me, you dropped your scarf
Just wanted to say, Jeba, with your example you have outed yourself as German! This is exactly what my husband used to teach me; the thing is, though, it means nothing to us furriners, as we don't know instinctively (like Germans do) when to use wen und wem. Only native German speakers would know that! We have…
4 posts, 14:30 yesterday
Deutsche Telekom Magenta Hybrid experiences?
23 posts, 14:18 yesterday
Non-financial pros and cons of owning an apartment
4 posts, 11:59 yesterday
Is it worth paying UK voluntary contributions?
13 posts, 11:11 yesterday
How to report a private kindergarten
According to the Bavarian State Ministry for Work, Social, Family and Integration's webpage Kinderbildung und -betreuung Sachlich zuständig und damit Ansprechpartner für alle Fragen der Kinderbetreuung sind die Kreisverwaltungsbehörde... und damit in der Regel die örtlich zuständigen Ämter für Jugend und…
29 posts, 11:00 yesterday
Using an iPhone as an in-vehicle GPS system
43 posts, 10:59 yesterday
Becoming a victim of credit card fraud
@ jeba Have you ever seen a gym locker that was too small for you to put just your wallet, to say nothing of your credit card/s, in? If you're suggesting you could submit a claim based on the premise that your credit card could not have been temporarily secured because 'my bag was too big for the gym's…
67 posts, 30.Mar.2015
British rental property income taxation rules
Posted image While what these Steuerberater say is correct for rental income from non-EU properties, for EU properties I think I am correct. Taken from post no. 96 in Filing a tax return, which, btw, I already linked to above... Ok, the chain of reasoning would be: EU rental income won't be taxed in Germany because of the double…
12 posts, 30.Mar.2015
What to do when office closes? Losing my job
15 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Registration to GEZ - When will they contact me?
20 posts, 30.Mar.2015
"Best" National Parks in Germany?
27 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Making a last will and testament
6 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Returning to Germany with unresolved bills
5 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Can you claim tax back on mobile phone bills?
9 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Sparkasse can't change card PIN?
35 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Questions about English grammar
Hypotenate: Verb: To go directly from one point to another without any intervening steps. This can a physical location, intuitive leap, emotional response. Asking your girlfriend to marry you without asking her fathers permission is an example. Hypotenation: Adjective. It is already there.…
24 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Saying no: in words or in silence (negation)
except that I think Beuel is German, but nevertheless I agree with Nina based on my experiences here so far. The problem I have found with offering excuses in any culture is that it legitimizes the question in the first place...like "I WOULD say yes if only..." and this leaves the topic…
13 posts, 30.Mar.2015
VAT charging self-employed, new rule from 2013
Posted image On this page you see your details again and can go back if you want to change something: After you click on "Absenden", you will get a confirmation window telling that they have sent you an e-mail in which you will find a confirmation link which you have to click. Here's the…
5 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Travel allowance and teaching income
30 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Radioactive iodine therapy OR thyroid surgery
7 posts, 30.Mar.2015
As ex-US military, will I have a Schufa entry?
29 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Problems ordering a credit card (Hypovereinsbank)
7 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Deleting Temporary Files on my Computer
In most cases it's safe to delete temp files although if you're unsure about what you're doing you might choose to restrict your deletion activity to files which are older than 90 days. If you can't see files in a Windows folder try this: Go to Tools at the top of any Windows…
14 posts, 30.Mar.2015
Formula One 2015 - Ferrari is back!
21 posts, 30.Mar.2015
US Military Reserve Retiree SOFA
I am a retiree, married to a german living here in germany. you will not fall under any SOFA. AAFES and the commisary can not sell to you unless you have a tax card from the customs office on post and which is then signed by the zoll, or a german tax office. the only way to get that is to have…
36 posts, 30.Mar.2015
How to get a court payment order (Mahnbescheid)
Posted image Somebody owes you money and you want to do something about it that's a bit lower-key than filing a legal suit? --> Get a Mahnbescheid (payment order) issued against that person/company by going through the Mahnverfahren (= court collection proceedings). The Mahnbescheid is just as enforceable…
6 posts, 29.Mar.2015
Is it possible to take holidays between Elternzeit
16 posts, 29.Mar.2015
Insolvenzgeld - when your employer goes bust
Hi Julio89 Das In­sol­venz­geld deckt al­le Lohn­for­de­run­gen des Ar­beit­neh­mers ab, die im In­sol­venz­geld­zei... ver­dient wor­den sind, d.h. das Grund­ge­halt eben­so wie mögli­cher­wei­se zu zah­len­de va­ria­ble Vergütungs­be­stand­... wie Pro­vi­sio­nen…
4 posts, 29.Mar.2015
Kinderfreibetrag and Kindergeld
4 posts, 29.Mar.2015
Where to get a printout of deposits only
48 posts, 29.Mar.2015
Tricks and traps from Deutsche Telekom
19 posts, 29.Mar.2015
Late invoice payment fee
I'm pretty annoyed by this because there was absolutely no indication by FedEx that I owed anything in customs for this delivery, otherwise I would've just paid it, and the letter says "in spite of reminders" of which there were exactly zero. I've looked at all the papers…
23 posts, 29.Mar.2015
Church tax when unemployed without benefits
12 posts, 29.Mar.2015
How safe are Airbus aircraft?
17 posts, 29.Mar.2015
Translation Needed of a message
17 posts, 29.Mar.2015
Letter to Finanzamt, translation
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich habe ein kleines Problem. Ich habe mehrfach vergeblich versucht, das portugiesische Finanzamt dazu zu bewegen, das Formular "Bescheinigung EU/EWR" abzustempeln, mit dem meine in Portugal lebende Ehefrau nachweisen kann, daß sie kein Einkommen in…
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