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9 posts, 17:38 today
BBC kills get_iplayer service - O'dear me
14 posts, 17:36 today
Problems opening a blocked account (student)
82 posts, 17:28 today
Bilingual children and learning to speak
My brother was taken for assessment at 3 having never spoken a word. He was assessed as being totally and profoundly deaf, and the specialist, speaking to my obviously distressed mother, with my brother behind him, said, "poor chap, I'll give him a sweet", at which my brother stuck his hand out, having clearly…
8 posts, 17:21 today
Children's adjustment to German school
Dear Congobelle, I can give my thoughts on this from my personal experience. I moved to Germany (Stuttgart area) with my three children from England 18 months ago. My children were 9,8 and 6 at the time. We did not speak any German when we arrived. We did some basics in the weeks leading up to moving but it was a last…
53 posts, 17:15 today
Paying for meals on a Condor flight
You can fly to the other side of the planet for 600 EUR but people still complain because they do not get gourmet food and drinks in the plane. You can fly 1000 km (i.e. Berlin-Paris) for 40 EUR and people complain because they do not get free food and drinks. When I fly Paris I pay more for the taxi ride to the airport…
30 posts, 17:14 today
Healthcare payment errors now referred to zollamt
That's a good one. You know you owe them and you have to pay them what you owe. You have the money but you go and spend it on something else. In any case, when you owe somebody money and you can't pay, the first step would be to contact whoever is trying to collect from you at the moment and tell them that you…
9 posts, 16:41 today
Health testing for Niederlassungserlaubnis
78 posts, 16:27 today
Frenchman in Germany not feeling comfortable.
You could try dropping the "dreadful language" attitude. Mind reading is a skill best left to professional entertainers. You're not the first person to come to Germany without being able to understand or speak any of the language. Some people never force themselves to learn and therefore have a terrible…
8 posts, 16:01 today
Tax payments - Nachzahlung & Vorauszahlung
The debit will also work for the Nachzahlung, you just have to submit the SEPA-Lastschriftmandat quickly enough (tick "Das Lastschriftmandat gilt für alle unter der o. a. Steuernummer zu entrichtenden Beträge" at the bottom of the form). But an Überweisung with the reference that you mention will also work…
33 posts, 13:27 today
Letting people cut in line at the grocery store
It's one of the nicest qualities of Germans, that they (If they have a full trolley) will look at you, see that you only have three items, and tell you to go before them. I have very seldom asked to be let in, but I have -- if they do have a full trolley and i only a couple of things. By the time they have finished…
7 posts, 12:51 today
Finanzamt wants past proof of no income
5 posts, 12:30 today
Etf taxation in a German bank - Etf in Germany
84 posts, 10:37 today
Rampaging U.S. soldier shot by German cops
So a drunk, possibly deranged and trained Soldier runs amok in an Hospital injuring one Patient and cornering two Police Officers who repeatedly tell him to stop in German and English. Finally he is about 2 Meters away from them raising a fire extinguisher over his head with the clear intend to bash at least one Officers…
4 posts, 10:13 today
Iron supplementary tablets for little baby
20 posts, 07:21 today
Stove top / oven burner cleaning products
4 posts, 06:53 today
Can the IRS garnish wages in Germany?
15 posts, 04:23 today
Advice needed on selling my car
Never, never never sell a car without first de-registering it! You could be held liable should the buyer be involved in an accident. Kfz-Steuer: Wichtig Abmeldung des Kfz immer vor Verkauf Horrible Google Translation http://www.toytowngerman... http://www.toytowngerman...…
15 posts, 00:37 today
Can I use my US T-Mobile cellphone in Germany?
45 posts, 21:36 yesterday
Seeking info on Rechtsschutzversicherung
There are 4 major basic elements of Rechtsschutzversicherung... Contractual disputes Labo(u)r disputes (e.g. with your employer) Motoring related disputes Accommodation (home rental or ownership) disputesMost policies allow you to combine any or all of these elements to suit your circumstances…
10 posts, 20:19 yesterday
Tips to maximise the family tax split
7 posts, 18:11 yesterday
Punishment for physical assualt
You're not sure?? One thing is to ask how is the best way to proceed, i.e. do you have witnesses, the medical report, whether your sister should get legal help (she should!), etc. But OF COURSE she needs to report it. Police in Germany does not take violence against women kindly.…
86 posts, 14:52 yesterday
Marrying a German - advice for an American
I'd take not interesting any day over the 'horrible heartless jackasses' I married into. Tomorrow (today technically) is seven years since I arrived in Germany. I would not recommend giving so much of yourself to a relationship as it takes to leave your home and start over…
22 posts, 14:29 yesterday
Tax claim on office commuting
Let's first calculate how much you are allowed to claim for the Pendlerpauschale: 80km x 0.30€/km x about 200 working days a year = 4.800€ However, unless your train ticket was more than 4,500€, your expenses for commuting are capped at 4,500€. ***... Income tax without…
43 posts, 13:51 yesterday
Have you taken a loan in Germany since 2011?
http://www.sueddeutsche... Brand-new high-court decision in Germany coming up - could be relevant for anyone who took out a personal loan since 2011 (as older loan-contracts have already fallen under laps of time rule, which is three years counted from the end of the calendar year): The…
6 posts, 13:49 yesterday
Late pregnancy, delay in insurance coverage
Is this really a German company/employer? has HR ever dealt with Expat employees before? Because it does not sound like that. In order to make sure that the info you receive is entirely accurate, please see my comments/further info below. If need be I'd be more than happy to communicate…
16 posts, 13:31 yesterday
Getting a verified copy of a document
13 posts, 12:18 yesterday
No more work hours given without kündigung
Update: Talked to the employer, he said he had no idea what was going on and he told me to talk to the asshole manager in question. So I told him that this manager told me that he himself had no idea and this employer is in charge of all the decisions, so no point to talk to the person…
57 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Where to buy Legal-sized paper in Germany
Posted image greetings aus Brussels! staying at best western hotel which I was lucky to find, arriving here without booking or anything like back in the old hippie days! though I would never have stayed in a HOTEL back then! update when I get home. very little juice on my ipad.…
19 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Increasing rent when staying as a guest
saimun89, people living in a WG are changed a fixed amount for all expenses: water, electricity, heating, etc... if the WG had 5 people, usually people had to pay one fifth each of the previous year expenses. If suddently the people are not 5 but 5,5, 6 or 7 the costs will increase…
11 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Insurance backpayments after returning to Berlin
27 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Differences between 'Vollkasko' and 'Teilkasko'
17 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Best thing to come out of Germany since the War
17 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Noise problems - withhold rent, early termination
31 posts, 29.Oct.2014
'First bid' right when wanting to buy a property
30 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Hauptmieter/Landlord demanding payment in cash
Finally its gone to court, and they have a made a decision about it. He was unable to prove that the damaged occured from me, so that 250 euros from the 500 euros kaution that he hasnt refunded has to be returned(250 was paid back previously). With the 170 euros being the nebenkosten…
15 posts, 29.Oct.2014
International bank transfer - Charges and fees
17 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Making a last will and testament
74 posts, 29.Oct.2014
US citizen opening a German business account
I cannot fathom why the Americans here complain about being discriminated. You have to provide certain information to the banks because the banks have been mandated by your country, and it is the perks of having the coveted passport I guess. Discrimination is only when certain race…
11 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Nut allergy and the consequences
way to make sure nobody ever feels like baking a cake for their kid to share at kita ever again. Not only would you have to list all the ingredients you use, but all the ingredients in your ingredients. Yeah right. Smarter would be to pass out a list of the kids' allergies to…
29 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Public holiday for All Saints Day (Allerheiligen)
21 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Advice needed for Elternzeit dispute
You boss has a very big problem you have none. Your position with the company was put on ice during the Elternzeit it was not and cannot be terminated because your boss does not want to have you back. The problem is, the law states that the company must offer you a postion like the…
11 posts, 29.Oct.2014
Children of families of dual nationality
I'm similar to Jeremy, I brought up 3 kids here with no family around. My husband left about 6/7 years ago, so the last years were alone, but my children are in their twenties now and I couldn't be more proud of them. Despite having problems with schools and such, they've…
84 posts, 28.Oct.2014
Family cars suitable for three kids
Posted image We had a VW Multivan. Which is a 7 seater with fold up table in the middle. Totally excellent to drive with it's high driver position. As well as tons of space and flexibility. You can even take the kids and their friends for a great day out! My brother had the Renault Megane…
15 posts, 28.Oct.2014
Hygiene in Kindergarten - Recurring Strep Throat
I had 3 children go through kindergarten here and at one stage, we seemed to have strep throat in the house almost all the time. Not all 3 children were susceptible to it, the youngest one got it the most, but we went through it and when kindergarten time was over, it was done and…
37 posts, 28.Oct.2014
Scheiße geparkt sticker! Car stickers
Posted image We had similar stickers in Greece : Text says: "I am an A*s and I park where I want to." You could order online a pack of 50 for 4 euro. I used them a lot. The problem with a**hole parking there was about 1000X bigger as here, so I can't complaint. Yet I still find…
95 posts, 28.Oct.2014
Netflix Germany to launch in September 2014
Not being able to access German Prime with smartdns is a PITA for me as I have to have smartdns setup on my router to get chromecast working. Overplay support just suggested I turn off smartdns. Anyhow, I started watching Netflix today set to Germany, officially installed on my Samsung…
22 posts, 28.Oct.2014
Running a sideline business while an employee
7 posts, 28.Oct.2014
New LNB for satellite - How to do
23 posts, 28.Oct.2014
Starting an Online Travel Agency
to facilitate online bookings for hotelsThis is the bit that scares me. If you are taking bookings for small hotels with no online presence then this implies that your new website will be taking the end-user payments??? THAT is a huge drama if in the plan. Reason being that travel…
35 posts, 27.Oct.2014
Do I have to pay Provision on a flat rental?
While it would be unusual not to sign an agreement with a Makler prior to being introduced to the property or negotiating the rental contract it's not an absolute necessity. If it was clear in any advertisement you responded to that an agents commission would apply, then that would…
29 posts, 27.Oct.2014
How to know if you've got food poisoning?
yeah that's not completely true. I had food poisoning from improperly handled rice for lunch (check out bacillus cereus) - I was vomiting suddenly and violently within 2-3 hours of eating, but I was feeling fine by midnight the same day. Extremely mild case of diarrhea the next…
4 posts, 27.Oct.2014
Elternzeit for one month in the year
81 posts, 27.Oct.2014
When a spouse doesn't want sex for many years
64 posts, 27.Oct.2014
Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors
Actually, I've been all over Germany (except for the deep south) and I thought this was just a normal way of German life. That's not to say that there aren't some Germans that will do this, but overall, it seems like holding the door for someone else is more the exception…
6 posts, 27.Oct.2014
Bank card not issued after five weeks
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