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4 posts, 05:20 today
Test driving a motorcycle (or car)
26 posts, 03:14 today
A sticky situation regarding relationship
Start by saying you are going to have a small wedding, say you really want her to be there, and send the invite in her name only. If she asks if she can bring the dunderhead, again say you really only want to have close friends, etc...if pressed you can say he is not really your favorite person and woudl rather not have…
21 posts, 03:03 today
Best Online German Course
93 posts, 01:28 today
Can't sleep thread - Why not? What are you doing?
Sure, come on over! I've decided to be healthy and made it with a "Dynamo Plus Calcium" 5 fruit juice blend. I'm sure my doctor would be thrilled. OK, so I'm also perusing CNN and I see that somebody didn't cash in their 77 million lottery ticket. Holy crap! They must be dead. I've…
40 posts, 01:20 today
Booking problem with Ab-in-den-urlaub.de
Unfortunately, you DID finish the process. This is what the website shows you when you enter all the information. If you click on the "Buchungs- u. Stornierungsbedingungen&... link it tells you how much it will cost you to cancel. Just because the payment fails doesn't mean your booking didn't go through.…
55 posts, 23:56 yesterday
Cancelling a Vodafone contract upon leaving
23 posts, 23:20 yesterday
How to catch mice and other rodents
Well, thank you all for your suggestions and tips. We have caught 15 up to yesterday morning, and I have indeed started to take them on lengthy field trips for release. Nothing in the last 36 hours, so maybe that is that. I was spreading tiny slices of apple with peanut butter, which was pretty tasty for all of us and…
25 posts, 21:34 yesterday
What to do with unused medication
5 posts, 21:23 yesterday
Wash sales in German tax law
48 posts, 20:46 yesterday
E104 Card - Advice needed
Those two months are the problem. TK can only envision 2 standard alternatives (and that's what their forms reflect): you personally either have public health insurance -> kids can be family insured either with you or your husband, or if you do not, that means you must have private insurance and if you earn…
28 posts, 19:29 yesterday
Asians wearing surgical masks - Are they sick?
I'm wearing a scarf right now cos everyone at my job is sick so I have to combat the germs possibly hatching in my throat by wearing this antiviral scarf. If I don't get sick, the scarf worked. If I get sick, but not super sick, the scarf still worked. If I get super sick but don't die, who knows what could…
17 posts, 18:18 yesterday
Pregnancy with public insurance
27 posts, 17:52 yesterday
Minimum apartment size for family
It's not exactly a law; it's an accompanying regulation to be considered under laws regarding residency (Aufenthaltsgesetz), applicable to non-EU citizens.Ausreichender Wohnraum ist eine der Voraussetzungen für die Erteilung einer Niederlassungserlaubnis,... Aufenthaltserlaubnis für qualifizierte Geduldete zum…
4 posts, 17:39 yesterday
Filing my Korean taxes in Germany
60 posts, 16:29 yesterday
Buying a new personal computer (PC)
You will get... A 2 core AMD processor: AMD has fallen behind Intel and 4 core is standard in PCs - not just for extreme performance & gaming. These days software is written to make the most of multiple cores and a PC has many processes behind the scenes - all wanting time on a CPU core. An MSI A78M-E35 motherboard…
57 posts, 14:09 yesterday
German satellite TV receivers
27 posts, 13:16 yesterday
Cancelling telekom contract
I can confirm this, having just done it for my boss five weeks ago. PM me and I will give you the contact details for the guy I dealt with - friendly, competent, effective. Both of us. Under Section 46 of the Telekommunikationsgesetz... you are obligated to pay up to three months' worth of fees but depending on your…
43 posts, 11:54 yesterday
Using a German cell phone within the U.S.
1319 posts, 10:55 yesterday
New TV license fee, €17.98 a month from 01/2013
Posted image That it just says "Zahlung" made me a bit suspicious**. Just out of curiosity, was the bill addressed to you or your husband, or to something like "Alle Haushälte im Beitragsgebiet"? This for example is a known scam attempt: http://www.computerbetru... **Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe…
16 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Using an image from Google image search
@MadAxeMurderer, Google Images is only a search engine showing pics from around the web; it makes no claim to be copyright-free. In fact, it claims always that "images may be subject to copyright." That being said, stills from movies used for academic/critical purposes are generally considered "fair use"…
22 posts, 25.Feb.2015
How to politely avoid matchmaking in Germany
Well, I can understand the original poster. Years ago, I was talking to one student and I mentioned "a friend of mine says this" and "another friend of mine did that" etc. And the male student looked at me horrified and asked how many boyfriends I had at the same time. I had to explain that 'friend'…
39 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Patrick Ott at 'C R & Cie.' insurance and finance
Patrick Ott at Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie. Ltd. offers a free advisory and quotations service on all kinds of insurance and financial planning for English-speaking clients in Germany. Click to make a free enquiry. The following services are included: Health, renter's, home owner's, legal, car, disability,…
31 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Threatening landlord for deposit
I can't see the police getting involved. Their job is to prevent crime, and execute arrest warrants. Your ex landlord has to be prosecuted for fraud/embezzlement if appropriate. That's a prosecutor's job, not the police. The advice in this situation is always the same: Mieterschutzverein…
6 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Hartz IV application processing times
36 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Exchanging Indian driving license for German
15 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Travel to UK, have German Aufenthaltstitel
17 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Changing electricity provider
29 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Generali Vision can't charge when cancelling early
Posted image The GENERALI VISION plans is the most beloved cash cow for those usual culprits among the IFAs which target Expats in Germany, especially the CTMNBN. Why: it pays a princly or even royal commission to the "advisor" and the commission is risk free for the advisor. Because the terms and conditons…
7 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Rupaul's Drag Race TV Show
33 posts, 25.Feb.2015
Poor quality kitchen arrived, what are my rights?
Thank you to those who have taken time to provide advice. I appreciate your time. @Sir Percy B - it's the quality of materials, all the materials are very poor quality - the doors are extremely bad quality, the workings - like the pull out drawers etc are also low quality. Everything is very flimsy,…
13 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Vertragsgeheimnis - sanctity of contract
My middle-aged sister was on a jury whose case involved a handsome young hit-and-run intoxicated driver. She and another woman, also a jury member, found themselves in an elevator with the defendant and his lawyer, who said to him, "Don't worry - the older women on the jury will never find you…
11 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Probezeit ending mid-month - Was not hired on 1st
18 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Risk of conditions changing on fixed rate mortgage
24 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Where to earn good interest on your money
6 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Mobile phone insurance - Any advice?
10 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Notice periods on a sublet rented room
21 posts, 24.Feb.2015
Question on name change after marriage in 2011
A couple of days ago I legally changed my last name to my husband's, only "Die Namensänderung von Ehegatten" was done at the Standesamt and not the Ausländerbehoerde (Landratsamt). In my city, it costs 50 Euro and is done there and then provided one has all the required documentation with…
26 posts, 23.Feb.2015
DHL package delivery times from Germany to U.S.
29 posts, 23.Feb.2015
Radioactive iodine therapy OR thyroid surgery
5 posts, 23.Feb.2015
Pregnant spouse with foreign income insurance
37 posts, 23.Feb.2015
Employees rights to increased sick days
Yep. Hire a Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht, because using a overtime account in this way (running it negative when there's no work) is illegal in Arbeitnehmerüberlassung... Your contract states a default time to work per week for your salary and it's not your problem if your employer doesn't…
25 posts, 23.Feb.2015
Tricked into signing a magazine subscription
Posted image Backstory first: Earlier this January, I was stopped by couple of guys outside Kaufland trying to give me some coupons. I tried to play 'Sorry, my German is bad' card to get away from them but one of them started to speak fluent English and said that they are giving out discount coupons for Kaufland.…
9 posts, 23.Feb.2015
Seeking information on Helen Doron
25 posts, 23.Feb.2015
Holding back on payment of apartment rent
The deposit is not to cover missed rent payments, it is to cover the cost of any damage done to the property, by the tenants. (outside of normal wear) I've also seen deposits held until the year's Nebenkosten are settled, just in case you've overrun the budgeted amount...although I'm not…
31 posts, 23.Feb.2015
Procedure for getting a civil partnership
I am absolutely not denying that this is extremely valuable for same-sex couples who have been denied recognition, but you must agree that it is bloody unfair that in many places this is the highest level of recognition you can get, while opposite-sex couples who, by doing nothing more than the being attracted…
22 posts, 23.Feb.2015
Tax refund the basics when arriving from abroad
Since you are an employee with a non-earning wife, you don't have to do a tax return. However, since you did have moving costs (and even if you did not have a lot you can still claim the flat rate allowance Umzugspauschale), it would make sense to join a Lohnsteuerhilfeverein and to let them do a…
24 posts, 23.Feb.2015
Unstoppable nuisance calls
next time, use a version of this dialogue (feel fee to improvise): <sound of phone ringing, neilD answers> neilD: Hello? Mr X: Hello. This is Mr X of Blah Blah market research. Am I speaking to neilD? neilD: That's me - hey Mr X, you sound *hawt*, do you mind if I pleasure myself while we…
9 posts, 23.Feb.2015
Automatic Contract Renewals in Germany
Magazine subscriptions. They must be cancelled, I believe, 3 months before the end of the subscription, otherwise they will be renewed for a further year. Better to not take one out at all in my opinion, just buy them from the shop. Gym club membership, again three months before the end of the contract. When…
12 posts, 23.Feb.2015
87th Annual Academy Awards 2015
13 posts, 22.Feb.2015
Hitchhiking in Germany
6 posts, 22.Feb.2015
Received reminder two days after the bill
It's probably just sloppiness. As far as I know, there is no legal period between bill and Mahnung. A Mahnung is not even necessary. A customer is in arrears if he doesn't pay within the period stated in the bill or after 30 days at the latest (§286 BGB). They should tell you about this in the…
5 posts, 22.Feb.2015
Tenancy allegedly not over after moving out
33 posts, 22.Feb.2015
FIA Formula E, 2014-2015 inaugural season
8 posts, 22.Feb.2015
Refinancing your German Mortgage
37 posts, 21.Feb.2015
Attending a US virtual school
I would suggest that your husbands company should pay for them to go to private international school while here. That is usually the case with secondments of a shorter duration, to allow the children to learn in an english speaking environment as they would in their home country.…
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