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20 posts, 06:24 today
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Arrrghhh it's cold!
My adoptive father died of ALS 47 years ago when I was 12. It is a horrible disease to watch. First it was his feet, making him stumble, so he wore leg braces. Then moved up to his hands, then his breathing, then swallowing, then speech and at the end, all he could do was blink. It moved rapidly, taking just 4 years after…
5 posts, 05:10 today
Temporary move to Germany with spouse (non CS)
Even if you do get a residence permit from Germany (and I have no idea on what grounds you would since he is the one with income and isn't eligible to apply for residency), you almost certainly will not be permitted to homeschool (as you may have heard, it's generally banned here). How long is his TDY?…
35 posts, 04:24 today
Getting a different license plate or...
Dizz: "While I was still in the UK there were several debates about the introduction of a national ID card but such fascist ideas were usually very quickly squashed and quite rightly." The German Federal Republic has a compulsory Ausweis system and a compulsory system of residence registration (Meldpeflicht)…
44 posts, 00:57 today
Fasting and detox diets - Strategies and experiences
38 posts, 23:49 yesterday
Being asked for money from beggars in DE
Berlin - most likely points where someone can be "hit" seem, in my experience anyway, to be around major tourist sights. Checkpoint Charlie is particularly bad in this respect. Reference has been made in previous posts to the "you spik Eengleesh?" ladies - I either ignore them and keep walking,…
20 posts, 22:42 yesterday
Online auto parts stores in Gemany
6 posts, 22:36 yesterday
Getting an Asperger's/autism diagnosis
91 posts, 22:20 yesterday
Bad customer service at 1&1 Internet AG
25 posts, 22:06 yesterday
Monkey Selfie Picture - Copyright infringement?
Why not go back and ask the Monkey to sign a disclaimer absolving all rights, and at the same time, charge his ass a minimum 50 cents per photo. I'm telling you, Monkeys are really getting a little out of hand with their publicity stands. Especially since that moon/spaceship thing they keep talking about.…
5 posts, 22:04 yesterday
Unpaid bill hospital - Hospital bill
13 posts, 22:01 yesterday
Can't find an iPhone app
40 posts, 21:03 yesterday
Lasagne recipes - Meat, fish, and veggie
Posted image I would like to share my lasagna recipe if it is okay. My mother law taught me how to make it and I added my own twist to it. Ingredients: mushroom orange and red bell peppers onion 1 container sahne (liquid whip cream) (I think they only sell them in the small containers..I could be wrong) water cheese lasagna…
31 posts, 20:48 yesterday
Where to buy baking soda in Germany
I'm not sure where you got this idea, because there are no "ingredients" in baking soda. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3. The chemical formula is the same everywhere in the world, and what's in the box should be too. There are a number of reasons that cookies would not rise properly,…
8 posts, 20:02 yesterday
From employment to freelancing/self-employment
7 posts, 19:17 yesterday
Bank transfer from Germany to UK
68 posts, 19:02 yesterday
Germany vs. Yorkshire - Where should we move?
I've lived in germany for five years and Yorkshire (Leeds) for more than twenty years, so for what they're worth here are my thoughts. First (and probably most important) jobs. Yes, there are a lot of IT jobs around the "Golden Triangle" (Leeds, York, Harrogate), but how easy it is to find work…
4 posts, 17:43 yesterday
Police letter after driving away from accident
7 posts, 17:21 yesterday
Haftpflichtversicherung for short term stay
12 posts, 17:07 yesterday
Switching radiators off properly
Don't mess around with anything except the big white knob, which should be turned to 0 or the * symbol. That'll shut off the inlet valve. The one on the side, if opened, will lead to copious amounts of system water pouring out! The 2 lower ones look like lock shield valves that you could isolate the…
28 posts, 16:29 yesterday
Two work stations with one computer
10 posts, 15:51 yesterday
Transcription of Umlauts in Last Name
10 posts, 15:08 yesterday
Payment dispute with DB Call a Bike
Update on this topic for those who were interested. After many conversations with DB as the issue was escalated through their customer service process, they actually treated me very well and let me off with a €20 fine. - for improper return of the bikes + 1 days rental. Waived the outstanding rental altogether.…
16 posts, 14:19 yesterday
Temporary credit card
6 posts, 14:18 yesterday
Misdiagnosis of injuries - Legal comeback?
51 posts, 14:10 yesterday
Darwin Awards - Contenders for 2011-2014
Posted image Here is Capuchino in action. Television clips showed Capuchino flipping a man dressed in white trousers and a green shirt into the air and then goring him, as he lay curled on the ground. Fellow runners tried to distract Capuchino by pulling on his tail and hitting his testicles with sticks. Nice work Capuchino,…
40 posts, 14:02 yesterday
Zattoo picture quality - Is it my set up or...?
26 posts, 10:46 yesterday
Best Place for White Christmas in Europe
There once was a czar in Russia whose name was Rudolph the Great. He was standing in his house one day with his wife. He looked out the window and saw something happening. He says to his wife,"Look honey. Its raining." She, being the obstinate type, responded,"I don't think so, dear. I think…
33 posts, 10:27 yesterday
Nerdy Movies 2014 - Let's talk about movies
16 posts, 10:27 yesterday
How to watch certain US TV shows
42 posts, 10:07 yesterday
Moving in with a friend, landlord increases rent
This is definitely a question for professionals. My take: If both names were on the lease and one person moves out with both the landlord's and the other tenant's permission the lease should remain unchanged with only the remaining tenant as the sole partner to the lease. This does not justify a new lease,…
21 posts, 09:40 yesterday
Kids spend all their free time with computers
I grew up before computers and I used to stay in and read books while all the other kids played outside. As long as they are not staying up all night on the computer and flunking out of school, is it a problem? You say they sometimes misbehave and get a computer ban. Sounds like normal kids to me.…
34 posts, 08:13 yesterday
America's Best Beer Cities - Go Portland!
31 posts, 07:41 yesterday
Capital Gains on US home - German tax liability
4 posts, 06:59 yesterday
Nebenkosten 2012 in tax declaration
42 posts, 05:44 yesterday
Singapore and Malaysia - three week holiday trip
14 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Watching local German channels in Frankfurt
Posted image You will need one of these... But if that does not work than your connection isn't live. In that case you'll need to contact your local cable provider to get set up or get a dvbt box. If it's a newer tv it might have the receiver for dvbt in it. You will then get regional/German TV. Edit:…
8 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Mietvertrag rental period of three years
12 posts, 26.Aug.2014
1und1 trying to force people to VDSL
12 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Not at fault car accident - insurance stalling
20 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Personal data for Techniker Krankenkasse
Is this the "rant about Techniker Krankenkasse" thread? If so I'll post this here as a general warning, rather than start a new thread or post in the Vent. TKK is supposed to be one of the best KKs, and in most cases it probably is. But once you start to get old, with all the accompanying…
11 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Icelandic volcano with ongoing earthquake swarm
22 posts, 26.Aug.2014
English and American studies
Dont take this the wrong way, but most likely unemployment. I dont know about the rest of germany but at least in berlin, any of the scandianvian, slavic, american or similar studies qualifications is more or less unemployable. The people I know who have these types of qualifications are mostly unemployed…
7 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Where to buy coffee for metal coffee filter
41 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Being sized up for income/assets when dating
We American men are far less materialistic and we could not care less about how much you earn. Instead, we are much more interested in a woman's personality and instead of asking about your salary we like to find out more about you as a person with questions like "How big are your boobies?",…
7 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Where to find pipe components
Posted image Here is a very crude drawing of a bicycle maintenance rig that I would like to assemble. The important features - aside from the extreme simplicity of this - are that the clamp attaching the rig to the balcony railing must be a quick release type of compression clamp, and have a swivel (that is lockable)…
23 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Understanding the taxes on German payslips
75 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Nice person of the day award - Enough about bastards
Posted image I nominate the "Chief Cat Herder" from an email I received. Found this poor guy starving on the side of the road riding home tonight. Couldn't leave him, so I have to drop him at the shelter in the morning on the way in. Found in Dublin, so he's a suburban cat. Clearly not afraid…
17 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Buying Land + grunderwerbsteuer
36 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Tax class changed without notice
Let me guess, you are not an engineer? Not one of the hard sciences either? Does it say anywhere in there that you should re-send a letter? No. It says submit the correct form. This is Germany, we have a correct form for everything. I even went to the lengths of telling you what to fill into it.…
10 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Business Bank Loan
daligvas: sorry, you most likely won't get any loan from German banks at this point. Unless you can show proof of setting up a money-printing machine of sorts.. Reasons being: no credit score and report in Germany. No collateral in Germany (German banks don't give a fig about collateral abroad,…
50 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Marrying a German - advice for an American
I'd take not interesting any day over the 'horrible heartless jackasses' I married into. Tomorrow (today technically) is seven years since I arrived in Germany. I would not recommend giving so much of yourself to a relationship as it takes to leave your home and start over somewhere new…
58 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Moving with diabetes from London to Frankfurt
The biggest issue here is not really cost of private vs. public, or when they pay/reimburse. As a diabetic myself, I had no chance to even choose a private insurer, unless diabetes was excluded. This also includes ALL COMPLICATIONS from diabetes pretty much forever. Not really an option. Public insurance…
62 posts, 26.Aug.2014
Bahn.de won't accept passport as ID...
It's not about identification per se; they don't care what you look like or even what your name is. They just want to know that the person travelling is the person who made the booking, or that the person who made the booking did so on behalf of the person travelling. So if you submit a 16-digit…
5 posts, 25.Aug.2014
RIP Lord Attenborough
This is from the Chelsea FC site: Chelsea Football Club is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our Life President Lord Attenborough, CBE at the age of 90. He led a long and successful life and always found time for the things in life he loved most, one of which was Chelsea FC. Renowned throughout…
11 posts, 25.Aug.2014
Cleaning Lederhosen - How best to do it
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