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10 posts, 21:27 today
Tax group for EU citizen new to Germany
33 posts, 21:21 today
Stopped in car in possession of cannabis
16 posts, 21:01 today
2014 tax forms for self-employed teacher?
41 posts, 20:02 today
I want to end my marriage!
All I can say is WOW! Thank you so much everyone for your kind words, advice and honesty. I really didn't except this much feedback. All of you have made good points which I have taken on board. After I wrote my post yesterday, I already felt better just to finally let it out. I know that I need to talk to…
37 posts, 19:51 today
How to get rid of crows? Cannot sleep anymore
Crows fear the (eurasian) eagle owl. (Or any other owl species, Falcons etc) Some cities have reported good result in their attempts to get rid of crows in certain locations by installing fake eagle owls , about 50 cm in height. No joke. Google "Krähen verscheuchen".…
5 posts, 19:29 today
Regret when signing no contract
7 posts, 17:13 today
Importing furniture from Italy
18 posts, 15:29 today
Using video/voice recordings as evidence
You are not allowed to record public spaces and other peoples' homes, but I think there is no reason you should not be allowed to make video recordings of your own room. If your roommate enters your room without your permission... I think your recording should be OK. You should…
12 posts, 15:12 today
Any banks with US and German branches
18 posts, 11:43 today
Going to school, even when having a sick note?
If you go to work/school when you're written off sick and have an accident, you might not be covered by their insurance as you weren't meant to be there. Safer to get a note that you are fit enough to attend (but don't go when you're really sick and infect all the others…
57 posts, 10:42 today
Amazon order deliveries
Not having a car, or a strong man to carry everything for me, I find that Packstation/Hermes Shop deliveries etc completely defeats the purpose of being able to order things online and get them delivered - if I have to go to a Packstation, then drag a heavy packet (e.g. 12 bottles…
15 posts, 03:10 today
Calling UK customers from Germany
Hi, 1.) Get a good internet connection with a decent router, I recommend AVM FritzBox. 2.) In addition to the existing (German) phone, hook up a decent phone, preferably with DECT, as second phone. 3.) Follow this guide to set up a British phone number, and make sure that you "attach"…
24 posts, 00:29 today
Watch UK TV via the Amazon Fire TV stick
25 posts, 20:12 yesterday
Explicit workplace harrassment
Hold the horses, please.Simply forward it to everyone in her adressbook at work and ask "How should I deal with this type of harrasement"...Fak... an email isn't rocket science. Trust me. The mail is so utterly bizarre that I would double check the origin. The first…
18 posts, 17:25 yesterday
Translation Needed of a message
11 posts, 17:17 yesterday
Hausverwaltung telling me to remove satellite dish
96 posts, 16:30 yesterday
Buying Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' in Germany
What is that bit of wisdom about keeping your mouth shut so people don't know how stupid you really are? I read portions of Mein Kampf in the original gothic type in the comfort of my PIL's living room and drew a parallel with that bit of wisdom. The book is only interesting…
12 posts, 15:27 yesterday
Renovating blind on fence - Dispute with neighbours
(going off of "their" property and into the communal prperty of their building, but not that of this neighbour's.You mean "communal property" as in "sunbeds 'round the pool in a hotel", right? So your parents extended a fence so that it is permanently…
10 posts, 14:42 yesterday
Requesting bank for Mortgage offers without SCHUFA
10 posts, 12:19 yesterday
Taxes on benefits received from the US
23 posts, 11:04 yesterday
Chromecast and VPNs
4 posts, 08:51 yesterday
Does Packstation still send out cards?
28 posts, 07:39 yesterday
US Income and Taxes, double tax?
According to article 21 of the double taxation treaty between Germany and the US, since you were resident in Germany when you earned that freelance income, Germany has the taxation rights on that income. In other words, you shouldn't have paid any US tax on it, so the Finanzamt…
16 posts, 22.Apr.2015
Letter from Bank about Church Tax and death
Posted image I got a letter from my Bank that I think I understand half of, but I'd like some confirmation if anyone has any going spare. My Gerwoman is in a mood so she won't take a look at it. I'd phone the bank or pop in but I doubt I'd get anything that makes it clearer. They'd…
4 posts, 22.Apr.2015
Euro Travel Card German equivlent to post office?
28 posts, 22.Apr.2015
Marine plywood for boatbuilding
38 posts, 22.Apr.2015
Consequences of becoming a house dad
Well, I can talk from experience. I took 6 years of parental leave and it was the happiest time of my life. I enjoyed being with my kids so much that I was really tempted to not send them to Kindergarten, but my wife nudged me into it (and of course, she was right). Nothing better…
74 posts, 22.Apr.2015
Giving blood as a foreigner in Germany
18 posts, 22.Apr.2015
Taxes: guide to filling out Anlage AUS?
@zeekatze Your freelance editing services is categorized as self-employment income or income as a sole proprietor. Your receipts and allowable business deductions will go on Schedule C (or Schedule C-EZ) of your US Form 1040. Since you performed your services while physically present…
22 posts, 22.Apr.2015
What happens if a car is not unfallfrei?
Don't intend to sell the car as it is going well. The question is whether I should ask for compensation and how much? Is it worth pursuing?I do believe that only you can answer this for yourself. I could tell you what I'd do - and that is to just drop it. But you sound like…
87 posts, 22.Apr.2015
What's your current Ohrwurm?
26 posts, 22.Apr.2015
Transporting a bottle of wine in flight luggage
32 posts, 22.Apr.2015
Sold a defect product by local retailer
Posted image I wish I could repare it myself. The defect part is not a screw but a screw nut which is assembled inside a textile cover covering the whole surface of the bed seat. I would have destroied the whole bedseat to repare it. There is only a hole looking from outside (for inserting the…
71 posts, 21.Apr.2015
Getting a mortgage in Germany - How difficult is it?
8 posts, 21.Apr.2015
Gesellschafter-Geschaeftsfuehrer tax/KK issue
Who do you think your company will want half of your health insurance contributions from? You! If I were you I would forget about the past. If you don't then will change both your and the company's past tax returns, which will not only mean extra fees that will have to…
61 posts, 21.Apr.2015
Separated parent moving with child
Maybe you could ask about an assumed new playground near the current flat and seeing how your ex responds? Something like "Lilly seems really excited a playground near the house, I'm so glad they're building one near your flat! Where are they putting it up?".…
37 posts, 21.Apr.2015
Do the TVL salary amounts mean minimum values?
6 posts, 21.Apr.2015
Foreigner German employee working abroad
Welcome to Toytown, Luis Any English speaker contact for this issue in Germany? How can I apply for the Unemployment allowance? How long does it take to start receiving? I have read something about the U1(E301) form? How can I apply for it? Can I transfer my unemployment allowance…
20 posts, 21.Apr.2015
Prepaid Mobile Internet with unlimited data usage
12 posts, 21.Apr.2015
Slander/libel laws in Germany
Well, once I bought a garden tool via ebay and since it was of very poor quality I gave the company who sold it to me a poor rating. They threatened to sue me for € 25000.- damage compensation for tarnishing their reputation unless I correct that rating. I told them they were free…
1368 posts, 20.Apr.2015
New TV license fee, €17.98 a month from 01/2013
Posted image That site shows a graph of total TV viewing across Germany. And it shows, exactly as I have been suggesting, that 2012 had the lowest viewing figures since 1994. The decrease is slight, but noticeable. Watch the same graph in the coming few years. The numbers are set to collapse. OK,…
44 posts, 20.Apr.2015
Problems ordering a credit card (Hypovereinsbank)
16 posts, 20.Apr.2015
Summons to a local court; advice please!
6 posts, 20.Apr.2015
Freelancer back to Canada - Fill out taxes
60 posts, 20.Apr.2015
At what age would you let your child fly alone?
Dessa, it's unfortunate this thread has gotten so personal. I understand that your parents' divorce was painful for you, and your desire to speak up for "the child" (my child, in this instance) makes sense. But please, what makes you so sure that we have forgotten…
18 posts, 20.Apr.2015
Missing mail due to lack of name on a mailbox
49 posts, 20.Apr.2015
Citizen complaint for something we didn't do
Here what I would write in response: Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Ihr Schreiben vom xx.xx.xxx haben wir mit Befremden zur Kenntnis genommen. Den uns vorgeworfenen Sachverhalt weisen wir mit Nachdruck zurück. Unser Hund wird grundsätzlich und ausschließlich angeleint ausgeführt.…
10 posts, 20.Apr.2015
Paying notary fee for house not purchased
25 posts, 20.Apr.2015
First relocation after acceptance as a refugee
I am not sure, why you would say that sir, but I have been working here, supporting myself and paying taxes since as soon as I was allowed to work. Even in my first year in Germany, when I was not at all allowed to take paid work, I volunteered for Community Services (€1 per hour).…
60 posts, 20.Apr.2015
Forced to take German lessons for Arbeitlosengeld
You are treated exactly the same as people with a German passport would be: The AfA's job is to help you back into work, and the most effective way they have for that is to get you to learn German. Had you already spoken German, they'd probably have sent you to other courses. Germans…
16 posts, 20.Apr.2015
Buying a SIM card for 10 day holiday in Turkey
27 posts, 19.Apr.2015
Working as a chartered accountant in Germany
Why are you studying in English if you want to work as an accountant or auditor in Germany? In case you didn't know, German is the official language in Germany and you need excellent German to pass the Wirtschaftsprüfer/Steue... exams (and these exams are very difficult with…
13 posts, 19.Apr.2015
Resurface brake rotors in Germany?
For somemone who can do the job himself finding the parts at very reasonable prices in the internet is simple. If you need a mechanic (and most people do) it all depends on your garage. Don't go to the brand garage, don't go to places like ATU or PitStop. Find a smaller independent…
54 posts, 19.Apr.2015
Attending a US virtual school
I will try to offer some hopefully helpful advice, based on our experience bringing a daughter over on half-year sabbaticals in grades 4 and 8. She had reasonably good German by the second trip and was able to attend Gymnasium. 1. Bringing your kids to Germany for a couple of years,…
31 posts, 19.Apr.2015
Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours
Since I started tipping, I stopped finding notes in my mailbox that they had tried to deliver but I wasn't there. That happened often when I was home all day. Then they would leave them at some Backshop which wasn't convenient or acceptable since I paid for home delivery. Those…
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