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10 posts, 12:30 today
Flight booking name Vs passport double name
33 posts, 12:29 today
Gay marriage to US Citizen
10 posts, 12:03 today
Noisy windows due to hole in Rolladen box
24 posts, 12:00 today
Arbeitslosengeld question: How to claim my money
Thanks Engelchen, That's exactly what I was looking for! I have done all the other forms. Your help is really appreciated. And for those of you criticising my lack of German, its because i work 55-60 hour weeks and I'm deaf so I haven't picked it up as best I can! Thanks for being concerned though…
40 posts, 11:06 today
Washing machine recommendations
26 posts, 10:38 today
Income Tax return for MBA Tuition fee - Tax Returns
There is no difference. As long as you are studying something which will possibly improve your work prospects and not just doing a random course for example in cooking or knitting purely as a hobby. No. Unlike Sonderausgaben for exceptional medical expenses, this will not have a lower limit. Furthermore, since MBA is a…
82 posts, 10:09 today
Buying a house in Germany
cheers guys, thanks for the tips. Will certainly consider them when the time comes. Just got back from a very informative meeting with a rep from Interhyp and thought I'd provide answer some of my own questions: KfW loan can be 10, 20 or 30 years and can be paid off in full at any time without penalty. Up to 5 years…
39 posts, 09:40 today
Tax class changed without notice
Let me guess, you are not an engineer? Not one of the hard sciences either? Does it say anywhere in there that you should re-send a letter? No. It says submit the correct form. This is Germany, we have a correct form for everything. I even went to the lengths of telling you what to fill into it. Yes. Which you would…
7 posts, 09:06 today
Purchased a renovated apartment
79 posts, 08:46 today
Nice person of the day award - Enough about bastards
Posted image I nominate the "Chief Cat Herder" from an email I received. Found this poor guy starving on the side of the road riding home tonight. Couldn't leave him, so I have to drop him at the shelter in the morning on the way in. Found in Dublin, so he's a suburban cat. Clearly not afraid of people, so he was…
6 posts, 08:33 today
Where to get Bachelor's degree recognized?
9 posts, 23:52 yesterday
Baugenehmigung - Building permit for renovation?
Posted image If they do they won't leave until they are pissed and smiling... 100% not a listed building, I had the notary check this and confirm in writing. That really reminded me of this old joke! “I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.” Think I'm…
17 posts, 20:10 yesterday
Gaining full custody after sharing
SW1970, just ignore SpiderPig. I don't know him personally and have only peripheral knowledge of his troubles with his ex regarding his child from posts he has made on TT. But he most definitely has developed "issues" regarding related topics on the forum. He likes to jump all over people without getting…
57 posts, 18:13 yesterday
Hausverwaltung prohibiting buggy parking in hall
Posted image I don't know if such figures have ever been compiled, so I don't know why you are so convinced. Common sense (if not the law itself) says that escape routes should be able to be opened in the event of an emergency – it doesn't have to be a fire necessarily. As an absolute minimum an emergency key can be…
4 posts, 18:01 yesterday
Change in landlord and contract
Their whole behavior is incredible - almost a How Not To Perform A Transition. As stated in the linked post: Nothing changes. If the new company wants to evict you, tell them to evict away as your internship will be over before the case even hits the courts. Until then, pay the current rent and keep your most important…
17 posts, 17:15 yesterday
Where to buy Coconut Water
87 posts, 16:35 yesterday
Income taxes when you have a company car
49 posts, 15:32 yesterday
Kirchensteuerstelle send questionnaire
It looks as if lapsus alumni has been correct all along because that open letter is quite illuminating and explains the difference between Glaubensgemeinschaft Katholische Kirche Deutschland (Faith Community Catholic Church Germany) and Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts Katholische Kirche Deutschland (Public corporation…
54 posts, 12:48 yesterday
Vegetarian Cooking Recipes
Indian Cuisine offers a lot of variety (with flavor) for vegetarians. Those of you who have visited India would know that many cities have restaurants that serve hundreds of vegetarian dishes. You can try something simple with potatoes: Ingredients Sunflower Oil (any other oil will do that can be heated to high temperature) 1…
29 posts, 11:42 yesterday
Volunteering in libraries or archives
4 posts, 11:09 yesterday
Short translation of car insurance clause
43 posts, 10:56 yesterday
British Cheese in Germany - Cheese from the UK
'The continent' may do, Germany certainly doesn't - rubbery, mild flavoured bland lumps of nothingness, or nasty cream cheeses with bits of pig or mushroom in it. Germany may do a lot of things well, but cheese is not one of them. There has been a huge variety of British cheeses for the last couple of hundred…
4 posts, 10:27 yesterday
Independent financial advice - IFAs for locals?
HI Mox, Germany is - I am afraid to say (and I am a native German, so I have every right to do so) - decades behind the UK or Ireland or the US when it comes to regulating financial advice. Both insurance advice and investment/financial advice are barely regulated and the majority of advisors are still tied agents interested…
11 posts, 10:13 yesterday
Hotel Financing ...
21 posts, 09:52 yesterday
Buying a house - gathering info
This ones fine - it just means there are some pipes (probably sewage) from the neighbours running across your property and youre not allowed to dig 'em up or block them off. They may be in the way of future development though if you need to put a foundation in JUST THERE. This is something special and means the city…
65 posts, 08:45 yesterday
Grocery stores in Germany
They can stock their shelves as funnily as they like. Coming from the countryside in Great Britain, I'm just thankful that there are 5 supermarkets of 4 different chains within 10 minutes' walking distance of my flat. No need to have a car. The nearest 1 is 100 m from my flat. I can nip in and out any time between…
5 posts, 00:53 yesterday
Practicalities of Renting Out Land
20 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Need a car ride - Fulda to London, one-way
40 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Where is THE current living hotspot?
Berlin is THE place. It seems to be moving towards some sort of hipster critical mass. I wonder what will occur when that critical mass happens. Berlin today, Pyongyang tomorrow. It's like watching salmon moving to the spawning grounds, a blind biological urge to be in that special place... Please let me out of here…
11 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Planning timing and duration of Elternzeit
Gobhs, are you familiar with the basics of Elternzeit and ELterngeld? It seems from your questions that perhaps you are not clear on your rights or options. Elternzeit: you are legally entitled to 3 years off without losing your job. One of those years is paid at about 65% of your previous salary, that is Elterngeld. (You…
10 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Ongoing Transfer of Funds from Canada to Germany
17 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Is same-sex marriage protected by laws?
25 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Additional dental insurance
As a dentist I have spent a considerable part of my career explaining or attempting to explain dental insurance. One of the first things patients need to learn is that buying dental insurance when you have a problem is like buying car insurance after you've had an accident. (you'd be better off paying for repairs) While…
12 posts, 25.Nov.2014
German VAT ID for a non-German company
20 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Selling my car
8 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Interest rates for a bank loan of about €50k
35 posts, 25.Nov.2014
BBC kills get_iplayer service - O'dear me
56 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Decent beginner Linux based OS
I depends highly on the hardware if you run into problems. If the hardware manufacturer delivers good drivers for linux or at least gives the linux community everything that enables them to write drivers, then you will have no problem at all. But if the hardware manufacturer delivers no drivers for linux or whatever, there…
9 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Moving a German-registered car to Spain
11 posts, 25.Nov.2014
How to watch HD German Channels for free?
10 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Einzugsermachtigung for apartment rent
7 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Getting financed for small loan
7 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Mortgage loan for Austrian apartment
9 posts, 25.Nov.2014
Vodafone "Rentnertarif" contract
Sorry if this should be posted in one of the many other Vodafone threads though I just wanted to warn anyone else who thinks they may save some money. My elderly parents were persuaded by a Vodafone agent to switch their normal landline and mobile to a "Rentnertariff'... supposedly saving them 25€ per month.…
20 posts, 24.Nov.2014
Changing flights at LHR, 75 minutes time
32 posts, 24.Nov.2014
Suggestions for charities to donate to
31 posts, 24.Nov.2014
Seeking Information about new Business Set-up
I had the same plans to start a modest business during my Elternzeit. It did not work out, mainly because we had plenty of other difficulties during that time, for example we had to spend every free minute trying to get a new apartment for around 6 months, serious illnesses in the family etc. If I had just had the baby…
8 posts, 24.Nov.2014
Prepaid SIM cards with data plan
22 posts, 24.Nov.2014
HealthCare coverage for older, non-covered patients
if she never was publicly insured in Germany, as you say, she can't have public insurance coverage now, neither in Germany nor while living in Spain. Public insurance is a system based on solidarity. If you have never contributed, you can't get anything out of it - especially when you are over 55 years old, as…
11 posts, 24.Nov.2014
Contract: unlimited work hours
9 posts, 24.Nov.2014
Is absence for child's sickness paid?
57 posts, 24.Nov.2014
How to contribute to Roth IRA from Germany
28 posts, 24.Nov.2014
Finding the "right" charity for my kids
How about starting with questions that can quickly limit your little girl's options? Help in Germany or abroad? Animals or people? Children or everyone? Medical help? Environmental support? Charities that loan to small-business owners? Of course you're influencing your daughter's choice, but that's all…
22 posts, 24.Nov.2014
Winter Tires Dilemma
How about because the OP and her spouse are, unlike the Auto Center, not a (supposedly) professional tyre/tire sales organisation. The time investment, costs of re-selling, and additional stress factors are bound to be disproportionate to them compared to the Auto Center's potential extra costs (probably no more than…
13 posts, 24.Nov.2014
Problems with AirBnB host, threat of legal action
What's her cancelation policy? If I remeber right the host can pick one from seveal options. Most that I have rented from had a fairly short notice cancelation policy. If you honored whatever her policy is then I would just ignore her. If you didn't, pay her accordingly (3 days notice or whatever). It's only…
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