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71 posts, 12:01 today
Taking my Daughter out of Germany
I am not an expert, but had to ask the same question a few years ago. As I understand it, the Hauptbezugsperson has the right to say no to trips outside of Germany. That changes to certain degree when the child is older, more mature, but as I remember your Lilly is not older the 6, so it seems to me that you best course…
6 posts, 11:32 today
Please delete this thread
67 posts, 11:29 today
Anlage Unterhalt - if you support parents/spouse
Posted image Yes, you have to submit the originals either by snail mail or in person. If you have look at Anlage Unterhalt, you will see those lines: As I said before, if the ElsterFormular software has a bug, simply abandon the idea of submitting electronically, and instead fill in, print and sign the paper forms linked from the…
5 posts, 11:09 today
House sale abroad and German tax brackets
12 posts, 10:21 today
Sky Sports DE - Current state of EPL coverage?
38 posts, 09:58 today
Salary expectations for move from US to Germany
Germany's taxes and social insurance payments aren't anywhere near that high, brokenm. A €100,000 gross salary comes out to around €57,000 net - assuming the OP takes private health insurance that costs around €400 per month. Specifically, from a monthly salary of €8,333, he will take home €4,767 - nearly…
20 posts, 09:46 today
Traveling solo through Europe - your thoughts
travelling alone is great, the only problem is you quickly find others to travel with. I once did a latin america trip where I spent the first night alone in a hotel and the rest of the tour (6 + months) in various groups, never alone. Tons of fun. Some necessary gear: ear plugs for hostels (super important if you are…
6 posts, 09:40 today
Cancelling 1&1 DSL contract after 2 months
5 posts, 08:05 today
Online Electrical and Automation Sales
30 posts, 05:47 today
Current employer learning of prospective employer
Sorry, but according to your contract, you're already too late to start in March. Your earliest possible quitting date for your current is March 31st (three months' notice to the quarter). The part you quoted also says that your employer is authorized, but not required, to relieve you of your duties as soon as…
7 posts, 00:53 today
Ordered online three weeks ago... no order yet
7 posts, 23:41 yesterday
Complaining about unions - Problems with union head
1308 posts, 21:52 yesterday
New TV license fee, €17.98 a month from 01/2013
Posted image That it just says "Zahlung" made me a bit suspicious**. Just out of curiosity, was the bill addressed to you or your husband, or to something like "Alle Haushälte im Beitragsgebiet"? This for example is a known scam attempt: http://www.computerbetru... **Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe…
9 posts, 20:45 yesterday
XBMC and Sportsdevil - Watching sports in Germany
4 posts, 20:02 yesterday
Olive Oil to Australia - Is it permitted
23 posts, 19:34 yesterday
Erbpacht - long-term building lease
5 posts, 19:08 yesterday
Getting Internet while visiting NY - newyork
33 posts, 15:40 yesterday
Sent home, without pay - For being 15 minutes late.
Many years ago, when we used to update our timecards in ink at the end of each day, I was ten minutes late because of traffic. Normally, I was at my desk at least 15 minutes before the starting time. However, that morning my boss must have been in a foul mood and made a big deal of my only late day and wrote "7"…
24 posts, 14:54 yesterday
Regensburg promo ad sparks outrage
Posted image Regensburg issued a set of postcards and a video promoting it as a tourist destination. However, discussion started that these postcards can also be interpreted as racist and sexist. For example, a chorus with women and a black man is "worse, than original", a chorus of white men. Some CSU Landrat members described…
17 posts, 14:50 yesterday
Separated parent moving with child
Maybe you could ask about an assumed new playground near the current flat and seeing how your ex responds? Something like "Lilly seems really excited a playground near the house, I'm so glad they're building one near your flat! Where are they putting it up?". That way it doesn't seem like Lilly…
5 posts, 14:20 yesterday
Types of baby/child car seats
4 posts, 13:14 yesterday
Can my husband lose his TESA if I work in EU?
4 posts, 13:03 yesterday
I lost my free DVR on FilmOn today
85 posts, 12:58 yesterday
DKB refused to open an account
I love the way people on TT accept that others may have a different opinion and do not jump on those with a different one. Service varies not just from firm to firm but form worker to worker. Check out the various threads on DSL providers. Example, I would not go neat 1&1 ever again, however some people swear by them.…
5 posts, 12:22 yesterday
Address on last tax return after leaving Germany
19 posts, 12:16 yesterday
Wrong date stated in Employment Termination Letter
Most German judges that I have dealt with in over 30 years in the legal business in Germany wouldn't give your friend an hour in court with this kind of complaint. If the typo were for a date in the future - fine. But a date in the past, before the beginning of the contract? Tell your friend that this is hopefully…
32 posts, 11:56 yesterday
Direct debit from bank - How does it work?
85 posts, 11:14 yesterday
Prepaid SIM cards for mobile phones
7 posts, 11:03 yesterday
Tethering on German mobile networks
5 posts, 10:37 yesterday
Recommended data recovery companies
9 posts, 09:31 yesterday
Rewards for being on call 24/7 in Germany
9 posts, 08:10 yesterday
Is January the new December? Weather Shift
In my more than 40 years' experience in Bavaria January has invariably been the colder and snowier month. 30 years ago this month Munich had a cold snap of -25°C for several days, I do not remember a long run of extremely low temperatures in December - au contraire, mostly when it snowed before Christmas there was…
10 posts, 06:44 yesterday
TÜV technical data sheets - Subaru inspection
85 posts, 06:28 yesterday
Buying a house in Germany
cheers guys, thanks for the tips. Will certainly consider them when the time comes. Just got back from a very informative meeting with a rep from Interhyp and thought I'd provide answer some of my own questions: KfW loan can be 10, 20 or 30 years and can be paid off in full at any time without penalty. Up to 5 years…
7 posts, 05:15 yesterday
Customs forms in mailed packages
17 posts, 25.Jan.2015
Playing German-bought Wii games in English
31 posts, 25.Jan.2015
How to find out average salary in various jobs
Having spent years in HR and recruting (in 3 countries) I don't agree that you can be that vague and settled on a job title as equating to a salary. I mean, yes, of course there are ranges, but just because an 'assistant' role pays 30k (what industry? assistant to whom? what level of responsibility? what education…
37 posts, 25.Jan.2015
Kindergarten open short hours - Any alternatives
Posted image Move to North Korea, they will relieve you of all child care so that you can be a productive member of the socialist community. What you want is a nanny state, Germany does not provide that kind of service on tax revenue. Besides, if your income is so high that you are paying 50% of your salary in taxes and social insurance…
19 posts, 25.Jan.2015
Proposing a motion to support Hausmeister
Posted image That may sound trivial to you, but I think at least the lack of a mobile is a problem in a Hausmeister, who has to be able to respond to emergencies. How about getting him an easy to use mobile phone and teaching him how to use it? That would contribute to his job security. From experience with technophobe relatives,…
11 posts, 25.Jan.2015
Cancelling an unwanted insurance
That is like one of the first "lessons" you learn auto renewal is standard here. Generally speaking you have to cancel the contract with 6 weeks to 3 months before it renews. Check the AGBs and somewhere in there will be details on how to cancel, basically an address to send a letter to. They may not accept it…
51 posts, 25.Jan.2015
Flats at suspiciously low rents, are they a scam?
It´s all fakes. Friday night to sunday night is the best time to put them up, as most immobilienscout24 employees are not working at that time. example http://www.immobiliensco... 85m^2 for 350 Euro + utilities, 250 m walk from Marienplatz. Is in real life: http://www.fewo-direkt.d... an apartment in Allgäu / Bodensee.…
27 posts, 24.Jan.2015
Qualifications vs. experience?
steevh you need to take a step back and describe what you are thinking. If the idea is to hang out in deepest saxony and do chinese to english translation then there just isnt going to be any work locally. Since you will not be able to work locally you may as well take on international clients, so the rates will be whatever…
6 posts, 24.Jan.2015
Portability of pension funds across the EU
8 posts, 24.Jan.2015
Transfering State Schemes - Contribution Transfering
12 posts, 24.Jan.2015
Windows 10 - Is it the future?
4 posts, 24.Jan.2015
Unknown transaction on my bank statment
78 posts, 23.Jan.2015
Discrimination in German schools
Nor did he take a physics Leistungskurs in Bavaria in the 1990s. That crusty old Tracht-wearing Bavarian teacher told me right-out at the start that girls had no business in his Leistungskurs (= Mädchen haben im Physik-Leistungskurs nichts zu suchen). And no, it was no fun having to be twice as good as the boy that he…
15 posts, 23.Jan.2015
Founder and still be employed
21 posts, 23.Jan.2015
Dismantling ikea furniture
The Ikea ones are 60% down and 40% feathers, 340g filling i.e. only 204g of down in there. The Karstadt ones are 90% down and 10% feathers, 720g filling, i.e. 648g of down. So, going by the down, an Ikea duvet with the same amount of down would have to cost 95.26€ (648/204 * 29.99€). Still seem as cheap? Additional…
7 posts, 23.Jan.2015
Termination letter addressed to two bosses
26 posts, 23.Jan.2015
I sold my car but cant find the TUV , is it needed
89 posts, 23.Jan.2015
Nice person of the day award - Enough about bastards
Posted image I nominate the "Chief Cat Herder" from an email I received. Found this poor guy starving on the side of the road riding home tonight. Couldn't leave him, so I have to drop him at the shelter in the morning on the way in. Found in Dublin, so he's a suburban cat. Clearly not afraid of people, so he was…
19 posts, 23.Jan.2015
Mini job questions - Rentenversicherung, etc.
I'm sure we've been through this before, possibly even with you, but the mini-job situation is very simple. On a registered mini-job you can earn up to 450€ a month without affecting your tax or health insurance, or that of your spouse. You don't even need to declare it anywhere. 450€ earned is 450€ in…
48 posts, 23.Jan.2015
Tax on UK pension
4 posts, 23.Jan.2015
Student insurance while doing a foreign internship
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