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2 posts, 00:32 today
Boxing club in Berlin
Hello all, could someone recommend me a boxing club in Berlin?I live in Spandau, so nothing too far,?Been searching around but no luck at all, i would prefer it to be English speaking but German spea
25 posts, 00:20 today
Cycling tours around Munich | Next: Monday 25.May.2015 - Chiemgau
Chiemsee to KufsteinMONDAY 25 May 2015 Meetup: Monday, 9.30 a.m. on platform 11 of Munich Hauptbahnhof Bring: sunscreen, sunglasses, water, raingear, money, bike (with both brakes working, gears and
2 posts, 23:39 yesterday
Life as a PhD student at Mannheim university
Dear @Dotto: ?It is great to hear that you acted promptly and have arrived at a good forum. Congratulations for your PhD?(1) ?as far as I know, ?there is no poor or good university. An individual's w
29 posts, 23:33 yesterday
How can I cope better with living in Germany?
I'm glad to hear you had some change of luck! Being shy makes it even harder in Germany, because many Germans are also shy with foreigners (but can appear quite aloof to those of us from south americ
25 posts, 23:31 yesterday
Choir at St. Catherine's Stuttgart
We're planning to sing this coming Sunday 24 May at 11:15 am at St. Catherine's Anglican Church in Stuttgart.We'll sing 'Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire' to the plainchant tune Veni Creator durin
5 posts, 23:30 yesterday
Overworking as Expats
Sorry to tell you this but they actually don't care about your family. They only want output. I've worked for the US Army here under far worse conditions, in the middle of nowhere. You have to accept
9 posts, 23:26 yesterday
Investing monthly savings
b etc..my God, I can?t properly type your user name! That is really complicated!!!???So have you done the stuff I mentioned??Anyway, 15 years is interesting for long term investment. ?Make sure you S
54 posts, 23:14 yesterday
How to get rid of crows?
I could ask Ceiling cat ( aka Greebo ) if she wants a holiday down your way - we had crows here at one point, they moved elsewhere fairly sharpish once Greebo started stalking them
18 posts, 23:05 yesterday
Family moving to Cologne with 2 kids
hi,I'm in a similar position to OP. My children's ages and our arrival dates are about the same. The major difference is that we are only planning on being in K?ln for a year. Is there some one out t
4 posts, 22:30 yesterday
Emissions Sticker Paid Upgrade
Last time I checked, there was the possibility of adding a DPF indeed. Too bad I found out after selling my yellow sticker car and buying a green sticker one.That being said, it seems it can still be
90 posts, 22:28 yesterday
Nationwide train strikes
?EVG is the bigger Union so would inherit the sole DB Union representation rights under the SPD plan.There are no "sole representation rights" under the draft law.?Due to Art.9 GG, the right of worke
5 posts, 22:20 yesterday
I feel pretty fortunate today! Almost got robbed!
I learned the Greek word for theft today! Now I know where we get the word kleptomania from! ?At the risk of repeating what you all already know, here?s the basic version ie without the Past Tense Th
230 posts, 21:35 yesterday
German Speaking Meetup
Hi Everyone,?Sunday 24 May we meet at 16:00 inMamasita, Isartorplatz 4, 80331 M?nchen (S-Bahn Haltestelle substr('Isartorplatz)http://www.mamasita-muenchen.de/We', 0, 24) . '... ' stand at ground flo
10 posts, 21:07 yesterday
Help needed: speeding ticket, I was not the driver
??I will probably put my colleague's, name. But in all honesty I have no idea about his private address or life..??? this should be trivial for police, but do you both want to risk the police asking
163 posts, 21:06 yesterday
How to cancel a BahnCard
I fell into this same stupid trap.? Assumed in the beginning the notice was just that they had charged my credit card, then, yada yada yada, I get a letter from the inkasso. However, before I got the
8 posts, 21:04 yesterday
Surviving in Frankfurt with 1500 EUR/month?
You're right, I do pay something over 200 Euros per semester for the ticket and discounted meals. It's just that I will have some savings for such purposes (also apartment deposit and such), so I alr
3 posts, 20:01 yesterday
Cities around Hanau
The only other largish city between Frankfurt and Hanau is Offenbach, which has a mixed reputation (use search function!). But it's cheap. Well, cheaper than Frankfurt. Aschaffenburg is well below 10
1 posts, 19:58 yesterday
Mother/Father baby meet up fasangarten area, particularly for the olde
Living in the fasangarten area and looking for mothers near by to meet for coffee and play dates. I have 9 month old twins, a boy and a girl. The title is supposed to read particularly for the older
1 posts, 19:40 yesterday
Searching for nightlife company
Hey there everybody!My name is Yotam (call me Yotts) and I'm a 22yo Israeli tourist here in Berlin, staying until Tuesday. It's my second time in the city, now visiting with my family - which means I
151 posts, 19:32 yesterday
Finding an apartment in Frankfurt
Rac, are you looking for furnished or unfurnished? I'll be letting my flat furnished soon but I it might not be ready by the end of June. It's being renovated now and will be furnished afterwards.It'
63 posts, 19:10 yesterday
Amazon order deliveries
Get a piece of paper from the plumber saying that the plumbing was not defective. His/her invoice should probably be fine if it states that no work was necessary and he was just charging you for his
10 posts, 19:07 yesterday
Normal time period until electricity is cut off? (Vattenfall, Berlin)
Why not just contact the electricity company and explain the situation. What is the worst they could do - cut you off? They would be doing that anyway at some point.?Besides you cutting down on your
272 posts, 18:14 yesterday
International schools in Berlin
Anyone have any experience with?the Phorms school? substr('?http://www.berlin-mitte.phorms.de/de/gymnasium/gymnasium-teamWe', 0, 24) . '... ' are coming to Berlin this August for an academic sabbatic
6 posts, 18:12 yesterday
Building a new house in Petersberg
We found some land.? If you are looking for land, don't look in the paper, go to the city house (Rathouse) and talk to the person there who in charge of the land.?? The land in the paper is the left
16 posts, 17:42 yesterday
Translators meet ? 7pm Mon. 18.May.2015 @ Laurin, Heiliggeist. 6
Some of the Poor Mouth characters have been on telly in interviews about the same-sex marriage referendum ("Oi tink all children should have a mammy and a daddy"). Go on, go on, go on, ah you will, y
24 posts, 17:35 yesterday
Munich babysitters available
Hello everyoneI am mother of one 3-year-old child. Now that many?KiTas are closed because of the strike I?will be staying at home to take care of him. While this I can also take care of another child
2230 posts, 17:15 yesterday
Badminton in Munich @ Sportzentrum Martinsried 7:30 Tue 26.May.2015
NEXT BADMINTON TUESDAY 26.05.2012 19:30-21:30The closing time for reservations is the Sunday Midnight.Booking: Please sign up below.Please note that all names down at the deadline are committed booki
8 posts, 17:12 yesterday
Is pornography illegal in Germany?
In December 2013 the copyright infringement notices served to people downloading/uploading torrents was suddenly extended to people streaming videos on sites like RedTube. Streaming has since been de
1 posts, 15:40 yesterday
Tech Open Air Berlin Volunteers
Volunteer & meet Europe?s top tech influencers at TOA15! ? Tech Open Air Berlin is Europe?s leading interdisciplinary technology festival. Our mission is to connect, grow and inspire the human s
65 posts, 15:36 yesterday
New in Berlin (or new to this forum)
Volunteer & meet Europe?s top tech influencers at TOA15! Tech Open Air Berlin is Europe?s leading interdisciplinary technology festival. Our mission is to connect, grow and inspire the human spi
1 posts, 15:20 yesterday
What do think about Photovoltaics and going solar?
Hello! I am a graduating student carrying out a survey about public relations practise in German PV market.?If You are thinking about buying and installing photovoltaics (PV) or have already done i
6 posts, 14:28 yesterday
Appointment Scheduling
Termin vereinbaren or Termin ausmachen are both fine. It's once they say "yes" that you'll need to be prepared, because they'll want to know what you want done, so as to work out how much time that w
198 posts, 14:18 yesterday
Meet up for women (25+) , permanently in Munich
I would also love to join the next meet up! ?I've just moved here with my husband as of March 1st (I am American and my husband is Italian/South Tyrol). ?For now I am taking intensive German classes
11 posts, 14:17 yesterday
Learning Java
Unfortunately averaging is not enough. There is an intrinsic error due to earth's unenveness. Earth is far from being a perfect sphere. Also there are local gravity variations and simple atmospheric
11 posts, 13:58 yesterday
Schooling for a 6-year-old in Mannheim
From my experience I can recommend a Montessori school because as part of their system older kids have to explain things to younger ones (repeating things for themselves along the way) and because th
2101 posts, 12:25 yesterday
TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite
Unotelly's product is just a bit stronger than Overplay, especially in terms of technical performance. Too many bits and pieces of important apps just don't work right on Overplay.?Customer service a
253 posts, 12:06 yesterday
Ultimate Frisbee in the English Garden
Next game is on MONDAY, May 25th, at 2:00 pm at location 2. That's near Hirschau Biergarten, and is our regular Sunday spot. Please note that we are playing on MONDAY due to the long weekend.?Pleas
123 posts, 11:52 yesterday
Denied rental security deposit (Kaution) refund
They are really trying it on so crassly it is almost funny. Except this sort of stuff is not funny, just despicable. Obviously, do not mention having seen roaches. Don't suppose you signed up to the
45 posts, 11:26 yesterday
Cat care - cattery and catsitter recommendations
Hey,?I'm looking for a place to take my cat for two weeks, she can't stay in the apartment because an allergic friend will be staying at our place while we are out for holidays.?Can anyone recommend
1 posts, 11:08 yesterday
New in Homburg? Want to make friendship?
Hello everyone?I just moved in Homburg, two months ago with my husband from Slovenia. I'm 22 yrs old and my husband is 23.?So..it is very hard because I don't speak a word german but I am trying, I n

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