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35 posts, 21:18 today
Netflix Germany to launch in September 2014
Well, Netflix is now live in Germany. €7.99 per month (slightly cheaper than Watchever) and so far, the English language shows are in both German or English, and on the PS4 which I tested, subtitles can be switched off. German shows were only in German with no English subtitles for those who were hoping to use it as…
18 posts, 21:08 today
Tax claim on office commuting
Let's first calculate how much you are allowed to claim for the Pendlerpauschale: 80km x 0.30€/km x about 200 working days a year = 4.800€ However, unless your train ticket was more than 4,500€, your expenses for commuting are capped at 4,500€. ***... Income tax without commuting (use this online wage…
66 posts, 21:03 today
Zattoo picture quality - Is it my set up or...?
54 posts, 20:55 today
'Impressum' on websites in Germany
Germany, a country otherwise obsessed with privacy, requires all website owners to publish their name, address and (if offering a service) telephone number and email address on their website on an Impressum page. (But no, we can't have Street View, that would be an invasion of our privacy!) According to this site,…
11 posts, 20:54 today
Eating and drinking without sugar and salt
33 posts, 20:33 today
Discrimination case against police
I, a U.S. citizen, was given a hard time at the Philidelphia airport on arrival because the U.S. border guard was missing some entry stamp into Germany in my passport. I pointed out that the passport was issued in Germany as I have been living there for several years. After some irrelevant back and forth he then - for reasons…
70 posts, 20:03 today
Buying a house in Germany
cheers guys, thanks for the tips. Will certainly consider them when the time comes. Just got back from a very informative meeting with a rep from Interhyp and thought I'd provide answer some of my own questions: KfW loan can be 10, 20 or 30 years and can be paid off in full at any time without penalty. Up to 5 years…
37 posts, 19:54 today
Exercise with limited resources - When stuck indoors
1219 posts, 19:14 today
New TV license fee, €17.98 a month from 01/2013
Posted image That it just says "Zahlung" made me a bit suspicious**. Just out of curiosity, was the bill addressed to you or your husband, or to something like "Alle Haushälte im Beitragsgebiet"? This for example is a known scam attempt: http://www.computerbetru... **Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe…
9 posts, 19:06 today
Inkasso and Ikea legal problem
48 posts, 18:59 today
Kids spend all their free time with computers
Dear Bubli. I was very interested to read your post as I'm also feeling that my daughter, 13, is spending too much time on her iPad. She's not so much into games but watching YouTube young ladies sharing beauty tips though some of the content is about baking and charitable stuff. My first feeling is of guilt that…
45 posts, 18:03 today
Job application procedure
Posted image I second what El Jeffo wrote, that if you haven't received an acknowledgement of receipt of your application, that's the perfect excuse to ring them up and ask whether they've received it. Of course, if you *have* received a letter acknowledging receipt, then ringing them up is way too pushy. Your question…
4 posts, 17:28 today
When is Provision fee payment due to Makler?
31 posts, 17:23 today
My driving licence (Führerschein) experience+tips
21 posts, 15:18 today
Buying and exporting small quantity of gold
Presently there is duty of ca. 10% on gold imports into India. It the OP buys a few bars of gold (2*100g) cost him around 2*3200€. If he sells them back in India without paying any customs duty (technically smuggle), he would get a decent profit of around 600€. There is no restriction in carrying gold out of Germany,…
9 posts, 13:39 today
Caught in a catch 22 with the AOK over a refund
Thank you to those who replied to my original post. I would just like to let people know that we appealed against the AOK decision and they have agreed to begin the family insurance from 01.01.2013. They have also given a refund of payments backdated to 01.01.2013. It was a hard process reading up on all the law relating…
59 posts, 12:02 today
Online German language courses
6 posts, 11:57 today
Wohnraumschaffung when buying off the plan
It is weird that you have not been informed about this indeed. Does not shed too good a light on whoever worked with you on the mortgage setting... There are a number of KfW-mortgages which are subsidized by the governement and thus come with reduced interest rate. A typical one is the "Wohneigentumsprogr... to…
25 posts, 08:49 today
Job offer made and later rescinded
Contact a local lawyer specialized in labor law (Arbeitsrecht) and let them handle this for you. Depending on the circumstances of your current employment situation, perhaps your old company will allow you to rescind your resignation (that would be my first step unless I were sure they would decline the offer).…
16 posts, 06:59 today
Temporary move to Germany with spouse (non CS)
Even if you do get a residence permit from Germany (and I have no idea on what grounds you would since he is the one with income and isn't eligible to apply for residency), you almost certainly will not be permitted to homeschool (as you may have heard, it's generally banned here). How long is his TDY?…
11 posts, 06:58 today
Catergory III for DOD school in Stuttgart
20 posts, 22:42 yesterday
Open a bank account without an anmeldung
8 posts, 22:21 yesterday
Rent increased by 30% before renovation started
8 posts, 19:19 yesterday
Fritz Box - Where to insert Start Code 1&1
63 posts, 18:28 yesterday
Landlord included a repair clause in contract
You didn't read it correctly. It says _you_ have to pay up to 250,- yearly for repairs. Everything above has to be paid by the landlord. Basically it's meant for painting, repairing light switches, taps, fuses, light bulbs, etc. It's standard in a lot of contracts nowadays, see http://de.wikipedia.org/...…
29 posts, 16:56 yesterday
Hauptmieter/Landlord demanding payment in cash
Finally its gone to court, and they have a made a decision about it. He was unable to prove that the damaged occured from me, so that 250 euros from the 500 euros kaution that he hasnt refunded has to be returned(250 was paid back previously). With the 170 euros being the nebenkosten overpayment, they decided that…
17 posts, 16:54 yesterday
Websites for finding and booking hotels
40 posts, 16:08 yesterday
Info on what animal shelters are like in Germany
23 posts, 15:50 yesterday
Reclaiming your pension funds on leaving Germany
20 posts, 15:06 yesterday
Terminate an employment contract not yet commenced
63 posts, 13:33 yesterday
Legal standing on this rent matter
Hello, I'm usually more the reader here, but in this case I decided to give my two cents, before you pay a lot of money for nothing. He (the boyfriend) either doesn't know the German law himself or simply wants to take advantage of your lack of knowledge when it comes to legal matters. My opinion: He…
29 posts, 12:04 yesterday
American married to a German - What are my rights?
I'm sorry to hear of your situation, and can't help wondering why you got married in the first place. This sounds like a toxic and abusive relationship that you need to get out of, and get some breathing space, while you work out what you want to do. Try getting in touch with these people - you can do…
17 posts, 11:11 yesterday
Bought a defective blender on eBay - want a refund
The seller immediately took the conversation to e-mail, trying to circumvent discussing over eBay. Today she also phoned and gave a dozen reasons why I should accept a replacement. I said I simply wanted my money back - she balked, referring to her supposed Nachbesserungsrecht, to which I replied about the new…
94 posts, 08:47 yesterday
Claiming tax deductions
4 posts, 07:14 yesterday
Taxes for investment company registered in BG
If it is indeed the equivalent of a GmbH, then the company itself and the profits it makes are only taxed in Bulgaria. Because it is a legal entity (Juristische Person) and as long as the profits remain WITHIN this entity, the taxation takes place where the entity "lives". The game changes when you…
39 posts, 07:09 yesterday
Recommended bank accounts for freelancers
32 posts, 14.Sep.2014
Online auto parts stores in Gemany
27 posts, 14.Sep.2014
VDSL cabinet map - Does such a thing exist
5 posts, 14.Sep.2014
German cooking/travel shows - On youtube
57 posts, 14.Sep.2014
The cost of getting married in Germany
Most of the prices depend on whether your suppliers are in a big city or in the countryside, whether in the East (cheaper) or West... Bouquet -- depends on size, style, flowers (in season? hot-housed?). Somewhere between 30 (a bunch of flowers in season, stems tied together) and 75 EUR (more likely to be a sculpture-like…
5 posts, 14.Sep.2014
Exchanging poorly insulated front door of my apt
26 posts, 14.Sep.2014
Getting a German driver's license
6 posts, 14.Sep.2014
How to handle time-overlap between two jobs
25 posts, 14.Sep.2014
FIA Formula E, 2014-2015 inaugural season
6 posts, 14.Sep.2014
Ebay problem - lost coat - Need to write a message
Es tut mir leid, dass Sie den Mantel bis jetzt nicht erhalten haben. Ich habe das Paket am 2. September per Post verschickt. Sollte es bis Ende dieser Woche bei Ihnen nicht ankommen, dann bitte melden Sie sich nochmal und ich werde Ihr Geld zurückerstatten. Although a week is FAR from excessive IMO. I wouldn't…
9 posts, 14.Sep.2014
Submitting medical expenses
51 posts, 13.Sep.2014
Stopped by the police for car not registered in DE
The case will go to presecutor (Staatsanwaltschaft) and they will decide if they close the case or transfer it to a court. I think if you do all the paperwork ASAP it is likely that they will just close the case. You already know that most likely you'll get a fine. That means no criminal record (which anyway…
26 posts, 13.Sep.2014
How to watch certain US TV shows
11 posts, 13.Sep.2014
Extending passport at Latvian embassy
5 posts, 13.Sep.2014
Hard white wheat (whole)
16 posts, 13.Sep.2014
Cancelling a signed rental contract
27 posts, 13.Sep.2014
English and American studies
Dont take this the wrong way, but most likely unemployment. I dont know about the rest of germany but at least in berlin, any of the scandianvian, slavic, american or similar studies qualifications is more or less unemployable. The people I know who have these types of qualifications are mostly unemployed with…
58 posts, 13.Sep.2014
How much do lawyers in Germany cost?
Sarabyrd: to be honest, I don´t think it´s a good idea having your legal insurance in the same package as household and liability insurance. What would happen if you had a dispute with the insurer about, say, your houshold contents insurance, and wanted to use your legal insurance? Conflict of interests is t…
4 posts, 13.Sep.2014
ERGO Zahn-Ersatz-Sofort (ZEZ) Insurance
34 posts, 12.Sep.2014
Letter to cancel Telekom DSL
Hello, you should cancel your contract 3 months before it expires on Nov. 15, 2014. That would be August 15, 2014, but when you mail the letter off do it any time the beginning of August and put for example: 10. August 2014 on the letter head and also mail it off on that day. The mail I believe goes to Telekom…
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