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23 posts, 18:14 today
Capital Gains on US home - German tax liability
28 posts, 17:53 today
Apartment handover with landlord (Übergabe)
44 posts, 17:37 today
Marrying a German - advice for an American
I'd take not interesting any day over the 'horrible heartless jackasses' I married into. Tomorrow (today technically) is seven years since I arrived in Germany. I would not recommend giving so much of yourself to a relationship as it takes to leave your home and start over somewhere new unless you are a strong,…
9 posts, 16:54 today
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Arrrghhh it's cold!
My adoptive father died of ALS 47 years ago when I was 12. It is a horrible disease to watch. First it was his feet, making him stumble, so he wore leg braces. Then moved up to his hands, then his breathing, then swallowing, then speech and at the end, all he could do was blink. It moved rapidly, taking just 4 years after…
50 posts, 16:27 today
How to get kid a dad that functions like one
Sorry to be blunt but your best solution is to find a new husband or SO after you figure out why you wound up marrying someone who could be so unfeeling towards his own child.. Your daughter is going to have a lot of difficulties later in life with relationships if he treats her like this...and if you let it continue,…
10 posts, 15:55 today
English and American studies
Dont take this the wrong way, but most likely unemployment. I dont know about the rest of germany but at least in berlin, any of the scandianvian, slavic, american or similar studies qualifications is more or less unemployable. The people I know who have these types of qualifications are mostly unemployed with the exception…
48 posts, 14:06 today
Admission to a Studienkolleg
Hi, free spirit,I intend to learn as much German as possible before I go to GermanyYou wrote that you were home-schooled. What second language did you learn while being home-schooled? I am asking because I have a bad feeling that you completely underestimate the effort and time necessary to learn a new language as an adult.…
36 posts, 13:32 today
Fathers in girls' shower area at swim school
There is a gender neutral behaviour at pools and sports in Germany before puberty sets in, saying that though I would find it odd if it was a prerequisite to be able to shower etc. for the students to take part and parents still assisting. The fathers with little kids (including moi) took their children with them to the…
30 posts, 13:13 today
Breakup after a month of dating - Is it really over?
Why would you think this way? It's not that you're a better judge of what this girl wants in a relationship or her man. These decisions are not made overnight and I bet she knew couple of weeks into dating you that you guys aren't compatible for a long term relationship. So even if you ask her out for lunch…
36 posts, 13:08 today
Tool to cut tall grass - Landscaping house
6 posts, 12:50 today
Parking ticket by mail - Why not in the windshield?
74 posts, 12:25 today
Duzen and Siezen - The Du and Sie forms of 'You'
There is no easy answer or fixed rule to solve your problem, but I agree with what Nelle said. Continue to use "du" with the people in your office and switch back to "Sie" with the rest of the team. If they notice it, they will assume that you inadvertendly mixed up "du" and "Sie"…
9 posts, 10:10 today
Telemarketing scam pasta sellers
30 posts, 08:59 today
US Vacation / Seattle - San Francisco
Update: Decision taken - we are hiring a car via ADAC (some sort of SUV). We are fortunate in that a friend who I havn't seen for many years (used to be a member of our flying club) now lives in Seattle (manager with a certain computer software company). We can stay the first couple of nights at his place & hes…
18 posts, 22:11 yesterday
Being sized up for income/assets when dating
We American men are far less materialistic and we could not care less about how much you earn. Instead, we are much more interested in a woman's personality and instead of asking about your salary we like to find out more about you as a person with questions like "How big are your boobies?", "Are your…
16 posts, 20:54 yesterday
Washing machine broken after two years
57 posts, 20:47 yesterday
Moving with diabetes from London to Frankfurt
The biggest issue here is not really cost of private vs. public, or when they pay/reimburse. As a diabetic myself, I had no chance to even choose a private insurer, unless diabetes was excluded. This also includes ALL COMPLICATIONS from diabetes pretty much forever. Not really an option. Public insurance is REQUIRED to…
5 posts, 20:29 yesterday
Working for my own US LLC and residing in Germany
60 posts, 20:06 yesterday
Anlage Unterhalt - if you support parents/spouse
Posted image Yes, you have to submit the originals either by snail mail or in person. If you have look at Anlage Unterhalt, you will see those lines: As I said before, if the ElsterFormular software has a bug, simply abandon the idea of submitting electronically, and instead fill in, print and sign the paper forms linked from the…
5 posts, 19:54 yesterday
Router USB interfaces
6 posts, 18:23 yesterday
Bank Closing Account themselves
7 posts, 17:07 yesterday
Online auto parts stores in Gemany
51 posts, 16:31 yesterday
Comedian/Actor Robin Williams committed suicide
CNN just reported Robin Williams died yesterday at the age of 63. Robin Williams was a brilliant comedian and actor who received an Academy, Golden Globe, and Emmy Award for his dramatic acting and he won a Grammy for a comedy album. He had a special talent and was full of energy and life.…
25 posts, 14:25 yesterday
English-language helpline for Deutsche Telekom
8 posts, 13:55 yesterday
Cost calculation of waste/recycling/water
19 posts, 13:50 yesterday
Maintaining a British bank account from Germany
20 posts, 13:27 yesterday
Taxation of 13th month's pay
24 posts, 12:47 yesterday
My internet is down
Posted image so, came home from a party today and internet and phones are down. reboot the fritz!box, still no good. I called the 1&1 tech support but the guy didn't speak English (and I don't speak Deutsch) but he gave me a long spiel before hanging up so I'm hoping he was telling me they know…
30 posts, 11:00 yesterday
My stolen item is being sold on eBay
I catched him yesterday. I asked him for a pick up at Ostbahnhof, then told him I didn't have any cash, so we went together to the ATM inside. But there is a police station next to it, and he was like WTF when I ran from ATM to police station, after that 2 guys came out and got him. He got first…
10 posts, 10:45 yesterday
Needing to move out of Niederbayern
4 posts, 07:54 yesterday
Temporary move to Germany with spouse (non CS)
4 posts, 21.Aug.2014
Pregnancy Insurance for the self-employed
9 posts, 21.Aug.2014
Parking Sign Confusion
9 posts, 21.Aug.2014
Icelandic volcano with ongoing earthquake swarm
55 posts, 21.Aug.2014
The cost of getting married in Germany
43 posts, 21.Aug.2014
Using up unused vacation days during notice period
23 posts, 21.Aug.2014
Untrue statement when applying for a car credit
You are getting your information from a used car dealer - a dealer who wants to keep your 1500 EUR. Used car dealers don't have the best reputation for telling the truth. Perhaps the story about the Police is true but it could just be that he is trying to frighten you into walking away without…
42 posts, 21.Aug.2014
Receiving a package from Deutsche Post or DHL
4 posts, 21.Aug.2014
Taking approved holiday directly after sick leave
Tell Mr. emkay to calm down and stop stressing out. The only reason to refuse a vacation request to begin directly after an illness-related absence would be found in our good friend Section 7 of the Bundesurlaubsgesetz.Sect... 7 (1) Bei der zeitlichen Festlegung des Urlaubs sind die Urlaubswünsche…
4 posts, 21.Aug.2014
EU student working freelance- who do I pay tax to?
29 posts, 21.Aug.2014
'Vermögenswirksame Leistungen'
27 posts, 21.Aug.2014
Bag of dry bread - What to do with it?
88 posts, 21.Aug.2014
A bill for something I stupidly signed up for
Sorry, but your post annoys me. Laughable? No, not at all. The intention of the law is to make clear that clicking that button will cost money. "Book now" does not qualify for that because booking something (like a doctors appointment) might not cost you yet. And no, the context is irrelevant…
62 posts, 21.Aug.2014
Steueridentifikationsnummer vs. Steuernummer
6 posts, 20.Aug.2014
Rent: flat vs indexed - Rent going up or not?
38 posts, 20.Aug.2014
Living & working in Germany while being paid in UK
92 posts, 20.Aug.2014
Claiming tax deductions
10 posts, 20.Aug.2014
Online transfer credit date within Germany
11 posts, 20.Aug.2014
Not at fault car accident - insurance stalling
16 posts, 20.Aug.2014
Dental injury claim
I think you should get in touch with your health insurance company and explain exactly what happened. An insurance company has a lot more clout than an individual. If, as you say, not all of the work is covered by your insurance, they should be able to at least point out your options for further cost-effective…
4 posts, 20.Aug.2014
Danish krone exchange rates
63 posts, 20.Aug.2014
My life in Bremen since I've moved to a new flat
Posted image Actually, the house is really nice and bright - from first light to last light we get in all the rooms. Though there are no imbiss, but there are these clubs or so called cafes who operate on weekends and then dump their trash not necessarily in our bin but in the entire area around bins. As of now…
7 posts, 20.Aug.2014
Fixed deposit offer - Too good to be true?
34 posts, 20.Aug.2014
Raccoon in my garden - what to do?
You have a raccoon problem? Walkers has the solution! Just send the pesky animals to Walkers in exchange for a couple packets of crisps RANCH RACCOON "WEIRD? YES. DELICIOUS? YES. UNIQUE? TOTALLY!" "A delicious combination of gamey meat flavour, with accents of sour cream and…
16 posts, 20.Aug.2014
Finding work for a fully qualified carpenter
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