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4 posts, 09:19 today
What is that song? Heard it in a club
64 posts, 09:17 today
Advice on reaching Fluent German - German Language
Relax. It needs lots of time to sink in and apart from working steadily on the intellectual side of it, you have to hang up your pride and be prepared to sound like an idiot for quite a while. You haven't been learning for long at all. Alternatively, die. To paraphrase Mark Twain, German is such a fiendish language…
87 posts, 09:13 today
Deportation of EU citizens without a job
He is talking about leaving a country where health insurance is compulsory to get "illegal" treatment in a country in which he is not entitled to it. It hardly seems disgracefully capitalistic to suggest that he should simply stay here and pay for the insurance. In any case he is, I think Pflichtversichert, and…
12 posts, 08:51 today
The meaning of "Inlandgespräche" in legal…
Inlandsgesprach means calls inside Germany. Inlandsfestnetzgesprach would mean only calls to landlines in Germany. Clearly a flat Tariff would exclude mobiles, and premium 019x numbers and it was naivety on the part of your landlord. The way forward I'd say is tell him clearly it was his mistake, and from now you…
5 posts, 00:57 today
Value of Military Experience and Certifications
24 posts, 00:40 today
Punography - Favourite Puns - Best and wurst puns
Let me tell you the sauce of my troubles I was in love with Rosemary And relished the chance of proving myself to her father, the Colonel And so one chilli November morning on the battlefront I foolishly ignored the sage advice of my sargeant (pride being a cinnamon everywhere) And trying to curry the favour of…
15 posts, 00:33 today
Poetic translation of a poem - Does this sound okay
Posted image @sarabyrd: Wow. Awesome! As for the literal meaning, I agree entirely with friederike. Edit: I think the part about the rose-colored threads might be an allusion to the threads of fate spun by mythical creatures such as the Norns or the Moirai. The speaker imagines the threads to be rose-colored, i.e. hopes that…
79 posts, 23:29 yesterday
Paraplegic sprinter Oscar Pistorius
4 posts, 19:23 yesterday
Employment-related legal insurance
54 posts, 17:05 yesterday
Post tracking with Deutsche Post
57 posts, 16:26 yesterday
Formula One 2014 season - F1 Motor Racing
91 posts, 13:44 yesterday
Untranslatable concepts German or English
Here's something that might fit what you're looking for. My German wife like to use this as an example of cultural difference via language between Americans and Germans. She is pretty much native-speaker level in English (and speaks French, Spanish and some Italian and Portuguese to boot, veeery frustrating, but…
76 posts, 02:38 yesterday
Effectively warding off sexual advances
Posted image 1 - Print this pic and keep it with you 2 - When someone makes unwanted sexual advances, explain that you only have 3-way sex with sister included...you're freaky that way 3 - Show pic of 'sister' to person making unwanted sexual advances 4 - Watch person go away quickly…
48 posts, 19.Apr.2014
Unbranded Chinese android phone confiscated
It is not about being unbranded. ANY electronic product that is sold in the EU must have a CE certification. That includes a lot of tests. A cell phone has to pass on a lot of CE tests, including EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). Not to mention compliance with radiofrequency laws. We…
5 posts, 19.Apr.2014
Education fees claim - Fees claim in Germany
11 posts, 19.Apr.2014
Problem with hospital payment
It seems pretty clear that your EHIC card should cover you for emergencies and other medical needs, including pre-existing conditions, except for maternity care. The NHS notes that you may have to pay for treatment, then submit for reimbursement. NHS may be in the wrong. https://www.gov.uk/l...-...…
66 posts, 19.Apr.2014
Scammed by an eBay seller
Having looked at the guys past ... then there is a possibillity that the Ebayer has had his account hacked as 2 neg feedbacks have been left in the past 10 days... Its quite common... However, Find the Guys name and adress and next time I drive to Munich, I will go knock on the door…
14 posts, 19.Apr.2014
Living in Germany, working in Switzerland
50 posts, 19.Apr.2014
German windows with no screens
The other solution of course being to fix "fliegen gitter" to each windo that you are likely to want to have open all night long - you can buy them at the local DIY store, such as OBI, and they are really easy to put up. I have them on every window that I ever open, and have no…
93 posts, 19.Apr.2014
Hayfever - Do you suffer?
Posted image Don't use chemicals. Those are even worse for your health than the hay fever itself. Instead just close the windows and switch on an air purifier. I have this one in my home office and the HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all air particles larger than 0.3 microns. That includes all…
7 posts, 19.Apr.2014
Korean ship sinking - Another Schettino?
4 posts, 19.Apr.2014
Signing international contracts
30 posts, 19.Apr.2014
Job application procedure
Posted image I second what El Jeffo wrote, that if you haven't received an acknowledgement of receipt of your application, that's the perfect excuse to ring them up and ask whether they've received it. Of course, if you *have* received a letter acknowledging receipt, then ringing them up…
55 posts, 19.Apr.2014
German satellite TV receivers
29 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Where can I find American food
I'm Asian and never used msg because as a kid my mother banned it from our diet. To enhance flavour, add in a sprinkle of salt and sugar in 1:1 proportion. You will get the similar umami flavour. Better yet if you make dashi stock yourself with kombu kelp and umeboshi. The umami flavour…
4 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Banks' criteria for mortgage
10 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Looking for window screens
7 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Voting by post in the UK from Germany
57 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Space rocket launches and ISS docking news
SpaceX is about to launch it's Falcon9 rocket with the Dragon capsule in about an hour (14:03 GMT). The Dragon capsule is supposed to make two Earth orbits before returning to Earth (splash down Apollo-style, with parachutes, near Californian coast). If successful, it will be the first…
9 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Apartment reserving problem
16 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Transfer money from UK to Germany
26 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Setting up new TV & Internet: Telekom or Vodafone?
No company offers the BBC/ITV channels AFAIK. Until a couple of months ago the best solution was setting up a satellite dish but then things changed and now it is very difficult to get an stable signal for BBC/ITV. The best option at the moment is streaming from the Internet. And the easiest…
8 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Renting out my apartment for a limited period
76 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Game of Thrones (TV series)
I was so pissed when I read this part of the book. I've read literally thousands of books and have never felt so betrayed by an author in my life. At one point, I threw the book across the room. And I'm even more pissed that George R. R. Martin is spending his time writing coffee…
67 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Payback cards (bonus programme for shoppers)
42 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Partner of 6 years left me - 4 year old daughter...
Hello. So. Things are pretty tough right now. My partner of 6 years,who is German,ended things with me three weeks ago. We've been living in Germany for three years and have a four year old daughter together. We live in a big house,which his mother owns. He told me he didn't want…
5 posts, 18.Apr.2014
Apartment with no warm water - What can I do
6 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Child's near-death sparks row over refugee homes
64 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Possible fraud buying a car online - What to do?
Ok.. So, Today I went to the car dealership... Clipboard in hand, black Puffa Jacket and Black trousers!! Wandered around the "lot" clocking what was there etc... The vehicle in question was nowhere to be seen.. Sales rep came over and started talking... I showed…
7 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Need of free legal aid
22 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Seiko Kinetic watches - user reviews
Posted image I used to own one of these beauties (the Casio F91W) it survived a year long trip around New Zealand which entailed plenty of diving, surfing etc.. Oh, and they are the first choice of Jihadists everywhere, presumably because if you're about to blow yourself up, there isn't much…
5 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Song played in Cologne Bars and Beer Halls.
43 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Bought a Wochenendhaus in Germany, afterthoughts
Welcome to the Forums. First and foremost it would be advised to read the contract of your new property/land and if you do not understand german I strongly advise you to get it translated asap and read it. What is important is what type of house / land this is, you say you have purchased…
38 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Advice on rental deposit insurance companies
7 posts, 17.Apr.2014
PHP Developer Gross Income
46 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Travel to DE-will US custody be upheld there?
Because not paying child support and not visiting a very young child are serious indicators that something is wrong with him as a father- decent fathers don't do that. If the mother is so overprotective amd/or selfish, why is she willing to travel to Germany and let him see their daughter…
20 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Being self-employed and claiming back MwSt (VAT)
5 posts, 17.Apr.2014
Taxable rental income for flat in Finland
17 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Letter from Staatsanwalt - What does this mean?
36 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Golf Platzreife exam
51 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Changing car tires
36 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Broken window in a rented apartment
6 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Using USSD to get phone number
39 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Ordnung muss sein - order must be
Whaaat? Is it the same in Würzburg? This is not Ordnung, this is Swabian crackpottery. In VGN (Nuremberg area) you can choose if you want: 1. transferrable monthly ticket 2. non-transferrable monthly ticket for 1 person (~8 euro cheaper) 3. non-transferrable monthly ticket for the family…
7 posts, 16.Apr.2014
Recommendations for cell phone provider in Hamburg
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