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8 posts, 15:00 today
Received tax reminder letter - no idea what to do!
Posted image Sorry if this seems a silly or uninformed post - it very possibly might be in the case of the latter! I've been working in Leipzig as an english teacher (I'm British) since last July, and recently received a letter (forwarded by my flatmate) which looks like a reminder to pay my taxes, or declare my taxes.…
50 posts, 14:59 today
Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery
As many of you know, one of my jobs is in a 'cough' well-known discounter. When being trained on the till, I was taught that I can only ask for bags/other items in a shopping trolley to be lifted up in order to make sure that nothing has been forgotten in the trolley; I should never ask to look in bags, as it is…
77 posts, 14:31 today
Smoking in public spaces - Isn't it illegal?
Now you're just being silly. But seriously, where do you draw the line? Obviously going into someone's residence crosses a line - or attacking them or their property. But is it OK for a family to cook curry most nights, or what about someone who wears a strong smelling aftershave that you don't particularly…
25 posts, 14:16 today
Using UK multi-region dvd player in Germany
10 posts, 13:38 today
Stricter law for freelancers?
43 posts, 13:11 today
Strict conditions for canceling contract with o2
I have exactly the same problem! I'm leaving Germany at the begining of March 2011 and I need to cancel my surf internet contract of 2 years after more than one year... look what they have replied to me when I sent them the letter saying that I have to leave Germany because my visa expired in March and also I gave…
46 posts, 12:55 today
Should I make my feelings clear to my teacher?
Nope, nope, nope. From what you describe, she is being friendly and nice, but that is all. Besides, many schools and/or teachers themselves have policies that teachers and students should not become involved in romantic relationships. It is really unprofessional. As SineadK says above, it is all too common (and bloody…
28 posts, 12:35 today
Mental stress/illness and unemployment benefits
It´s called Stockholm-Syndrome. Don´t let it fool you. One of my previous bosses also mistreated me and still, I was emotionally attached to her. When she - thanks heavens - left I was terribly sad. She really hurt me and prevented me from being promoted for years. She also told it to my face she was never going to…
53 posts, 12:32 today
What are you eating right now?
16 posts, 12:11 today
How to deal with the tax if income is from abroad
96 posts, 11:59 today
Gardening - What are your plans?
Posted image Meh, I've got all kinds of wildlife, even plenty of a type of snake that eats them, but still, the slugs are winning. I've tried all your tricks too, minus the ducks, but I do have a lazy cock in the garden (the hawks ate his entire hen harem). I may have to go back to the pellets too, blah. edit: surrounding hot…
70 posts, 11:51 today
Bad customer service at 1&1 Internet AG
88 posts, 11:50 today
2014 TT American fantasy football league
Posted image 2014 TT American fantasy football league This is the 2014 TT American fantasy football league. What is fantasy football? For a basic overview, check here: Wikipedia - Fantasy football (American). For those interested in details on this league, the TT league is based on weekly NFL games and uses a weekly head-to-head format.…
7 posts, 11:39 today
Email on my Smartphone not connecting
94 posts, 10:27 today
Formula One 2014 season - F1 Motor Racing
6 posts, 09:57 today
Damage to hardwood floors
14 posts, 09:00 today
Expecting a baby -> To-do List -> Timeline
I'm about to pop, and here are some relative times that I've used over the past 9 months: I got my mutterpass at about 12 weeks- at my first scan. Immediately after getting my mutterpass, I found my midwife. In our area, there is a huge shortage of midwifes, so it was important to get one ASAP. I also signed up…
77 posts, 08:13 today
E-Mail and internet for kids
The best advice I have read is to change the Wlan password everyday and only release it after they have cleaned their room, done their homework, etc.. I think skype can be an important communication tool, but it always depends on the child. Some children discuss their homework via skype and come out with great work but…
17 posts, 01:42 today
Legal action against my former company
Thanks. It's people like you who are making life difficult for actual freelancers and consultants. If you call yourself a freelancer or a consultant, you're just that. If you want to have a regular job, look for a regular job. You can find a lawyer and sue, but I hope they laugh you out of court. And I mean that…
23 posts, 23:50 yesterday
Car sale to local dealer gone wrong
To all, I owe you a big apology! I'm very sorry that I couldn't reply in time. But, anyhow, the good news, which I forgot to share, was that it all worked out well. As per many of yours' suggestion, I ignored the dealer guy and somehow, he managed to stop any further communication. It's been almost…
37 posts, 22:45 yesterday
Life in Vancouver - Canada
32 posts, 22:07 yesterday
Questions for those who have achieved =>B2 exams
Well... I've not done a German exam recently, but I did do a B2 French exam last year and got 91%. I'm currently preparing for a C2 translation exam from French into English for next year. This is what I do to prepare for exams: What resources have you used, that were very effective in improving your exam skills? 1.…
71 posts, 19:34 yesterday
Duzen and Siezen - The Du and Sie forms of 'You'
There is no easy answer or fixed rule to solve your problem, but I agree with what Nelle said. Continue to use "du" with the people in your office and switch back to "Sie" with the rest of the team. If they notice it, they will assume that you inadvertendly mixed up "du" and "Sie"…
32 posts, 18:28 yesterday
My new fur babies arrived and ouch
It's not uncommon to have a reaction to new kittens, even if you've spent your life around cats. I had the same issue, so went requested some industrial-strength antihistamines from the doctor, and needed them for a month or two until it settled down. Now I can share a pillow (should I so desire) with no ill effects.…
67 posts, 18:00 yesterday
Opening a German bank account
Hey TTers, So after reading threads and threads about opening an account, here is one with everything to save the next person a bit of time! I just went into Deutsche Bank to open an Account, expecting the worst (like going to the KVR to get a visa). It was simple, all I needed was my Passport, and the 'Anmeldung…
22 posts, 17:39 yesterday
Chocolate chip cookies - Share your recipes
28 posts, 17:01 yesterday
Telekom User Data for LOGIN
The username has to be constructed as following: AnschlusskennungZugangsn... The # is only required if the Zugangsnummer has less than 12 numbers. So, basically if your Anschlusskennung is 99999999999, your Zugangsnummer is 444444444444 and your Mitbenutzernummer is 0001 (Hauptnutzer), the username to enter would look…
4 posts, 16:39 yesterday
Do you want an athletics website?
13 posts, 16:07 yesterday
Postbank refusing to cancel credit card
In general, whenever you want to cancel something in this country, don't go to branches and waste your time talking to employees. Instead, write a letter, sign it, and send it by mail and/or by fax. This is what Postbank also recommends, see here. Alternatively, in your case you can send the cancellation notice through…
4 posts, 15:51 yesterday
Tax status upon leaving Germany
5 posts, 14:49 yesterday
Working Solutions for TV via the Internet
35 posts, 14:08 yesterday
Dropbox watch out, change is a comin' MEGA is here
34 posts, 12:42 yesterday
White-collar conmen on the Autobahn
I think one should report to police, even if nothing much is going to come out of it initially. But once they have a heap of similar reports, then maybe the police will act. Many times such small acts continue and expand, because they never get reported. I can understand the irritation of getting conned - its not the…
31 posts, 12:24 yesterday
Have you taken a loan in Germany since 2011?
http://www.sueddeutsche... Brand-new high-court decision in Germany coming up - could be relevant for anyone who took out a personal loan since 2011 (as older loan-contracts have already fallen under laps of time rule, which is three years counted from the end of the calendar year): The BGH - highest court level in Germany…
8 posts, 11:16 yesterday
Corporate events - loved or loathed
52 posts, 10:39 yesterday
Handling the aftermath of a car accident
82 posts, 10:00 yesterday
A bill for something I stupidly signed up for
Sorry, but your post annoys me. Laughable? No, not at all. The intention of the law is to make clear that clicking that button will cost money. "Book now" does not qualify for that because booking something (like a doctors appointment) might not cost you yet. And no, the context is irrelevant here. The button…
13 posts, 09:21 yesterday
Buying Land + grunderwerbsteuer
41 posts, 08:38 yesterday
American CIA chief of station told to leave Berlin
6 posts, 07:12 yesterday
Where to buy compost worms?
60 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Getting a mortgage in Germany - How difficult is it?
25 posts, 22.Jul.2014
"Unpaid" bill in Germany...problem in Prague?
Well, they are assholes but legally they are right: you should have sent them a normal letter. On the other hand why can't you be such an asshole as well? Did you receive a bill by ordinary mail? No. So you didn't receive any bill and you don't know who answered e-mails on your behalf. Maybe some virus, r…
21 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Problems with late salary payment
Welcome to Toytown Bon_UK Your post seems to have been merged to the wrong topic as your situation doesn't appear to have much to do with Immediate resignation without any notice period. If the admin(s or mods) spot this discrepancy they may again move your post to the more apt Problems with late salary payment Be…
16 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Knitting Pattern Translation please
Posted image This hat and sweater are each knit in one piece. The sweater has seams along the shoulders, the hat is knit together. Both are done solely in garter stitch. Let me know if you'd like the hat pattern. The sweater is copyrighted and you can order it from Schoolhouse Press, Pittsville WI 54466, Pattern #5. Raglan-sleeved…
8 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Hawkwind was the greatest band of its time
I went to see Hawkwind in 1973 on the strength of Silver Machine. As a teenager I didn't know quite what to expect. The band came on the stage in semi darkness and after a few minutes the audience applauded. I honestly thought that they were still tuning their instruments. Was deaf all of the next day, will never…
15 posts, 22.Jul.2014
MyHammer or equivalent websites
9 posts, 22.Jul.2014
EU/EEA Certificate - how to get UK Tax Stamp
34 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Using the Channel Tunnel between France and UK
Please read the Eurotunnel terms and conditions, particularly the Ticket Validity clause... "Failure to complete both the outward and return journeys in respect of a return booking will invalidate your booking and in the event that you complete only one journey in respect of a return booking, you will be liable to…
4 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Backpacking Backpack for women - Suggestions please.
5 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Leaving Germany: Tax and Pension
30 posts, 22.Jul.2014
Letter to cancel Telekom DSL
Hello, you should cancel your contract 3 months before it expires on Nov. 15, 2014. That would be August 15, 2014, but when you mail the letter off do it any time the beginning of August and put for example: 10. August 2014 on the letter head and also mail it off on that day. The mail I believe goes to Telekom Deutschland…
12 posts, 21.Jul.2014
Language school not refunding deposit
Taking a bilingual witness with you, take that letter to their headquarters, in person, and hand them a copy along with a letter demanding refund by, e.g. 31 July 2014. If you do not receive the refund apply for a court order (Mahnbescheid) and also consider criminal charges (Unterschlagung - misappropriation of funds…
6 posts, 21.Jul.2014
Payment dispute with DB Call a Bike
Hi, looking through their website it seems in München you don't have to return the bike at service stations but in Berlin you have to!? Their AGBs mention a variable service charge for incorrect/failed returns §7 Rückgabebedingungen --> 3. ... Looking at the complete price list 8. Systemabhängige…
40 posts, 21.Jul.2014
Mold behind bedroom cupboard
The mould behind the cupboard is there because the wall is damp (I assume it's an outside wall), not because of the sleeping habits of your partner. In Germany everyone falls into one of two groups: those that need a dehumidifier and those that have one. Further information with regards to your landlord can be found…
23 posts, 21.Jul.2014
Does a US-German citizen need a German passport?
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