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16 posts, 05:36 today
Car Repair Terms - Mechanic doesn't speak English
My dad used to make me do basic car stuff, back when cars weren't yet loaded with electronics, so I'm not completely clueless. However, that was *many* years ago, and when I go to the mechanic here, I'm not always sure of the vocabularly either. All that to say: HTH, but no guarantees. Die Bremswarnleuchte…
22 posts, 00:01 today
Avoiding traffic jams between Munich and Karlsruhe
23 posts, 23:41 yesterday
Immortality for Humans by 2045
15 posts, 23:10 yesterday
Best universities in Germany
46 posts, 22:48 yesterday
Master's degree in Germany - success stories
19 posts, 22:44 yesterday
How to get kid a dad that functions like one
A friend who wanted something similar for her little boy got herself a rather lovely male aupair from Sweden, and yes, he was exactly as one would hope. This may be a bit of an extreme solution, because you have a spare bod around all the time, but it worked for her. Maybe you could share one with another family. With…
4 posts, 22:21 yesterday
Prospective employer learn about my current salary
31 posts, 20:49 yesterday
Tax on foreign income
41 posts, 20:38 yesterday
Bahn.de won't accept passport as ID...
It's not about identification per se; they don't care what you look like or even what your name is. They just want to know that the person travelling is the person who made the booking, or that the person who made the booking did so on behalf of the person travelling. So if you submit a 16-digit number during the…
4 posts, 20:37 yesterday
Choosing a cylinder barrel lock - What to look for
65 posts, 20:26 yesterday
Please see I.D. signature - In the store
dumm-dumm-dumm-dumm-die-... the moanly... Perhaps your Goethe instructor was thinking about something related to their lesson plan when you interupted their train of thought and, being clueless as to your intent, just agreed with whatever they thought they should've heard you say, otherwise they probably would've…
14 posts, 18:25 yesterday
My stolen item is being sold on eBay
89 posts, 18:18 yesterday
2014 TT American fantasy football league
Posted image 2014 TT American fantasy football league This is the 2014 TT American fantasy football league. What is fantasy football? For a basic overview, check here: Wikipedia - Fantasy football (American). For those interested in details on this league, the TT league is based on weekly NFL games and uses a weekly head-to-head format.…
4 posts, 16:57 yesterday
The new dual citizenship law
5 posts, 16:57 yesterday
Fees for incoming transfers from Australia
14 posts, 15:38 yesterday
Used car dealers and customer rights
Welcome to Toytown, here_in_deutschland I might've been able to offer you more location- and vehicle- specific advice if you'd not left your location off your TT profile and kept the make, year and model of your car a secret. I'm too tired to write a detailed answer explaining my reasons atm, but suffice…
96 posts, 15:35 yesterday
Formula One 2014 season - F1 Motor Racing
33 posts, 15:03 yesterday
Tax class changed without notice
Let me guess, you are not an engineer? Not one of the hard sciences either? Does it say anywhere in there that you should re-send a letter? No. It says submit the correct form. This is Germany, we have a correct form for everything. I even went to the lengths of telling you what to fill into it. Yes. Which you would…
17 posts, 13:31 yesterday
Operation required, insurance cover running out
as others have already pointed out: just because her job ends it does not mean her health insurance ends, too. On the contrary...her insurance continues (assuming it is a German public or private health insurance, of course) until she provides proof of having set up any other health insurance - she jsut has to pay for…
19 posts, 13:26 yesterday
Generali Vision can't charge when cancelling early
Posted image The GENERALI VISION plans is the most beloved cash cow for those usual culprits among the IFAs which target Expats in Germany, especially the CTMNBN. Why: it pays a princly or even royal commission to the "advisor" and the commission is risk free for the advisor. Because the terms and conditons of the plan say,…
14 posts, 12:01 yesterday
German translation for verruca
7 posts, 11:03 yesterday
LIDL Data Top-Up - Need more data
7 posts, 10:37 yesterday
Taxi Availability at JFK Airport
I am sure I read in the news last week that JFK airport has banned all taxi companies in a bid to increase the general health of travelers. Instead, they now have bicycles for hire, with small trailers attached behind them (for luggage), and all fitted with a TomTom, so as to help visitors navigate their way in the city. Anybody…
15 posts, 10:30 yesterday
Driving rules in Switzerland
10 posts, 07:51 yesterday
Getting tax back from commuting by car
9 posts, 28.Jul.2014
English fantasy football league 2013/14
20 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Legal action against my former company
Thanks. It's people like you who are making life difficult for actual freelancers and consultants. If you call yourself a freelancer or a consultant, you're just that. If you want to have a regular job, look for a regular job. You can find a lawyer and sue, but I hope they laugh you out of court. And I mean that…
7 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Cancellation of a contract done in a shop
17 posts, 28.Jul.2014
What to avoid doing when using the Internet
A huge issue in Germany is torrenting/illegal downloading from the internet. Word of wisdom: Don't do it. There are entire lawyer's offices who live off sending out a massive wave of letters every once in a while demanding payment. For more info, see these threads: * Accused of torrenting copyrighted material *…
26 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Effective curtains in a rented room
If you've got a fairly strong curtain rail and aren't too worried about looks and want to so things cheaply, then I'd get some light proof material like old blankets, picnic rugs, even black plastic at a pinch (although it won't hang so well), cut the material to size, make/punch/cut/sew holes along the…
7 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Using an American credit card in Germany
14 posts, 28.Jul.2014
US / Germany / Euro phones
7 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Not understanding EOn charges - Electricity bill
7 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Do you want an athletics website?
32 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Children locked in hot cars
So just come back from the shop on my bike, where myself and another woman ended up banging on the window of a car. Mainly because a child (9-10ish) was locked inside at 33oC and was falling about the place in the back seat half out of it. Sweat sticking his hair to his head, crying a bit, but not really "with it". He…
9 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Second home tax time limit on overlap
74 posts, 28.Jul.2014
Opening a German bank account
Hey TTers, So after reading threads and threads about opening an account, here is one with everything to save the next person a bit of time! I just went into Deutsche Bank to open an Account, expecting the worst (like going to the KVR to get a visa). It was simple, all I needed was my Passport, and the 'Anmeldung…
12 posts, 27.Jul.2014
Finding a Job as a US Patent Attorney
Late last year I achieved my goal of finding a job as a US patent attorney in Germany or Switzerland (I ended up in Switzerland). Since this is a path that most US patent attorneys don’t pursue, finding information about the jobs I wanted wasn’t easy. In the hopes of saving some other attorneys some time and energy,…
58 posts, 27.Jul.2014
Sherlock (TV series)
The series was made for British and maybe American consumption, and most Brits and Americans would not have had a clue whether they had German accents or not. Was the torturer really Russian? I don't know and don't care. I did notice the English accents, but accept that that's my problem. I can't imagine…
55 posts, 27.Jul.2014
Moving with diabetes from London to Frankfurt
The biggest issue here is not really cost of private vs. public, or when they pay/reimburse. As a diabetic myself, I had no chance to even choose a private insurer, unless diabetes was excluded. This also includes ALL COMPLICATIONS from diabetes pretty much forever. Not really an option. Public insurance is REQUIRED to…
25 posts, 26.Jul.2014
German payslip abbreviations
- laufender Solidaritätszuschlag *current sum of supplementary tax (to finance the reunification) - Rentenversicherung-Arbei... laufendes Entgelt *pension dues, employee's share, current sum - Arbeitslosenversicherung... laufendes Entgelt *unemployment dues, employee's share, current sum - Arbeitgeberzuschuss…
87 posts, 26.Jul.2014
A bill for something I stupidly signed up for
Sorry, but your post annoys me. Laughable? No, not at all. The intention of the law is to make clear that clicking that button will cost money. "Book now" does not qualify for that because booking something (like a doctors appointment) might not cost you yet. And no, the context is irrelevant here. The button…
33 posts, 26.Jul.2014
The Market for Glasses in Germany
Specsavers strikes me as being more like Apollo than Fielmann. In my view it'd be the former they'd be directly competing against. I am saying this because Fielmann is boutiquish and kind of upmarket, and Specsavers--the same as Apollo--seems to position itself more as "no frills value for money". Fielmann…
10 posts, 26.Jul.2014
I've invented a tongue twister in German
7 posts, 26.Jul.2014
Netflix Germany to launch in September 2014
22 posts, 26.Jul.2014
US Vacation / Seattle - San Francisco
Take a rental car - motels/hotels abound along the way and you'll just be a rolling traffic jam in a camper trailer/motor home (mountain roads have lots of steep climbs and hairpin turns). From your description, I'm guessing you're taking 26 to 97 out of PDX. I see no chance for you to explore the Oregon coast,…
5 posts, 26.Jul.2014
Immobilien agency wants cosigner
10 posts, 26.Jul.2014
Probezeit with illness problems
33 posts, 26.Jul.2014
Questions for those who have achieved =>B2 exams
Well... I've not done a German exam recently, but I did do a B2 French exam last year and got 91%. I'm currently preparing for a C2 translation exam from French into English for next year. This is what I do to prepare for exams: What resources have you used, that were very effective in improving your exam skills? 1.…
6 posts, 26.Jul.2014
Leaving Germany: Tax and Pension
5 posts, 26.Jul.2014
Growing cannabis legally
34 posts, 26.Jul.2014
Tools, tips and tricks of the trade
Broken Hand Treatment Call 911 if: The person is seriously injured. Hand is numb. Skin under the fingernail is blue. Bone is sticking out of the skin. Bleeding doesn't stop after several minutes of firm pressure. Blood spurts from the wound. 1. Stop Bleeding if Necessary Apply firm pressure with a clean…
9 posts, 25.Jul.2014
Visiting doctor without appointment
4 posts, 25.Jul.2014
Video Editing Software
4 posts, 25.Jul.2014
BSkyB becomes a pan-European broadcasting company
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