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42 posts, 04:53 today
German equivalents of US/UK medicine
It's important to understand that medicines have both a brand name, which usually varies between countries, and a generic name which is mostly the same or at least recognisable between different countries. For example, in Germany, acetylsalicysäure (ASS) is the generic name that corresponds to acetylsalicylic acid…
48 posts, 04:36 today
Demystifying Germans/Berliners and doors
Actually, I've been all over Germany (except for the deep south) and I thought this was just a normal way of German life. That's not to say that there aren't some Germans that will do this, but overall, it seems like holding the door for someone else is more the exception than the rule. Similarly, it annoys…
12 posts, 01:40 today
Hygiene in Kindergarten - Recurring Strep Throat
I had 3 children go through kindergarten here and at one stage, we seemed to have strep throat in the house almost all the time. Not all 3 children were susceptible to it, the youngest one got it the most, but we went through it and when kindergarten time was over, it was done and dusted and they never got it again. Kindergarten…
20 posts, 00:00 today
American working in Germany - salary in EURO or $?
All fine and good but if he is working under contract to the US Department of Defense then he needs to find out if he qualifies as TESA in the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). If he does, then he is correct, he is not required to pay German taxes and his income is tax free in the US up to 97K minus some expenses if he…
30 posts, 22:37 yesterday
Neighbours trespassing in my backyard
Firstly thanks to everyone for their comments - I really appreciate the advise. We tried the garden party approach. But after the second rebuff we were told "we really don't like the English" and similar which kinda shut down the conversation. There is no right of way, ancient or modern. Have spoken…
30 posts, 22:04 yesterday
Netgear n600 Smart DNS/Static Routes
12 posts, 21:52 yesterday
Travel to USA via Canada?
13 posts, 21:42 yesterday
Buying U.S. stocks and shares in Germany
1240 posts, 20:53 yesterday
New TV license fee, €17.98 a month from 01/2013
Posted image That it just says "Zahlung" made me a bit suspicious**. Just out of curiosity, was the bill addressed to you or your husband, or to something like "Alle Haushälte im Beitragsgebiet"? This for example is a known scam attempt: http://www.computerbetru... **Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe…
35 posts, 20:00 yesterday
Website asks for online banking password and TAN
15 posts, 16:25 yesterday
Flat with inexact description and letting agency
10 posts, 16:25 yesterday
Watching content on smartphone to tv
25 posts, 16:04 yesterday
Seeking Information about new Business Set-up
I simply provide that advice as an experienced parent to a prospective one, so what you do with it is up to you; however, I think you'll find that you'll want and need to spend time with your baby. Furthermore, have you sorted out visas for the family members and in-laws who you expect to take care of your child…
11 posts, 15:52 yesterday
Mini gmbh and micro-enterprise
No need for a GmbH or any company form if you are going it alone. It's expensive, complicated and at the outset a waste of time unless you expect excessive business risk and want to protect yourself. You can run your business as a sole trader. If you are not alone in your venture then you'll need a formal partnership…
10 posts, 14:37 yesterday
What made you smile today?
19 posts, 13:29 yesterday
Changing electricity providers
12 posts, 10:02 yesterday
Adoption - How does it work?
I have had experience adopting here in Germany. I'm an American, my husband is German. My husband and I were just about to start the process for an international adoption when we got the chance to take in twin boys as foster children when they were 3 months old. We were finally able to officially adopt them 5 years…
13 posts, 08:31 yesterday
Tax: working in Germany, living in Netherlands
46 posts, 01:00 yesterday
Decent beginner Linux based OS
I depends highly on the hardware if you run into problems. If the hardware manufacturer delivers good drivers for linux or at least gives the linux community everything that enables them to write drivers, then you will have no problem at all. But if the hardware manufacturer delivers no drivers for linux or whatever, there…
61 posts, 21.Oct.2014
Shingles on my face
HI guys.. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone, that had past good heallings onto me, and those that have tried to help me through this tough time.. may god bless you guys in everywqay possible.. THANK YOU i am feeling much better, i am on the road to recovery, i am just waiting fro my nymph nodes to go down to…
90 posts, 21.Oct.2014
Zattoo picture quality - Is it my set up or...?
43 posts, 21.Oct.2014
Mold behind bedroom cupboard
The mould behind the cupboard is there because the wall is damp (I assume it's an outside wall), not because of the sleeping habits of your partner. In Germany everyone falls into one of two groups: those that need a dehumidifier and those that have one. Further information with regards to your landlord can be found…
39 posts, 21.Oct.2014
Employment termination & aufhebungsvertag
This is what I think about the issue, having signed an Aufhebungsvertrag years ago. Note that this isn't legal advice and that consultating a lawyer really is advisable. * I believe this contract is the Aufhebungsvertag. Should I consult a lawyer before or after I recieve it? I have no intention to sign it without…
40 posts, 21.Oct.2014
Strange or inappropriate presents
My mom gave me some used puzzles she picked up at a flea market for xmas one year. My step-siblings got garage door openers. Flummoxed I was. For my birthday, a few months before I moved to Germany in 1986, (yes, she knew I was moving) she invited me to lunch, but when the waitress came to the table and asked if it was…
29 posts, 21.Oct.2014
German payslip abbreviations
- laufender Solidaritätszuschlag *current sum of supplementary tax (to finance the reunification) - Rentenversicherung-Arbei... laufendes Entgelt *pension dues, employee's share, current sum - Arbeitslosenversicherung... laufendes Entgelt *unemployment dues, employee's share, current sum - Arbeitgeberzuschuss…
23 posts, 21.Oct.2014
More rights for unmarried fathers
4 posts, 21.Oct.2014
German Capital Gains Tax on Overseas Property
72 posts, 21.Oct.2014
US citizen opening a German business account
Since this "discrimination&quo... is actively instigated by their very own government which tries to extend its regulations to banks in foreign countries for the simple fact that they're doing business with U.S. citizens, Americans should not expect much in the way of symppathy here.…
68 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Obtaining a driving license in Germany
Do not know if this helps at all or if it is too late, but I shall transcribe some of the numbers from my final Invoice from my Driving School for anyone who ends up finding this thread on a search. I did the school from scratch and passed the test yesterday first time. The driving school was near…
19 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Reference Letter from HR
Dont sweat it, its mostly an urban legend. Ive been a manager with personnel responsibility for over 15 years and not only has noone ever sidled up to me and slipped me a copy of "the secret code for managers" Ive also never used these codes myself or even seen them in the wild (ie Ive…
38 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Planned holiday cancelled by manager
Posted image You being scheduled probably means that your boss forgot he gave you vacation. If something like that would have happened to me, I would have told another manager that there is a mistake, that I have vacation next week approved by boss x and have already bought the flights. Since you didn't…
9 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Children of families of dual nationality
I'm similar to Jeremy, I brought up 3 kids here with no family around. My husband left about 6/7 years ago, so the last years were alone, but my children are in their twenties now and I couldn't be more proud of them. Despite having problems with schools and such, they've actually done…
42 posts, 20.Oct.2014
British Cheese in Germany - Cheese from the UK
'The continent' may do, Germany certainly doesn't - rubbery, mild flavoured bland lumps of nothingness, or nasty cream cheeses with bits of pig or mushroom in it. Germany may do a lot of things well, but cheese is not one of them. There has been a huge variety of British cheeses for…
69 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Payback cards (bonus programme for shoppers)
13 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Voting in US Elections from Abroad
50 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Frustration with grading system in 4th class
Are the realschule really so vilified? Of our German friends 2 sets have happily let their kids head down that route reasoning that the gentler pace would suit their personalities - one finished and went off to an apprenticeship and the other finished and carried on to a Gymnasium and Abitur and…
18 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Alternative to Maklers
Deutsche Annington also bought all the apartments from Deutsche Bahn throughout Germany where DB had let their employees stay at reduced rents. They have since then started raising the rents to commercial rates and the renters aren't very happy about the change of owners, you can read more…
7 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Liebste grüße subtleties - From a friend?
I understand the subtleties of German (even if it sounds like a paradox ) very well. "Liebe Grüsse" is friendly and informal. "Liebste Grüsse" already sounds unusual and a bit over the top, and (because it's unusual) is a clear message of affection. You could even pick…
5 posts, 20.Oct.2014
English translation barbie knitting pattern please
19 posts, 20.Oct.2014
Just bought a Samsung Smart TV
If you want to buy a Smart TV and actually use it as a Smart TV then I think Samsung is the only good choice, specially if you are a foreigner. Samsung TVs are the only ones with permanent ongoing TV apps development and the only ones you can easily change the base country (i.e. Convert the TV into…
8 posts, 19.Oct.2014
Prosciutto or parma ham
14 posts, 19.Oct.2014
Advice needed on selling my car
Never, never never sell a car without first de-registering it! You could be held liable should the buyer be involved in an accident. Kfz-Steuer: Wichtig Abmeldung des Kfz immer vor Verkauf Horrible Google Translation http://www.toytowngerman... http://www.toytowngerman...…
26 posts, 19.Oct.2014
Cancellation of Kabel Deutschland contract
4 posts, 19.Oct.2014
New to Celle, want to view SKY UK channels
87 posts, 19.Oct.2014
Netflix Germany to launch in September 2014
Not being able to access German Prime with smartdns is a PITA for me as I have to have smartdns setup on my router to get chromecast working. Overplay support just suggested I turn off smartdns. Anyhow, I started watching Netflix today set to Germany, officially installed on my Samsung…
6 posts, 19.Oct.2014
Vacation when receiving Arbeitlosengeld
Arbeitslosengeld is paid to you to help support you during the time you are looking for another job. If you are not in the country, you are not able to actively look for another job - therefore the Arbeitsamt restricts the amount of leave allowed to 3 weeks p.a. If you don't advise…
51 posts, 19.Oct.2014
Tax return after working in France and Germany
If you received employee income outside Germany, you will have to fill in Anlage N-AUS. This form is a new tax form that is first used in your tax return for 2011, before then employee income was declared in Anlage AUS along with all other kinds of foreign income. From 2011, Anlage…
16 posts, 19.Oct.2014
How to withdraw large amount from Deutsche Bank
8 posts, 18.Oct.2014
Slight damages to laminate flooring
Document them, take pictures, close ups and general views, make diagrams on them showing just where which damage exists. Actually, I would even contact a floor layer (not floor lawyer!) and ask him for his opinion. It might set you back €100 or so but it just might spare you replacing…
9 posts, 18.Oct.2014
Landline busy for O2 DSL installation!
8 posts, 18.Oct.2014
Terminating job after one month
44 posts, 18.Oct.2014
Cost of taking extended sick leaves
My rough translation ... F43.9 DE: Reaktion auf schwere Belastung, nicht näher bezeichnet EN: Reaction to severe stress, no further specification Z56.x DE: Probleme mit Bezug auf Berufstätigkeit oder Arbeitslosigkeit EN: Symptomatic issues related to employment or unemployment The…
45 posts, 18.Oct.2014
Opening an account with comdirect bank AG
48 posts, 18.Oct.2014
My colleague is pushing my buttons with jokes
Have you tried talking to the others - ask why he keeps telling jokes, say you don't understand and ask if he's laughing at you. You might find that they all think he's completely bonkers. And rather than saying to him that his jokes are stupid, just say "Look, my German…
84 posts, 17.Oct.2014
Getting English TV - Television from England
@Krieg - Thanks for the information, I'll keep a look out. @SpiderPig You seem quite unprofessional if you publicly talk about emails that you have received from potential clients. Also, I felt that you were quite unfriendly in the process. I was only asking for some more information…
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