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54 posts, 00:27 today
Please tell your kids to use their bike lights
Whilst taking my daughter to school, I've noticed more and more kids cycling early morning without lights. Some bikes don't seem to have any fitted and others are simply not turned on. Rather than venting about it any more, I thought I'd try to do something about it - every little might help. I rang the local…
20 posts, 00:16 today
Employment termination & aufhebungsvertag
This is what I think about the issue, having signed an Aufhebungsvertrag years ago. Note that this isn't legal advice and that consultating a lawyer really is advisable. * I believe this contract is the Aufhebungsvertag. Should I consult a lawyer before or after I recieve it? I have no intention to sign it without…
6 posts, 23:46 yesterday
Doctor billed without prior approval
37 posts, 23:25 yesterday
The Apprentice (UK reality TV series)
21 posts, 23:09 yesterday
Taxation of severance pay
The Fünftel-Regelung is set down in §34 Abs. 1 EStG. It works by bringing people to a lower spot on the progression curve: So, yes, the higher the income the more will you feel the advantage of being brought to a lower spot on the progression curve - as long as your income isn't too high... For high earners, the…
4 posts, 22:24 yesterday
Where to find some specific Indian snacks
19 posts, 22:05 yesterday
Deutsche Telekom upgrade leading to grief
10 posts, 21:48 yesterday
Auditing by the German Finanzamt
26 posts, 20:04 yesterday
Salary not paid for a couple of months
Go to the Arbeitsamt, since you haven't received your salary for more than 2 months, they will give you some money immediately to live on. Please see here for a case similar to yours, the lawyer told him exactly that. Going to the Arbeitsamt is anyway what you are obliged to do, within 3 days of the day that you received…
63 posts, 19:49 yesterday
Rampaging U.S. soldier shot by German cops
How utterly arrogant of them to establish guidelines for the training and usage of firearms in the line of duty without seeking the opinions of an internet forum. Do the polizei *really* believe they are more experienced than the general population in suppressing armed and dangerous people?…
47 posts, 18:28 yesterday
Product Ideas Germany to the US
32 posts, 17:56 yesterday
Shipping stuff from the UK to Germany
Well, as the Topic Title is " Shipping stuff from the UK to Germany" your post is not "a bit off subject", it's totally off. Be that as it may.. can anyone else tell me if this is perfectly normal Yes, it is indeed perfectly normal insofar as imported postal packages…
9 posts, 17:52 yesterday
New rule for social security refund
8 posts, 17:17 yesterday
Bagless vacuum cleaner recommendations
13 posts, 16:01 yesterday
Advance-purchase Deutsche Bahn tickets
[adminsplit=168754]Deali... with German rudeness[/adminsplit] Eeep I'm going to stick my head above the parapet a moment: Deutsche Bahn - have an amazing website that I still use to search trains pretty much anywhere in continental Europe. And when I needed a bike ticket for a trip for…
17 posts, 15:56 yesterday
Seeking Information about new Business Set-up
I simply provide that advice as an experienced parent to a prospective one, so what you do with it is up to you; however, I think you'll find that you'll want and need to spend time with your baby. Furthermore, have you sorted out visas for the family members and in-laws who you expect…
48 posts, 14:22 yesterday
Tax return after working in France and Germany
If you received employee income outside Germany, you will have to fill in Anlage N-AUS. This form is a new tax form that is first used in your tax return for 2011, before then employee income was declared in Anlage AUS along with all other kinds of foreign income. From 2011, Anlage AUS is…
11 posts, 13:57 yesterday
Landlord rights- short term (3-6 months) rental
93 posts, 13:56 yesterday
Meeting my gf's upper-bavarian family
Mark You're in a country where people communicate by giving directions and advice, and where passive aggressiveness is a default attitude. If it makes your MIL that uncomfortable to see a teaspoon in your cup, maybe you could accommodate her - it's her house after all. Having a go at…
28 posts, 13:52 yesterday
Deutsche Post online complaints form in English
Posted image Every now and then my postwoman can't be bothered to deliver my post and it gets returned. I have spoken to her about the problem and she told me she is the only person to deliver post to this house and she quickly ran off. If you want to complain there is now an English form online here:…
6 posts, 13:49 yesterday
Only 4 more days to cancel your insurance
all the years before I have issued the same info here on Toytown, usually early at the end of August or at the beginning of September... this year I thought I'll keep away in order not to establish an ongoing "annoyance" for everyone.. anyway, here is the news: most German insurance…
7 posts, 13:12 yesterday
Vacation time with US contract in Germany
7 posts, 13:07 yesterday
Debeka or Mirascon car insurance
10 posts, 11:06 yesterday
5 month internet outage! (Telecolumbus)
52 posts, 09:21 yesterday
Used car: Real world feedback about models
OP's wife here. Thanks to all of you for your inputs. Our last 2 cars were a Hyundai Getz and a sedan Logan(was sold as Mahindra Renault Logan in India). I must add that the Logan was quite a car, we drove in it through some of the most difficult mountain passes in India including what…
9 posts, 01:06 yesterday
"You really must come and stay with us"
I say it all the time, and mean it. Once you have gotten to know someone reasonably well, enough to know that they're not a pedophile, dog kicker or someone who thinks that Coors lite is an actual beer, why not? I live in a great city, have an extra room, what's the harm? We've…
65 posts, 00:48 yesterday
Visas for visiting Russia - Advice on getting a visa
90 posts, 30.Sep.2014
1&1 DSL Internet service provider
82 posts, 30.Sep.2014
Netflix Germany to launch in September 2014
Not being able to access German Prime with smartdns is a PITA for me as I have to have smartdns setup on my router to get chromecast working. Overplay support just suggested I turn off smartdns. Anyhow, I started watching Netflix today set to Germany, officially installed on my Samsung Smart…
6 posts, 30.Sep.2014
Best shops for smartphones
9 posts, 30.Sep.2014
Offer from painter for walls of flat - What is this?
What you have on the wall now is probably Raufaser wallpaper (dried oats look). The (Maler-)Vlies which the painter suggests is a very thin wallpaper that evens out small imperfections on the wall and provides a smooth surface to paint on. To make extra clear what you want, say that you want…
6 posts, 30.Sep.2014
Accidental damage in hotel - asked to pay
28 posts, 30.Sep.2014
Divorce and child custody in Germany
28 posts, 30.Sep.2014
Taking a 'Kur' in Germany
I was sent on a Kur for 4 weeks. It was about 15 years ago when my 3 children were small. We had just moved to this small village and over the months before the Kur I had felt very isolated and eventually my doctor diagnosed I was suffering from depression and recommended I go and I'm so…
22 posts, 30.Sep.2014
Voltage Converter USA to Germany
If you take the time to examine your products closely...many items nowadays run on 110-220V and only require a simple power cord change...computer monitors, computer printers, computers, camera chargers, etc etc etc being the most obvious items. Manufacturers long ago got tired of making BOTH…
13 posts, 29.Sep.2014
How to deal with UK rental income whilst in DE
No longer true for EU/EEA rental income for countries in which the double taxation agreement has a progression clause. The Germany-UK double taxation agreement (DTA) has such a progression clause, so UK rental income is no longer considered at all in the German tax return, i.e. you don't…
61 posts, 29.Sep.2014
Registering with Arbeitsamt as searching-for-job
I registered at Arbeitsamt as looking for work. I was given an appointment with a counsellor about a month later. I went and we discussed what kind of jobs I might apply for. I never really heard from them again. When you are on benefits they try to get you off benefits by offering you work…
30 posts, 29.Sep.2014
Rental contracts and minimal notice of leave
It doesn't work like that. If you thought the house was unsafe you could have moved out. Since you stayed you are responsible for giving the house back in the same state you took it on, should the landlady insist on it. Maybe she is happy with your changes, if she isn't you have to…
25 posts, 29.Sep.2014
Shop does not want to return my item
Guys, I don't want a new item. I just want mine, the broken one I gave to them. If I can get it I would be super happy. I can even pay for the shipping, I don't care. I really cannot believe they can take it just like that. The car analogy is far from being close to this situation.…
21 posts, 29.Sep.2014
Living in Germany, working in Switzerland
19 posts, 28.Sep.2014
Need advice, cancelling contract during Probezeit
If you signed a contract with a three month termination period during the Probezeit, then you're bound to it. Talk to your employer, maybe they will let you leave earlier, but if they insist you will have to work off your 3 month termination period. For details, please see here: "Es…
32 posts, 28.Sep.2014
Magic mushroom grow kits
not from my experience, but everyone reacts differently... if the person is experiencing enhanced colors, has a permanent grin(good trip) and is seeing trails or movement of static objects(just to name a few) that could be an indication of hallucinogens edit: inexperienced users should NEVER…
80 posts, 28.Sep.2014
Discrimination case against police
I, a U.S. citizen, was given a hard time at the Philidelphia airport on arrival because the U.S. border guard was missing some entry stamp into Germany in my passport. I pointed out that the passport was issued in Germany as I have been living there for several years. After some irrelevant back…
9 posts, 28.Sep.2014
Ideas for low-cost excursion over a long weekend
5 posts, 28.Sep.2014
Landlord hasn't sent back signed Mietvertrag yet
Barn door and horse gone, but: Did you make a copy of the lease, signed by you, before sending it to the landlord? Legal tip #1, make copies of everything you send, it spares you lots of grief later on. For the Amt:Der Mietvertrag wurde von mir am <date> unterzeichnet und zur Gegenzeichnung…
41 posts, 28.Sep.2014
What's happening to your energy supply
A 48-page brochure and you have to get to page 42 before they briefly mention the massive expansion of fossil-fuel power stations that the Energiewende requires. A total of 87 words on the penultimate page of the body text. No wonder the Germans are so brainwashed into thinking the Energiewende…
4 posts, 28.Sep.2014
Do I need to be a Konditorin to sell baked goods?
18 posts, 28.Sep.2014
US FATCA and German banks
5 posts, 27.Sep.2014
Kabel Deutschland Problems
66 posts, 27.Sep.2014
Getting a German passport for a minor
With this passion for getting a lawyer, you must be American First, you get the Negativattest, since no German Behörde will be willing to deal with you alone regarding your daughter as long as you don't have it. Take along all your documentation: acknowledgement of paternity, her birth…
6 posts, 27.Sep.2014
Transferring money within the same bank
8 posts, 27.Sep.2014
Contributing to Roth IRA while working in Germany
89 posts, 27.Sep.2014
Zattoo picture quality - Is it my set up or...?
29 posts, 27.Sep.2014
Best Place for White Christmas in Europe
There once was a czar in Russia whose name was Rudolph the Great. He was standing in his house one day with his wife. He looked out the window and saw something happening. He says to his wife,"Look honey. Its raining." She, being the obstinate type, responded,"I don't think…
18 posts, 27.Sep.2014
Websites for finding and booking hotels
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