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28 posts, 01:31 today
Erbpacht - long-term building lease
10 posts, 00:48 today
Flu and cold virus in Germany - Flu vaccine useless
You do know that there are multiple flu virus's floating around? There always has been and always will be. The flu vaccine is only against one type. You can easily catch any others that come be-bopping past. Plus, they mutate each year. Something called evolution? "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger"…
6 posts, 23:49 yesterday
Former President von Weizsäcker dead
Posted image A good man always dies too young. Richard von Weizsäcker, Federal President of Germany (West and Re-Unified) 1984 – 1994, died today at the age of 94. Even a brief summary of his offices and achievements is extensive reading, his finest moment was his speech commemorating the end of World War II in 1985 where he stated…
64 posts, 22:51 yesterday
Taxes and licenses for owning a dog
Posted image We got Joey from Turkey though Tierhilfe Antalya, a German registered charity organisation which helps run a shelter outside Antalya. My husband stumbled across Joey online after we lost our last dog, and it was love at first sight. The process was very simple. The organisation arranges for German tourists to take the dogs…
7 posts, 21:10 yesterday
Job expectations for non-German speaker - In Munich
20 posts, 21:02 yesterday
Olive Oil to Australia - Is it permitted
7 posts, 20:41 yesterday
Top plastic surgeons in Germany
4 posts, 19:46 yesterday
Battery drain issue - Android lollipop upgrade
38 posts, 19:42 yesterday
Change tax class - At Finanzamt?
37 posts, 19:12 yesterday
Changing your name in Germany - Is it possible?
My wife wanted to change her name and at first it looked like it would be a major task. But after digging a little and quite alot of frustration (especially with German 'not possible' attitute) we found a way to do this. Here comes our story... We come from Iceland. Let's first quicly explain our naming rules.…
32 posts, 19:08 yesterday
Where to buy E9 size light bulbs
Posted image Depends on your lamp, the smallest size that is commonly available for normal light bulbs is E19, i.e. 19mm... Wrong. E14 is the common candle bulb. 14mm across the fitting. As here: But for all the sizes WIKI is your friend: Edison screw (Wikipedia) Looks like you might have some nutty E11 or E12 there!!! My…
41 posts, 17:53 yesterday
Separated parent moving with child
Maybe you could ask about an assumed new playground near the current flat and seeing how your ex responds? Something like "Lilly seems really excited a playground near the house, I'm so glad they're building one near your flat! Where are they putting it up?". That way it doesn't seem like Lilly…
8 posts, 17:47 yesterday
O2 O postpaid without minimum 2 years
My 2¢: whatever you do, do not sign up for any service in a shop, under any circumstances. Even if you're convinced that what they're offering is a good deal, tell them "I'll think about it" and then go home and sign up online for the same thing. Reason 1: If you order online, you have a legally-mandated…
26 posts, 15:21 yesterday
Minimum apartment size for family
It's not exactly a law; it's an accompanying regulation to be considered under laws regarding residency (Aufenthaltsgesetz), applicable to non-EU citizens.Ausreichender Wohnraum ist eine der Voraussetzungen für die Erteilung einer Niederlassungserlaubnis,... Aufenthaltserlaubnis für qualifizierte Geduldete zum…
23 posts, 14:58 yesterday
Transferring money from the U.S. to Germany
8 posts, 14:56 yesterday
Name and gender change from outside Germany
There are transgender people in Germany, too, so as you said, you're not the first person facing this situation. Why not just call the German consulate nearest you? I'm sure they'll be able to provide you with all the information you need in either English or French. Incidentally, while Germany doesn't…
8 posts, 14:28 yesterday
Working Hours in Employment Contract
I wouldn't touch that contract with a 10-foot pole. If it doesn't specify a regular number of working hours, then overtime isn't defined either. You could be signing up for a 48-hour week (6 days @ 8 hours per day). The contract seems to conflict with several provisions of the Working Time Act (Arbeitszei…
26 posts, 12:21 yesterday
Kleinanzeigen on eBay: An easier eBay system?
51 posts, 12:18 yesterday
Unmarried with children, separating from father
Let me just clear a few things up. 1) My ex is taking me to Court, not the other way around 2) I am not asking for full custody. 3) The diamond ring was not an engagement ring. It was my own property paid for with my money 4) I have not and never would bad mouth the father to my children. 5) I have filed a police report…
39 posts, 11:43 yesterday
Kindergarten open short hours - Any alternatives
Posted image Move to North Korea, they will relieve you of all child care so that you can be a productive member of the socialist community. What you want is a nanny state, Germany does not provide that kind of service on tax revenue. Besides, if your income is so high that you are paying 50% of your salary in taxes and social insurance…
11 posts, 11:40 yesterday
Websites for buying used items
89 posts, 10:40 yesterday
Do I have to give out private information?
Thanks again everyone! I feel a lot better about this now. You all have pretty much the right idea, these are the cousins of the deceased wife, she had no will. My relative inherited her things and pension, they had no children together. I am the sole heir to his money and possessions. I found the source, who had since…
4 posts, 09:11 yesterday
Is the eviction notice from my landlord valid?
8 posts, 07:13 yesterday
Seeking Germans from Dresden (memories of WW2)
Hi Sakiko I tried a search on google.de yesterday for 'Nachkriegserinnerun... von Dresdener Buerger' but the results were fairly meager and I only found two might be worth your time looking into. As RainyDays suggested, someone at TU Dresden should be helpful and, as it happens, there's a Prof. Markus Wollny…
1314 posts, 30.Jan.2015
New TV license fee, €17.98 a month from 01/2013
Posted image That it just says "Zahlung" made me a bit suspicious**. Just out of curiosity, was the bill addressed to you or your husband, or to something like "Alle Haushälte im Beitragsgebiet"? This for example is a known scam attempt: http://www.computerbetru... **Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe…
9 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Landlord selling apt and intends to terminate
"Kauf bricht nicht Miete" = selling a property does NOT break the lease. Your landlord is lying to you, and counting on your being a foreigner and not knowing the law. Forcing you out will increase the value of the property considerably, that's why he is trying to pull a fast one on you. Join a Mieterverein…
30 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Patrick Ott at 'C R & Cie.' insurance and finance
Patrick Ott at Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie. Ltd. offers a free advisory and quotations service on all kinds of insurance and financial planning for English-speaking clients in Germany. Click to make a free enquiry. The following services are included: Health, renter's, home owner's, legal, car, disability,…
16 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Legal advice related to 1&1 Internet provider
Read and understand every bit of the tiny tiny print on every page of your contract. Read and understand the AGBs on 1&1's website. Read and understand every note with a *, superscript or subscript on their web site. 1&1 know that there can be technical problems with wired & wireless connections and with…
8 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Grenzgaengering in the wrong direction
31 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Regensburg promo ad sparks outrage
Posted image Regensburg issued a set of postcards and a video promoting it as a tourist destination. However, discussion started that these postcards can also be interpreted as racist and sexist. For example, a chorus with women and a black man is "worse, than original", a chorus of white men. Some CSU Landrat members described…
36 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Dual citizenship for a newborn of Indian parents
You can register your son as an OCI (Overseas citizen of India), which basically gives him the same rights - including a passport. The only thing he can't do is vote or buy agricultural land, which he wouldn't be doing for a lot of years anyway. Once he has had it for at least 5 years and lived in India for 1 full…
6 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Effect of a move on blocked account (mandatory)
26 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Amazon phishing scam - Beware of identity theft
14 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Sky Sports DE - Current state of EPL coverage?
16 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Canceling a phone contract based on reception
Word of warning, so that others can avoid getting into the OP's situation: Before choosing a provider, connect your mobile phone to each of the 4 German networks, in turn, to see how good the reception is in your area, i.e., how many bars you get for each network. You cannot do this with a German SIM card, as it will…
10 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Recommended data recovery companies
10 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Main differences in Management Style US/GER?
9 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Tax class for married couple not living together
It is nice to see people care about others. If you might feel that the question is personal and you prefer not to answer it, it would have been polite to merely say so. The heading of the post "not living together" is common phrase used to describe that you are separated due to marital discord, therefore leading…
6 posts, 30.Jan.2015
Questions of rights when landlord wants to sell...
The current landlord can not give you notice just based on that he wants to sell and wants a better price but once they have sold, the new landlord can give you notice based on wanting to move in there or wanting family to move in there. If you move and later find that the new landlord did not move himself or family into…
4 posts, 29.Jan.2015
A "we tried to deliver a package" slip from DPD
9 posts, 29.Jan.2015
W2 never received from boss in 2013
6 posts, 29.Jan.2015
Electrician sent bill for work not requested
I doubt that you will have a leg to stand on.. As a qualified Sparkie, I can tell you that any major electrical work will need a full safety test done to ensure that it complies with wiring regs. Even though you didnt request it, It still needs to be done to ensure any work he has done has not affected the existing house…
25 posts, 29.Jan.2015
Traveling solo through Europe - your thoughts
travelling alone is great, the only problem is you quickly find others to travel with. I once did a latin america trip where I spent the first night alone in a hotel and the rest of the tour (6 + months) in various groups, never alone. Tons of fun. Some necessary gear: ear plugs for hostels (super important if you are…
6 posts, 29.Jan.2015
ELSTER tax return - quick questions
18 posts, 29.Jan.2015
Ikea return policy
4 posts, 29.Jan.2015
Craving Bauernbrot in Chicago
4 posts, 29.Jan.2015
Consent from neighbours for planning permission
8 posts, 29.Jan.2015
Notice periods on a sublet rented room
60 posts, 29.Jan.2015
Expectations before moving to Germany
We're talking subjective observations based on my personal experience. I don't mean this to be a bitch-fest, nor am I really complaining. There are no hard facts to back me up, only my own anecdotal evidence. Didn't have as much of a problem when moving from Canada to Switzerland, even though that was my big…
11 posts, 28.Jan.2015
TÜV technical data sheets - Subaru inspection
10 posts, 28.Jan.2015
Unknown transaction on my bank statment
@STB That's a common modus-operandi. They first do a small transaction and wait some weeks, they might do another different low transaction and wait again. With this they are doing 2 things, getting to know if you actually check your bank movements and the most important, they are establishing a "business relationship"…
43 posts, 28.Jan.2015
Salary expectations for move from US to Germany
Germany's taxes and social insurance payments aren't anywhere near that high, brokenm. A €100,000 gross salary comes out to around €57,000 net - assuming the OP takes private health insurance that costs around €400 per month. Specifically, from a monthly salary of €8,333, he will take home €4,767 - nearly…
73 posts, 28.Jan.2015
Anlage Unterhalt - if you support parents/spouse
Posted image Yes, you have to submit the originals either by snail mail or in person. If you have look at Anlage Unterhalt, you will see those lines: As I said before, if the ElsterFormular software has a bug, simply abandon the idea of submitting electronically, and instead fill in, print and sign the paper forms linked from the…
10 posts, 28.Jan.2015
Cancelling 1&1 DSL contract after 2 months
60 posts, 28.Jan.2015
Taking my Daughter out of Germany
I am not an expert, but had to ask the same question a few years ago. As I understand it, the Hauptbezugsperson has the right to say no to trips outside of Germany. That changes to certain degree when the child is older, more mature, but as I remember your Lilly is not older the 6, so it seems to me that you best course…
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